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XO's Report September '21

Posted on 02 Oct 2021 @ 11:05am by Commander Calliope Zahn

OC's XO September '21 EotM Report

Active crew: 6
total word count: 9,636
OF Post count: 19
3.21 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts

XO's General Story Summary

---Primary "Sanctuary" plot concerning refugees... still not as much steam as we hoped. Maybe October is the lucky month.---

-"Tracking Party" thread resolved! We're sorry to see it end, but it kept us happy writing for much of the summer and the characters and backstory may show up again in the future.

-Guests from the USS Potemkin added posts and interacted with the station.

-Some quality character development was posted.

XO's Post Summaries for September '21

Tracking Party: Wounds to Lick
by becca and nikki
Cont Backstory- 4 months ago
In the aftermath of events, Zahn updates Ehstri on the team's mixed success. (wrap of the 'Tracking Party' story)

The 25%
by sep and becca
MD06 1500hrs
Finn and Winslow discuss the plan to phase the Marines out of the station's security patrols, begining with 25% of them.

Making Things Tidy
by ghi and nikki
Beyond the Veil TBR#018
Reeza Ral's transfer has gone through, making her Chief Ops of the USS Potemkin. Elli discovers Ral getting right to work fixing things, even if somehow it's always messier during the process.

by paul and nikki
Calliope seeks out why Lance has been so scarce and discovers his special project.

Knowledge Given
by matt d. and nikki
Elli answers the Captain's request for help trying to unlock a piece of technology from an ancient telepahic race.

True Believers
by paul and nikki
Beyond the Veil TBR#020
after a time loop leads to intervention with a pre warp civilization, Scott feels the bedrock of the meaning of his service tested and shares a low point in his past with Elli. There are no easy answers.


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