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XO's Report July '22

Posted on 01 Aug 2022 @ 12:01am by Commander Calliope Zahn
Edited on 01 Aug 2022 @ 12:02am

OC's XO July '22 EotM Report

Active crew: 9
total word count: 25,976
OF Post count: 52
5.77 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts. NOTE the missions are organized by tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet


- There is continued exploration of Planet Obsidian locations, this time some love for Admiral Indri's dino-chicken ranch as Sharjar presents her a much valued gift.

- Quinn heads up the examination of the Pyrryx wreckage, working on technical insightand corroborating work inter-departmentally with Zahn's assistance. But the work must be passed on to others as they get called away to the Pathfinder's mission.

- The post "Into the Deep End" sees the launch of the Pathfinder on her recon mission. Everyone coming aboard has limited information at first but is given briefed once aboard, after which they get underway, accompanied by the Theseus.

- Calliope tips Rhian off to look into a possible historical connection with Planet Obsidian, hoping she'll investigate it while the Pathfinder is away.

- Some personal character development continues, including the romance of the doctor and the counselor, the growing faith in each other between Calliope and Lance, the introduction of the new Science Officer Llewellyn, the introduction of a Command Master Chief for the station, DeHavilland working through the high pressure of the assignment to the Pathfinder and conflicted feelings concerning being superseded from her post on OC by the Admiral, Calliope sharing her medical history with the new doctor and more.


Polar received the OF Day Golden Padd Award for Individual Creativity! The following nomination will be entered into the awards records:

Polar's writing is very genre driven. He has a pulse on the western, crime, action, mystery and much more; where they intersect he naturally finds the joins. It's obvious from his posts that he has a genuine delight in his storytelling and it wouldn't be too surprising to learn that he crafts them in the playground of his mind's eye while pulling from a deep well of media influences that make up his library of story reference. Polar's PC, Steiner, is a character with a unique fit, serving in cooperation with the Marshal's Service while his past follows him. The writer also brings refugees to living color and builds on the lore of Planet Obsidian, the namesake of the Fleet, treating us to a ride-along with a clever merchant negotiating with the locals. All of his posts feature strong detail and voice and are fun reading!

Congrats to Polar! The award is well deserved.

-New Player joined us in July: Scott as CSci Cale Llewellyn

-Polar was brought on to sim leadership (adding Command Master Chief HaiRoa to the command team) - Since joining OC, Polar has been not just active, but proactive, and eager to pick up threads and hooks and flesh them out beyond just waiting for a tag. Having his assistance in leading the sim brings energy and sets up the game to support potential growth!

-Departing player: Becca /Theo Winslow - Becca's support for Obsidian Command was instrumental for two years and it cannot be overstated how grateful we are for her contributions in game as the strong and endearing personality of Lt Winslow, and with OOC support while she balanced so much of her simming and fleet commitments as well, being the herder of kittens and fleet mama that she is. We wish her much success and joy in all her simming endeavors. (and hold out hope for continued Obsidianverse storytelling connections!)

-Another application was accepted this month, but the player has not yet made introductions in game. We hope to count the character in next month's reporting- stay tuned!

-Several of OC's players attended OF Day. Paul and Myself (Nikki) ran some topic panels. There was some quality organized discussion and while the live event has ended, "Obsidian Day 2022" can still be read under the Events drop down selection of the fleet channels.

-There have been no major site updates in July

-No discord ads were run for July

We invite everyone who wants to help recruit to consider inviting a friend!

We love getting ideas people have for unique characters (pitch it to us!) and the station needs lots of personnel in all of the departments (Stardock ain't small...!) But if asked, I presently think the station needs the following the most:

-Tower Control Officer - akin to a tower controller at an airport- would primarily work from the Operations Center and be concerned with comings and goings. Would be a Flight Control Officer, but work in Tandem with Operations. Would work well as an Officer or an experienced Enlisted Character

-Flight Control Officer - managing shuttle flights and manning helm on the Pathfinder

-Science Officer - generalists or different specialties would be very welcome!

-Engineering Officer - station eng is primarily like a facilities engineer role, maintaining the power generation and upkeep of the station, but also can include other endeavors such as tech research, ship repairs, and technology in the Loki System and on away missions. Should work closely with Operations and applicable specialists from other depts when tech is involved

-Shipyard Manager - Someone to organize and oversee ship repairs and refits- would be a branch of the Engineering Dept and work closely with Eng/ Ops

-Enlisted Personnel! lots of opportunities in every department!

-Civilian Affairs Director - A role suitable for a civilian which the Fleet would hire to work for them in managing the affairs and concerns of the civilian population. Would be responsible for communication between the fleet and the civilian population and for helping to ensure the interests, needs, and safety of the population are tended to.

-Civilians! All sorts! Much needed!

Invite a friend to join Obsidian Command and grow our writing family!


Ibn Sharjar: A bag full of genes
Sharjar brings an invaluable gift to Admiral Indri at her Ranch (Polar, Nikki)

Security Catch Up
Zahn brings Winslow and Steiner into the Pathfinder crew on short notice (Becca, Polar, Nikki)

Steiner: All my bags are packed...
Steiner grabs a few things on his way out and passes responsibility to his Deputies, conveying the seriousness of the matter even though he can't give details. (Polar)

Question for Question
Jai and Hanah get close and share common interests... (Darren, Sarah)

No Pressure
Calliope reflects as she waits for her husband to get out of a meeting (Nikki)

Into the Deep End
KEY EVENT The Pathfinder gets underway and Captain DeHavilland updates the command crew on the mission (Sep, Nikki, Paul, Becca, Polar, Scott)

Called Away
Calliope gives Lance his orders to join the Pathfinder mission and Lance gives her reassurance. (Paul, Nikki)

Passing Report
Llewelyn Arrives on Obsidian Command and reports in to Commander Zayne only to be promptly reassigned to the Pathfinder's crew as they prepare to launch. (Sep, Scott, Nikki)

Mythical Favor
On her way to board the Pathfinder, Calliope catches Rhian and asks her for help investigating Obsidian legends. (Tara, Nikki)

Free Range: Mixer pt 1
Calliope and Indigo board a yacht under pretenses, mostly false ones. (Becca, Nikki)

A Long Story Short
Calliope meets Dr. Wagner and catches her up on her medical history. (Sarah, Nikki)

Close, But Not Quite
Calliope and HaiRoa have a moment for bittersweet catching up on subspace comms, but she's on her way out of the Loki system while he's on the way to it. (Polar, Nikki)

Checking in on Science Staff
Llewelyn takes up a bridge station and gets familiar with his new department while waiting for direction. (Scott)

HaiRoa: Disembarkation
The new Command Master Chief gets straight to work calling out slackers at the gate upon his arrival. Time for the station non-coms to get in ship shape. (Polar)

Security Action Plan pt 1
The Pathfinder security team spitballs about how to defeat the pyrryx if they have to go toe-to-toe. Nothing is off the table. Including spitballs. (Polar)

A mental distraction for the healer of minds
As Jai encourages a patient to communicate with her partner to help balance work and life, he considers how his advice could lead to more in his own budding relationship. (Darren)


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