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Lieutenant Commander Alwyn Llwyd (*)

Name Alwyn Llwyd (*)

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slightly taller than most but average in most other respects. Alwyn isn't an overly physical presence, nor does he attempt to be. He's the kind of person that easily blends into a room.

Speaks both Federation Standard, and Welsh, the latter coloring his accent vividly.


Spouse Jeanette Llwyd
Children None
Father Rhys Llwyd
Mother Eira Llwyd
Other Family Extensive network of extended family that were the bedrock of his childhood.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alwyn came to Starfleet late in life, but has been a Physician for far longer. He's spent the great majority of his life among the Federations Medical Corps, providing health-care to some of the farthest flung places in the Galaxy. It's how he met his wife, Jeanette, a xeno-anthropologist.

A personable and social individual who does well in situations where his wit and charm work to his advantage. It makes for an outstanding bedside manner. He has that rare gift to know when a person needs to be charmed and when they just need to be told the blunt truth.

Has seen the dark underbelly of the Federation, the void they leave behind and the shadow they cast on their neighbors. He's seen the relative poverty and famine of other worlds and has healed people of illnesses that were eradicated on Earth and within the Federation decades ago. He knows that what the Federation has is truly special and appreciates it more than most. But it has left him a bit jaded towards the Fleet Command establishment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Pharmacology. It's one of his core strengths. Often accomplishing complicated pharmacological solutions with limited materials available.
- Experienced diagnostician. Having worked in various corners of the galaxy, he's seen quite a few different species and has had to determine their ailments with limited specific medical data on the patient or their species.
- Outstanding bedside manner.

- Advanced Surgical procedure. Like any Physician he can handle the basics, but when it reaches advanced levels of surgery he doesn't posses the dexterity to perform it successfully, despite having the relative knowledge.
- Can become overly protective of his patients, turning his usual cool charm into a cold wrath.
Ambitions Until recently his life's ambition has been to serve the under-served with the Federation Medical Corps. Recently, he's come to the conclusion that he wants a family life.
Hobbies & Interests Hydroponics and general gardening. Alwyn is especially proud of his Bonzai trees, but has all manner of growing things in his quarters.

Loves to spend recreational time playing football (soccer), usually with the local kids, to get them out and exercising. He's used to having some slice of dirt or grass to play on and is still getting used to the holodeck aspect of the world now.

An avid student of all the sciences. Alwyn is eager to read any scientific journal or periodical he can get his hands on and has been known to proof-read Jeanette's as much for his enjoyment as it is to assist her.

Personal History Alwyn was an only child born to a mathematician (Eira) and a Biologist (Rhys) who instilled a love of the sciences in Alwyn from a very early age. He was part of a large extended family of cousins, aunts and uncles but he was the only child of his parents; his mother Eira had difficulty carrying another child to term and after multiple attempts resigned herself to the fact that Alwyn would be her only child. Both Rhys and Eira kept their son engaged with their passions of math and science and encouraged him to find his own.

His father had three brothers and his mother was one of six, so there was no shortage of aunts, uncles and cousins for Alwyn to spend time with and considers the cousins in and around his age to be as good as brothers and sisters to him. It was with them that he got into trouble, explored their rural community and otherwise connected with the way he wished he could have with an actual sibling. It made for a childhood of innocence, the kind that every Federation citizen wants for their children. There was no tragedy, or loss, or other catalyst for trauma later in life. Looking back, Alwyn knows that he was incredibly lucky to have had the chance to grow up in utopia. Too often he's seen the abject poverty and destitution amongst the galaxy and counts his lucky stars he'd not come through this himself. There's no telling who he would have been had he.

As expected, Alwyn excelled in the maths and sciences in school but had a specific aptitude for biology and organic chemistry. His professors suggested he study Bio-Chemistry at a higher level so he sought admission to Oxford and Cambridge and was accepted to both, but chose to go to Cambridge instead. He entered the undergraduate program at Cambridge as a Bio-Chemistry student but by graduation had already been accepted to Cambridge Medical School. He threw himself eagerly into his advanced studies and graduated with honors as a Physician with a general focus. Alwyn was offered work in private practice in and around the area but chose instead to join the Federation Medical Corps for his residency.

Alwyn became a covert to the cause very quickly and despite a promising medical career elsewhere in the Federation, he chose to remain with the FMC and serve the underserved through the Galaxy in the places the Federation had left behind. He'd thought he might find a family along the way, but despite there being a few women of note in his life it never fully stuck. That was until Jeanette.

