Obsidian Command

Conflict has been more prevalent in Starfleet than exploration for the last thirty years. The peaceful ideals of exploration, while still at the heart of every Starfleet officer, hasbeen tempered by the reality of the galaxy they live in.The Borg, the Cardassian’s,the Dominion, theRomulans.There’s been no shortage of enemies who wished to see the end of Starfleet and of theFederation and despite being victorious time and time again, Starfleet once again finds itself at the edge of conflict. Looking in and wondering when they’ll get back to being explorers.

The 9th ‘Obsidian Fleet’ stands at the edge of Federation space; a staging point for Starfleet, a beacon of the Federation for the local inhabitants and a bastion against the oncoming conflicts of the sector. Deep in the Loki system, orbiting the the planet Obsidian III is the Stardock Starbase known as Obsidian Command. From here, the Joint Fleet Command sees to the leadership of the Fleet and serves as the rally point for them all.

In 2395 unexplained forces drew the entirety of the Starbase into a spatial void. Crew were evacuated, supplies jettisoned and only a skeleton crew remained. Their job - figure out what exactly had drawn the starbase into this void and, more importantly, how to get out. In its absence, the sector was thrown into disarray. The balance of power between the Federation, the Romulans and the Typhon Pact thrown into chaos. For eighteen months this chaos continued before somehow, miraculously, the USS Vesta discovered the skeleton crew of the Starbase reaching out and devised a way to bring the Starbase back to normal space. Upsetting the balance once more, only this time in favor of the Federation.

Obsidian Command is once more the home to scientists, explorers, diplomats, warriors, shopkeepers and the civilian families that come along with that. Here, you can find yourself face to face with the your worst enemy, or spend hours aimlessly wandering the shops and stalls of the Promenade. If you’re looking for an adventure, a quiet place to open your shop, or anything in-between than Obsidian Command is the place for you. Join us today, and be a part of history.

Corvus DeHavilland
Commanding Officer
Obsidian Command

Latest Mission Posts

» Entreaty

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Posted on 17 Apr 2021 @ 4:05pm by Captain Corvus DeHavilland & Lieutenant Commander Roman Kavalar

Riding the turbolift to the top in his duty uniform, minus his flight jacket for a change, Roman felt like he was taking a journey up into the heavens. Built in inertial dampeners in the lift prevented him from being pressed against the floor at a speed he imaged would…

» In Memory

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Posted on 15 Apr 2021 @ 3:09pm by Commander Calliope Zahn & Lieutenant Commander Lance Quinn

She'd slept, maybe more soundly than she had since before she began treatment. Her uncontrolled crying the night before had completely drained her, and apart from the all over, full body, post-workout-like ache of muscles that had heaved through her sobs, she felt in her head strangely refreshed and determined…

» Start at the Very Beginning

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Posted on 14 Apr 2021 @ 5:09pm by A'Koja Dea & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow

Everything smelt fresh and new in the Environmental Ring which meant it was finally open to exploring and boy were people exploring it that day. It was busy and lively in a way nowhere had been on the base up until then. People were walking, children were running around and…

» Scientific Bonding with a Side of Caffeine

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Posted on 12 Apr 2021 @ 3:46pm by Ensign Zyrra Vehlin & Ensign Lark Gunnarsen-Berg

Lark wandered into the main hub of the Science division, dark eyes taking in her surroundings with a particular sense of awe. Sure, she'd seen glimpses of the Science section on SB10, but never with the intent of actually working in such a vast environment. Her experiences had been more…

» Split Ends

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Posted on 12 Apr 2021 @ 1:29pm by Commander Calliope Zahn & Lieutenant Commander Lance Quinn

Calliope knew Lance's promise to take her upstairs to the memorial was a hook to get her to pick herself up and eat. It was as if he'd said 'Let's see you try.'

Holding the support rails, she climbed out of the tub with a lot of effort. She wasn't…