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Commander Thaddeus Zayne

Name Thaddeus Achilles Zayne

Position Mission Advisor
Current IC XO, PB Capt. DeHavilland.

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Thad has a relatively slim build as a function of a lean diet, a vigorously active lifestyle and good genes. He is muscular and strong, though that is not evident in his physical appearance. It is a trait that he has often used to his advantage.

He keeps his hair in a very outdated fashion, but there are quite a few things about Thaddeus that are in fact, old fashioned, his hairstyle the least among them.

Speaks with a northeastern American accent; a blend between New York - Bronx and New Jersey shore. His voice is not what compels action in his orders, it is his expression. Thad has no difficulty making it clear what it is he wants and how quickly he wants it done.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown (Orphaned)
Mother Grace Lynn Beckett (Adoptive @ 14)
Sister(s) Elisa Beckett (Adoptive @ 14) +3yrs.
Other Family Has never cared enough to look into it. Starfleet would likely be able to trace DNA across its databases in search of familial relations, but he has no interest in knowing anything about a family (no matter how distant) that would allow him to be abandoned to the system. His only real family is his adoptive mother and sister.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cold, hard-nosed and focused but above all else: efficient. Thaddeus is not one to sugar-coat, bandy about the point, or give you anything less than his full opinion. He expects those he's working with to take pride in what they're doing and do it to the best of their ability - he takes a failure to do that as a personal insult to him and the command he represents. Once you loose that trust, it is nearly impossible to regain.

Thad did not grow up in a particularly loving and nurturing environment until late in his adolescence. As such, outward empathy, compassion and social niceties are things he doesn't do well. While he does have a heart, it is much deeper within than it is with most individuals.

Ruthlessly efficient, almost to the point of near obsession. Everything has to be in order and he insists that the regulations are not only met, but exceeded. While you cannot categorize Thaddeus as a 'by-the-book' type, he does follow the spirit of the regulations, if not the precise letter. To his mind, you cannot bend and adapt if you are not at least on par with the reg's.

Thad will give anyone the opportunity to prove their worth without prejudging based on any factors. However, once he has judged, like lost trust it is almost impossible to change his perception.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Efficient
- Focused
- Driven to perfection
- Opinionated
- Close-combat/Hand-to-hand expert

- Driven to perfection
- Social conventions (not that he doesn't know, he doesn't care)
- Personal relationships.
- Opinionated
- Stubborn once he makes up his mind.
Ambitions To continue to ascend. Thaddeus wants his own Command, but despite his own drive, he knows that he's not ready yet. In his own way, he is doing what he can to make himself ready - if that's even possible.
Hobbies & Interests - Jiu-Jitsu: Coral Belt
- Golf (forced as a hobby during his deep cover, he's good so he sticks to it)
- Medieval holo-novels
- Custom wood-working (small scale)

Personal History Thaddeus was orphaned at birth on a remote Federation starbase. Records on his birth parents were scant at the time, and he was brought up to the Starbase from the colony below by the stations Medical staff. From there he was thrown into the Federation system and raised for the most part at one of the many Federation orphan facilities; for him, the facility in New Orleans.

At fourteen, after having been close to adoption but ultimately rejected by prospective parents many times over the years, he was finally truly adopted by a woman named Grace Beckett, who had a daughter three years older than Thaddeus (then 14). Grace lived in Memphis with her daughter and the two of them ran her late husbands' woodworking shop. While her husband had been the master carpenter, he had imparted much of his skill to his wife but particularly to his daughter who was well on her way to being a master carpenter herself (a feat which she has now accomplished). They took Thaddeus in, despite his reluctance to be included, gave him a loving home and Grace did everything that she could to try and undo the damage that fourteen years in the system could do to a child.

The results were slow going, but within a year Grace had begun to make significant progress with Thaddeus. It was not without its problems, as both Grace and Elisa had found out the hard way that Thaddeus was damned good at working both of them against each other to get the result he wanted. He was a superb liar and despite not being empathic on his own, knew exactly how to work others empathy against them to his favor. It took Grace the majority of that time to distract him from those kind of interactions and get him engaged elsewhere. She engaged his mind intellectually and she found that the monotony and focus required to work with the wood kept him focused and that, of all things, Thaddeus enjoyed physical exertions in the form of Jiu Jitsu. Discovering these desires in her new son, Grace wholeheartedly encouraged him to follow them, and he did. By the time he was seventeen, Thaddeus was already a brown belt and considering whether he wanted to continue upwards.

Over the three years since Grace had adopted Thaddeus, while discovering all of the different things he was good at and enjoyed, Grace could see just how driven and intelligent Thaddeus was when he truly wanted something. It was her desire to find that thing in the world that he loved above all else and help him to do that - to find his niche in life and provide him every opportunity to be the best at it. She ultimately determined that his strongest suits were Jiu-Jitsu and personal combat, and (strange as it always seemed to her) higher maths. Grace spent a lot of time contemplating where her adopted son might land in life before finally having an epiphany of sorts. Starfleet. She introduced the idea to Thaddeus, fully expecting him to rebuke the thought, but instead he embraced it. Together, Grace and Thaddeus did everything in their power to study, prepare and gain the necessary recommendation for admittance; the latter being most difficult of all, as Thaddeus was not a shining example of discipline or good behavior - at least night in the fourteen years before he was adopted. His recommendation came from an unexpected place.