Jeanette Riley was a xeno-anthropologist working a dig site on Yuil XI, near a nearly abandoned colony. Nearly abandoned meant that there were still a few dozen families living there, and living there in near extreme poverty. The dig team was camped away from the colony when the FMC arrived and setup an aide camp between the dig site and the colony. Alwyn met Jeanette when she came into the camp nursing a sprained ankle and skinned up leg from falling into a dig pit in her haste to try and cover it during a snap windstorm. She was a beautiful young woman and he was immediately struck by that, but his well crafted professionalism and bedside manner took over and he treated like any other patient on his bed. Were she a decade or two older he might have gone looking for her at her camp, but he knew a woman as young and beautiful as her would never want someone like him. Alwyn brushed it off as the musings of a middle-aged man pining for a life he'd never had with a young wife and kids, and went back to his work.

As the FMC settled the camp's medical needs, the camp director put on an evening social and invited the whole colony as well as the scientists at the dig to join. The soiree she put on was the likes of which the colony had not seen in decades and did wonders for their morale as well as the Doctors in the camp. Everyone had a great time. Alwyn wasn't much of a dancer, and brushed off more than one polite attempts by his colleagues to take a spin on the floor. He just politely declined and sipped his drink on the edge of the floor, that was until Ms. Riley came over and asked him for a dance. He accepted and after their dance, she insisted she come and meet her friends and fellow scientists, then have a drink, then a snack. Each time, Alwyn tried continually to offer Jeanette a reasonably exit but she clung on to him all night. He wasn't terribly happy about it, not because he didn't think she was stunningly beautiful, but because he didn't want to let himself be convinced that she might be interested in him and just come crashing down. He finally expressed that to her as the night wound on, as she asked him to walk her back to her camp. She didn't answer him immediately, and when they finally reach her shelter, she told him in no uncertain words he had every chance in the world with her, and kissed him.

Their romance was a bit of a whirlwind from that point. Alwyn found out that Jeanette was on sabbatical from Starfleet, having graduated the Academy a few years prior and served in the fleet for a bit. There'd been some sort of incident on the vessel she was on that had killed several officers. That coupled with the fact she'd not done a lot of the science she was passionate about on board had made her decide to take a brief hiatus from Starfleet. She hadn't left outright as she still loved the Fleet and the life, but wanted some time to focus on what she loved too. Now, that included Alwyn. Within a year of meeting, they were prepared to get married, Jeanette just had one condition. She was ready to go back to the Fleet and wanted Alwyn to come with her. She told him she wanted their family to grow up surrounded by the scientific exploration and knowledge of Starfleet, and wanted those kids to be with him. Alwyn had never really had any fondness for Starfleet but he didn't have any animosity either. He was completely in love with Jeanette and couldn't imagine a life without her at this point so he agreed. They got married the next day.

Jeanette reactivated her commission, declaring Alwyn as a spouse to travel with her, but Alwyn transmitted his own information to Starfleet medical who offered him a Commission in the Fleet if he could complete a brief indoctrination course at Starfleet Academy. Jeanette was beyond excited that her new husband would be a Starfleet Officer too and so delayed her return date until after he was finished.

Starfleet Medical reviewed Alwyn's FMC medical records, leadership experience and his performance in the indoctrination courses and saw no reason not to put him into active Fleet service. Despite just joining Starfleet, he was granted the rank of Lieutenant Commander and given a posting as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the same vessel his wife had been assigned to, the USS Alexander
Service Record w-blank.png
2345 - Born in Aberystwyth, Wales.
2363 - Enrolls at Cambridge
2366 - Graduates Cambridge with degree in Bio-Chemistry.
2366 - Enrolls at Cambridge Medical School
2369 - Graduates Cambridge Medical School.
2369 - Joins the Federation Medical Corps - Residency Program
2372 - Finishes residency and joins the Federation Medical Corps as a fully trained Physician.
2373-2375 - Assigned with FMC following along the outskirts of the Dominion War, tending to civilians just outside the influence of Starfleet.
2395 - Meets Jeanette Riley on Yuil XI.
2396 - Marries Jeanette Riley
2396 - Joins Starfleet Medical. Sent to Indoctrination/Compatibility Training for prior experienced recruits.
2396 - Graduates Indoctrination/Compatibility Training and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2396 - Assigned to USS Alexander - Assistant Chief Medical Officer