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XO's Report November '21

Posted on 03 Dec 2021 @ 7:52pm by Commander Calliope Zahn

OC's XO November '21 EotM Report

Active crew: 6
total word count: 19,485
OF Post count: 39
6.5 posts/ player

For members and guests and readers to help track the timeline of unfolding posts

XO's General Story Summary

---Primary "Sanctuary" plot concerning refugees... Starfleet Diplomatic dinner goes off reasonably well as far as presenting all the parties a chance to mingle. UFP Faith leaders, Starfleet brass, officers, enlisted, SF marines, Kalaran leaders, scientists, and working class families break bread and look at one another askance.
Later on, back aboard the station, Winslow reviews the refugee situation and plans to advocate for the displaced to resume their plans to settle on the planet by speaking with Kalaran leaders. ---

-Some quality character development was posted.

XO's Post Summaries for November '21

Try the Sauce
by strazz and nikki
MD08 ~1800
Roman tries to enjoy the party in spite of not so much fitting in and bumps into Ozzie in person. They share dipping sauce and backgrounds.

Survey Says
by tara, sep, and nikki
MD 07
Hokir and St John deliver supplies to al Havash's outreach site, but when Calliope arrives to encourage Hokir, she's intercepted by Drs al Havash and Llywd, and takes umbrage by the innocent appearance of Noah.

Waking Nightmares
by sep
MD 09
Experiencing deep seated fears about the safety of her family culminates in nightmares the brave doctor is greatly disturbed by.

Names and Faces
by becca, sep, and nikki
MD08 ~1830
A social circle forms and breaks up again. Winslow is pleasant but not the formal party type. Finn looks uncomfortable. Calli makes a new connection.

by sep and nikki
MD 08 ~18:45
Colonel Rutland and Zahn talk about the deadly local fauna and she gives him a naturalist's manual and agrees to help the newly established Marine Base with natural sciences for survival training on the planet.

Warp and Woof
by nikki
MD07 late afternoon
Calliope stops in at home to wait for Lance to possibly share a little time together. She spends the hours working on her research collection alone and has to head back to medical.

Implied Control
by sep
MD06 1058
Corvus meets with the new civilian counselor, Dr Melanthio, who is a bit of a critic about starfleet's structure, but eager to take the job with the station none the less.

by Sep
MD06 1009
Kensforth offers to help Zayne qualify for flight credentials on an arrow-class runabout and shares a little advice XO-to-XO.

Only Forward
by becca and nikki
MD10 Morning
Calliope sits down informally with A'Koja and Theo and catches up on the Refugee situation

Guidance Wanted
by nikki
MD08 ~1900
Calliope canvases for help from the science officers and gets directions to a seedy cantina.

Tea Therapy
by Sep
MD10 1305
Minka has a visit with Melanthio and after much tea drinking, shares her experience and repeating nightmares. Like so many tough things, the answers are no less true for being obvious and no less difficult for being made plain.


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