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M2: Sanctuary - Mission End Awards Ceremony

Posted on 28 Mar 2022 @ 12:53pm by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 28 Mar 2022 @ 1:01pm

It’s been a year since the introduction of M2: Sanctuary (March ‘21- March ‘22) so there are quite a few recognitions to account for, even though we comprised a fairly small crew during that time (welcome new writers!) Although anyone can propose an award for one another at any time, Obsidian Command runs one big awards ceremony at the end of each mission. The command team does our best to look back over the activity of the mission and recognize the contributions made, any other awards given during the mission, as well as to log any notable contributions made at Fleet level. All this is compiled into the Mission End Awards Ceremony, of which this news entry is our simulations second!

If we have overlooked anything, or you have any awards to add, please contact the command team, and we will edit this news entry to include it!

TIP: Often awards are separately displayed based on character attribution or IC/ OOC settings
The best way to see all of a player’s awards in Nova is to be logged in, go to their character bio, click to get to their user info, then click on the awards tab, then scroll to the bottom of that partial set and click the link to view all of that player’s well earned awards! …Easy


Without further ado, here are the Mission 2: Sanctuary player awards!

M2 Sanctuary Award

For participation in M2: Sanctuary : Sep, Nikki, Paul, Becca, Tara, Strazz

Internal Life For the beautifully broken-hearted moments Paul demonstrates in Lance’s internal journey throughout M2 as Lance faced feelings he didn’t know how to process, illustrating his frustration and desires concerning his personal life. Ex. “Homemaking” “The Pet Project” and several others.

Obsidian Verse For initiating a long term project between Potemkin and OC in the research of a new propulsion drive, The experimental ‘Quinn-Navine Drive’ as seen in “Expert Help” “Pet Project” “Quirks as Perks” and “Abandonment” among others, with designs to continue the thread.

Humor Paul uses the socially challenged situations that Lance Quinn inevitably finds himself in to turn otherwise painfully awkward moments into humorous twists, leaning into the miscommunications and misunderstandings that result from the disdain and disconnects. Some of the chief examples can be found in the M2 posts “Expert Help” and “Say Goodnight”

Nomination Commendation Created with love and respect for the neurologically atypical, Quinn proves to be a very nuanced main character. With skillful writing, Paul demonstrates both Lance’s areas of giftedness and those capacities he almost completely lacks. Quinn is a highly acclaimed Quantum Propulsion Engineer who has spent his career mostly on his own terms, until his world is upended when he agrees to make a home with his long distance wife and downgrade his career to the practical (and engineless) realm of station maintenance. He struggles with his purpose and the sacrifice of a field he loves, while being thrown into unfamiliar relationships and challenged to adjust to a less-than-ideal situation with his wife’s flailing health and career. Although Quinn wrestles with how to express himself and can come across calculating and judgemental, his internal well actually runs quite deep, for anyone willing to read past the outside. (Nomination for LtCmdr Lancelot Quinn to Character of the Year 2021)

JFC Recognition Denoting participation as a moderator at Khitomer '22

Valentines Day Lancelot Quinn is a fixer. But faced with his wife's medical decline and her career setbacks leaving her a wreck, Lance is at a loss for what he can do. In "Pet Project" his love finds a proxy for the situation, as he rechristens and repurposes a forlorn shuttle that was awaiting decommission and destruction. (Nominated to OF Valentines Day Contest 2021*) http://command.obsidianfleet.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/204

Community Engagement Fleet Recognition, OF Day '21: Paul is more than dedicated, he makes all the best that Trek has to offer personal, and infects us all with it. He works to make everyone else better. Speak to anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him, and you will find him a beacon of positivity and encouragement with a depth of skill, knowledge and passion that every one of us should aspire to. He came back to simming excited to make a difference and carry forward the belief in the best Trek has. (Obsidian's Outstanding Player Award)
Paul makes himself present to encourage others and to keep conversation light and lively. He's always ready to share about movies, games, and television across a host of franchises and genres. He often brings in playful memes or little challenges and conversation starters. These seem like little things, but it's just the kind of stuff that keeps people talking and coming to know one another better, taking off the pressure and letting everyone have equal opportunity to share. Whenever possible I've witnessed Paul quietly seek to understand people coming from different perspectives and always build up and bridge gaps wherever there are differences. Overall he's very humble about himself, if maybe to a fault as the best people tend to be. (Obsidian’s Community Engagement Award)

Kindness Theo is a supportive friend towards the people in his circles showing concern for their well being, he also extends kindness towards the refugees beyond what the job calls for, and is a good soul who seems wholly incapable of being anything but genuine. (IC)

Obsidian Verse This commendation is for Becca’s shared Rosie-OC “Tracking Party” thread. She was the initiating writer, brought unique contributions in detail, character and narrative and drove the project through to the conclusion with surprising and collaborative twists. This backstory thread left plenty of establishment and peppered hooks for lots of future works and set up OC and Rosie Characters for another writing act.

Community Engagement Becca is a regular in the sim’s discord, encouraging and engaging with others. Further, she always brings her best in the larger sim community- not only is she a star, but glows up the other stars around her, providing them opportunities to shine.

Supportive Writing Tara takes a tag like an excellently handled passed ball, with skill and style— adding her own creativity, development, narrative, wit and more. Any JP is better with Tara in it.

