Obsidian Command

Conflict has been more prevalent in Starfleet than exploration for the last thirty years. The peaceful ideal of exploration, while still at the heart of every Starfleet officer, has been tempered by the reality of the galaxy they live in. The Borg, the Cardassians, the Dominion, the Romulans. There’s been no shortage of enemies who wished to see the end of Starfleet and of the Federation and despite being victorious time and time again, Starfleet once more finds itself at the edge of conflict. Looking in and wondering when they’ll get back to being explorers.

The 9th ‘Obsidian Fleet’ stands at the edge of Federation space; a staging point for Starfleet, a beacon of the Federation for the local inhabitants, and a bastion against the oncoming conflicts of the sector. Deep in the Loki system, orbiting the the planet Obsidian III, is the Stardock class starbase known as Obsidian Command. From this vantage, the Joint Fleet Command sees to the leadership of the 9th Fleet and serves as the rally point for them all.

In 2395 unexplained forces drew the entirety of the Starbase into a spatial void. Crew were evacuated, supplies jettisoned and only a skeleton crew remained. Their job was to try to discover what had drawn the starbase into this void and, more importantly, manage a way to return the Station back to real space. In its absence, the sector was thrown into disarray. The balance of power between the Federation, the Romulans, and the Typhon Pact was thrown into chaos. For eighteen months this chaos continued before somehow, miraculously, the USS Vesta discovered the skeleton crew of the Starbase reaching out and devised a way to bring the Starbase back to normal space. Upsetting the balance once more, only this time in favor of the Federation.

Obsidian Command is once more the home to scientists, explorers, diplomats, warriors, shopkeepers, and the civilian families that come along with that. Here, you can find yourself face to face with the your worst enemy, or spend hours aimlessly wandering the shops and stalls of the Promenade. If you’re looking for an adventure, a quiet place to open your shop, or anything in-between, then Obsidian Command is the place for you. Join us today, and be a part of history.

Corvus DeHavilland
Commanding Officer
Obsidian Command

Latest Mission Posts

» ibn Sharjar: Sunstorm truce

Mission: Ongoing Mission - Station Life
Posted on 01 Oct 2023 @ 2:19am by Atif ibn Sharjar - Merchant of the Al Ashar

.: [Oasis of the Nine Stones] :.

No sooner had their gaze crossed than the stranger’s glance moved on. If he had recognized Ibn Sharjar he did not betray it. For his own part Atif had no doubt it was the same fellow who had beaten his blood stained fist…

» Breakfast at the Supper Club (pt 2)

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Posted on 30 Sep 2023 @ 8:54pm by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Major Porter Wallace & Chief Petty Officer Ibis Xeri

Ibis, after finding the quiche, circled the buffett twice without picking anything else. Food from the replicator you could just create and then put back to be destroyed. Here, all this had been grown, ordered, delivered, prepared… And there was far more than could be taken. She thought about the…

» Breakfast at the Supper Club (pt 1)

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Posted on 30 Sep 2023 @ 8:54pm by Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar & Delmer "DB" Holland & Major Porter Wallace & Chief Petty Officer Ibis Xeri

It had been his plan all along to turn the Supper Club into a happening breakfast spot at least once a week, but he wasn’t quite ready for that. It was a different vibe, a different crowd and put a strain on the staff that he wasn’t fully prepared for…

» Wish upon a star.

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Posted on 30 Sep 2023 @ 9:49am by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

It had been a beautiful day, the sun shining brightly. Hannah spread the blanket out over the sand that she'd been enjoying all day. It was pleasantly warm right now but the breeze was starting to get cool. The caress of the wind brought goosebumps to her arms. Glancing…

» Reclaiming reality.

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Posted on 30 Sep 2023 @ 9:46am by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

There was a message blip blinking on her console, that with every flash of the green reminder light increased the guilt that gnawed inside her. She hadn't spoken to her father in quite some time, and she knew the man worried about his only daughter. He was one of…