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XO's Report February '22

Posted on 05 Mar 2022 @ 5:53pm by Commander Calliope Zahn

OC's XO February '22 EotM Report

Active crew: 9
total word count: 27,372
OF Post count: 55
6.08 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts. NOTE the missions are organized by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet

XO's General Story Summary

-The Sanctuary plot sort of wrapped up with the events of the 'Milk Run' thread, although as is always the case with Starbases, many other threads will carry into the following mission- including the resettlement of the Refugees currently homeless and insisting on camping together aboard Obsidian Command's Environmental deck, the progress of the el Aurian settlement, the harried diplomacy between Starfleet and the peoples of Obsidian, the resolution of the faith delegation's mission to OC, the ongoing personal theoretical propulsion test project of the Chief Engineer, and various other personal threads.

-We have enjoyed the introduction posts of Steiner, a Marshal who is integrating with Starfleet to maintain peace on the promenade. We look forward to meeting and writing with our new members and seeing their characters introduced and their tales unfold.

-With the push to complete the 'Milk Run' thread and close the circle on some story while also foreshadowing future missions, posting count took a bit of a boost again. We're hoping to build on the momentum and fold more players in. The following mission M3: Into the Deep, will branch off, maintaining two plots between an away mission, while others continue threads and themes and character development on the station and the planet, some themes and details probably to later interrelate, so help us Beezus.

Award Notes:
- An entry for the yearly Tournament of Sims was submitted for Obsidian Command.
- An awards ceremony for Mission two is being arranged hopefully for mid march, or at least to be announced before the end of the month.

Bon Voyage!
The USS Potemkin was a welcome docked guest over the months since Summer of 2021. The uniquely formatted play-by-voice sim enjoyed a start at amending their play with written work via Obsidian Command's Nova. But the once fledgling sim has since further grown and launched it's own discord server and nova, leading to the closing of the Potemkin's manifest being listed on OC's site. Continued shared storytelling, camaraderie, and appreciation will be shared between our sims going forward.

OC Wiki Development:
Additional maps and creatures were added to the Wiki. Future development for non-fiction writing support articles and further game manual materials is floating around in the XO's head. If anyone is interested in contributing to the OC wiki, just reach out to Sep or Nikki.

Recruitment Campaign:
-A banner month for recruitment, as Obsidian Command welcomed 3 new applicants:
Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner
Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner, ACMO
Lieutenant Jai Terys, Counselor

Please, everyone reach out and say hello via email addresses, notes on the site, JP starts, or by discord at

As we roll out a new mission, it continues to be an ideal time to invite a friend to join Obsidian Command and grow our writing family!
Obsidian Command will be making another round of discord server advertisements in the month of March, to follow on to the round of advertising posted in February.

Thanks all,

XO's Post Summaries for February '22

Milk Run: Storm Warning
by sep and nikki
MD11 1450HRS
A sand storm is brewing and Calliope can't make it to the shuttle on her own steam. Bruce goes to bring the shuttle around.

Milk Run: Door to Door
by nikki
MD11 1500HRS
Drunk Calliope witnesses kidnappings happening under cover of the storm and learns from an injured man that this is a trend of people going missing. Calliope reasons that the only way to save them is to get captured herself and starts throwing rocks.

Free Range: Back to Freecloud
by becca and nikki
Time TBD
Calliope uses technology to project herself on Freecloud and reconnect with Indigo. She's looking for help with a bank job and Indigo offers to make some introductions.

Steiner: Where I Lay My Hat
by polar
After three years building a case against Ferengi weapons dealers, they catch on to him and Marshal Steiner is taken off the case and reassigned to Obsidian Command's security force.

Steiner: Like a Rolling Stone
by polar
Steiner is accompannied to his new assignment by deputies T'sai and Lofthammer.

In the Running: Diverting
by nikki
(time tbd)
Yuliette Marayan is traveling under a false identity when her ship gets diverted to Obsidian Command for repairs.

In the Running: Something in My Eye
by nikki
(time tbd)
Yuliette gets both nervous and nostalgic as she tries to maintain a low profile.

Milk Run: Against the Wind
by sep
MD 11 ~1500HRS
As the storm picks up, Bruce returns to pick up Calli, but there's no Calli.

Milk Run: Death Defying
by nikki
MD12 ~0200HRS
Calliope wakes up in the dark, underground; now a prisoner with a persecuted ethnic tribe, she faces her mortality.

Milk Run: Wake Up Call
by sep
MD12 0200HRS
Commander Zayne is awoken in the middle of the night to respond to an emergency message from Bruce Kensforth on the surface. A team prepares to go down.

Milk Run: Twisted
by sep and nikki
MD12 ~0500HRS
While Calliope meets Leivad, (a Romulan married secretly to a Turani) on their death march through the caverns, Bruce is picked up from his crash site in the desert.

Milk Run: Squawk
by sep and nikki
MD12 ~0730HRS
Calliope catches a break when the prisoners are marched outside again and she has a chance to send an SOS.
Zayne, Finn, and Kensforth scan for any sign of Zahn from the Cerastes, the Marine base planetside.

Milk Run: The Devil's Golden Bowl
by nikki
MD12 ~0740
Calliope witnesses the mass of Turani and refugees being gathered in a bowl-like geographical feature. They are intimidated and searched for one particular Romulan of interest to the high priest presiding over the scene.

Free Range: Come to the Table
by paul, becca, and nikki
Time TBD
Indigo shows calliope to her apartment and makes introductions with her Ranger friends, Kaylin and Krynn. They discuss the generalities of the bank job and agree to move forward.

Zuzal and Mr. Nurbs
by nikki
MD11 1800HRS
A day in the life of Zuzal as she does her homework and hugs a lazy old cat before preparing to go out.

Recompense for Sin
by sep and nikki
MD12 ~0800HRS
The climax of the Milk Run thread! When the high priest finds his man, he won't be satisfied until all of the Turani and offworlders present are exterminated. But before his orders are carried out someone else shows up to the party.

Quiet Retreat
by sep and nikki
MD12 0635
DeHavilland takes a jaunt on the Pathfinder and discovers some mysterious wreckage which she tows back to the station for closer examination.

Milk Run: Final Report
by sep and nikki
MD12 0835HRS
Half an hour after her ordeal on the surface, Calliope places a priority call to the Captain to make a preliminary report on her findings concerning persecution on Planet Obsidian.


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