NPCs Tara has a growing stable of npcs who fill needed roles (such as Noah Kohroushi serving a diplomatic role) and who draw connections with Tara’s own expanded simming universe (persons connected with the El-aurian settlement of Itonian Bajada) to put down roots with OC and Planet Obsidian. These characters really fill out and help to detail the universe surrounding the station.

Community Engagement Tara is a regular positive presence in OOC discussions, sharing her thoughts, her favorite links, and encouraging others. Her presence adds a bright note to the sim’s discord!

Meritorious Newcomer Award All the stuff I've seen Tara do and work on has been fun and good quality. I should write with her more!!! (Nominated by Paul)

Supportive Writing Kavalar is a Quiet force for good, with depth behind the dark lenses of his shades. Strazz answers the call for tags and brings his characterization to the scene.

Meritorious Newcomer Polar hit the ground running with a thorough and unique biography, a fun to read character introduction thread, his own supporting npcs, and even chased down JPs to get himself plugged in. His vision for writing as a Marshal promises to form a connection between the fleet and the civilian tales on the sim.

NPCs During the Sanctuary Mission, Sep began to unravel the stories of several of his beloved reprized characters whom he has brought with him to OC— including Mazur, Finn, Kensforth, and Zayne— leveraging the circumstances they find themselves in to give insight into their life stories, anxieties, and ambitions, while delivering each character's tale with nuance and style.

The Devil in the Details Sep's writing paints pertinent detail in such a way as to put the reader undeniably in the scene, seamlessly guiding the inner eye through expertly imagined events. Whether setting up a dinner party, executing creative flight maneuvers, illustrating a nightmare, delivering the convincing detail of an Operation Center, Bridge, or a Marine action— Sep never cuts corners on set up and description, constructing a rich environment for understanding the context of the characters and opening up so much possibility for the imagination to latch on to and continue to develop in future posts, both for himself and for those who write with him.

Nomination Commendation Sep doesn’t just preach leading by example. He demonstrates it. The quality of his storytelling and characterizations drives others to stretch themselves in the craft and provides the kind of nuance that draws readers into the world they are given. It makes the sim first rate in readability. He collaborates with his team as they are able and always follows through. He’s also driven to make very clean, organized, graphically pleasing, and legible website design and to maintain his extensive list of npcs which he uses to really fill out the world around the PCs. Having had other commands in the past, he draws on resources he’s developed in those sims which provides a richly realized backdrop tapestry in the writing itself. As the CO of the fleet’s namesake station, he does it a great justice with his dedication and quality. (Nomination for Capt Corvus DeHavilland to CO of the Year 2021)

Valentines Day "Tea Therapy" is a post that comes after a series of difficult situations in the life of Ptolemy Cumberland and Dr. Minka Mazur. Mazur is a Marine Medic, long used to combat and the blood and guts that accompany it. But when her husband and child come to live with her and face death during an incursion of the Station, and even as she herself fears for her current pregnancy, Mazur has to cope with the fact that she can't always protect them. It's a post that reminds us that Love can't hold too tightly and needs to have faith in the beloved as well. (Nominated to OF Valentines Day Contest 2021*) http://command.obsidianfleet.net/index.php/sim/viewpost/253

Golden Padd Golden PADD for Outstanding Mission For M1: Emergence - As the sim's leading mission, much had to happen in the grand overall setting, and the absurd background circumstances— a Stardock gone missing in a Voyager-styled "Void" pocket in space for 18 months, and returned through application of Quantum effects to its original orbit— had to be given detail and substantive weight in the effects on the region of space and on the characters involved in the reestablishment of the station. Hence the Mission led to a battle against conglomerate forces with varied interests in the region to try to keep the destabilization the pirates, criminals, and warlords would much prefer to operate under. This mission all crescendos to a Climactic note at the very outset of the sim that will continue to feed into future missions indefinitely as the events and characters established in "Emergence" resonate through the station, the planet, the system, and the region over all. (Awarded OF Day '21)

Nomination Commendation When it comes to Executive Officer’s, Nikki sets the bar. Not to be satisfied with just leading the crew in-character, she single-handedly shepherds the players out of character, develop’s subplot lines to weave beneath the main story (to its compliment), and leads the posting counts. She sets the example for the other players, and for the CO as well. There have been times during our tenure when the game has stalled. When players across the board have hit walls in their own simming life that leaves them without the will/drive to post. Nikki steps into that void and finds a way to breathe life into those players and to the game. During these times when many games fail, I can say with confidence that this game hasn’t because of Nikki’s intervention and dedication. (Nomination for Calliope Zahn to XO of the Year 2021)

JFC Recognition Denoting participation as a panelist at Khitomer '22

Golden Padd Golden Padd: "Golden Pumpkin" Award for best short Halloween story Oct '21

Additionally, we had one Spotlight--

Post Spotlight from M2:Sanctuary - Under a Rock: Whack-a-Mole (JP by Sep and nikki)

We're still closing out the mission around 150 posts! It was a solid year for character development and exploring the aftermath of the return of a Starbase out of a void.. which you know, is quite a story feat!

Closing words from our vaunted CO

"Good job" ~Sep

There you have it!
So much more to come in M3!

*Val Day contest '22


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