In the spring before his graduation from Secondary School, Grace's late husband's sister invited her and her two children to come and vacation with their family on Risa. Her husband, the Captain of his own vessel, arranged for pickup of the three of them and brought them to their ship just past Jupiter Station. The USS Mississippi. It would be the first time that any of them set foot on a Starfleet vessel, though Thad knew from his documents that he had at one time been on one as a very small infant - obviously something he did not remember. What he did not expect, though, was how much he would like it. The ordered efficiency of everything. The set pattern of work. It all played into his strengths better than he had imagined.

The trip, as it turned out, was to be a family reunion for the Beckett clan. For Grace, Elisa and Savannah (her sister in law) it was a social event for the ages. But for Thaddeus, it was a vacation to one of the most beautiful planets in existence spent feeling as if he didn't belong. He passed the time continuing to study for the Academy entrance exam, and on the third day, while watching the others play on the beach from a cliff facing where he had his data PaDD, he was found by the Captain of the Mississippi. He soon discovered that he wasn't the only one feeling as if he didn't belong. The Beckett clan might have been his family by marriage, but they certainly weren't his by blood with the exception of his two children who were very, very young. Kelly Fitzgerald tried to make Thaddeus feel less out of place by including him in his own activities. Much to Grace's (and his own wife's) chagrin, that included more than a few friendly games of poker at the resort's casino. Thaddeus was technically of the legal age, so there were no legal issues, but what Kelly discovered was that Thad was incredibly smart - smart enough to be able to count the cards in his head with little to no effort and then clever enough to bluff his way through even the most ridiculous of hands.

Enjoying the incredulous look on the faces of those that they'd beaten, Kelly was not mad at all about having lost to Thaddeus. Along the way back from the casino, Kelly discovered that Thaddeus was attempting to gain admittance to Starfleet Academy and was studying for the exam but did not have the much needed recommendation to gain admittance. Seeing so much of himself in the young man, Kelly offered himself up without being asked.

Thaddeus did not immediately tell his mother (whom he no longer saw as the lady who had adopted him). Instead, he waited until it was time to go and take the exam, and when his mother offered a motherly smile, preparing herself to let him down gently with the knowledge that they had not received the recommendation needed, he showed her what Fitzgerald had done. Ecstatic, she cheered him on and sent him off to test.

As Fitzgerald had expected, Thaddeus received his admittance to the Academy and began in the fall semester. It was the first time Thaddeus could ever remember being just another student and not the 'new guy' or the 'orphan kid'. He was just another Cadet working hard in his chosen fields of study (Security/Surveillance). With facilities far greater than those in Memphis, Thad also decided to continue his study of Jiu-Jitsu, attaining the much coveted Black Belt by his second year and continuing upwards in degrees, graduating Starfleet Academy with a first degree black.

Thaddeus joined the Fleet, of all places, on the Mississippi under the now Commodore Fitzgerald. He joined the Security Department as one of the many specialists charged with interior defense during Tactical scenarios but otherwise charged with security surveillance; acting as the internal police force for the ship. He rose in the ranks at a standard pace the first couple of years in Starfleet, but that all changed quickly.

In attempting to discover the source of a trafficking ring of illegal substances that were appearing on Federation ships galaxy wide (including the Mississippi), Thaddeus was able to infiltrate the organization that he and his colleagues had determined was the source of the trade. Thad managed to be 'recruited' as 'Jakob Danvers' and quickly learned that the organization that they had infiltrated was nothing more than the distribution arm for a much larger, much darker organization well known in Federation Space. Dark Moon. Thaddeus' immediate concern was that they now knew that they were barking up the wrong tree, and that he should do what he could to get out now before he was unable to at all. But, before he could make his exit, something truly strange happened. He was recruited out of the distribution arm and into Dark Moon itself.

Opting to take the chance to infiltrate the organization at large, Thad let himself be recruited upwards and began to make a name for himself within Dark Moon and with Starfleet Security. From Dark Moon's perspective, Jakob Danvers was the best up-and-coming enforcer that they had. He had a uncanny gift for making people talk, and when ordered to make them disappear, that's exactly what happened. No one, absolutely no one ever heard from his marks again. From Starfleet Security's perspective, he was the best asset that they possessed in that he had information straight from the highest sources within Dark Moon and because he regularly and repeatedly was able to bring them former Dark Moon assets to be taken into protective custody under the guise of having made them 'disappear'. It was a dangerous game to play both sides, but it worked.

Thad spent barely two years in Starfleet proper before going undercover and spent another seven years in deep cover before he was able to get enough information to Starfleet Security and Federation Security, for them to take down Dark Moon in its entirety. Starfleet Security Officers from across the Fleet (joined by a veritable fleet in orbit) and Federation Security Marshal's brought down the organization in one fell swoop.

After seven years in deep cover, Thad took a few months to get back into the swing of the Starfleet life, debrief on the Dark Moon project and then rejoined the Fleet at large as a Commander. His first assignment was as the Chief of Security aboard the USS Atlantic, the replacement vessel for Commodore Fitzgerald's Mississippi that was destroyed in the Badlands on a mission somewhat recently. Thad also served as Second Officer and after two years service on the Atlantic, was rotated to Earth. He remained there for a few years in Starfleet Command's Strategic Operations Division before being assigned to the forward Marine operating base - Camp Falkirk.
Service Record 2358 - Born on Hektos IV, orbital world of Starbase 117.
2372 - Adopted by Grace Beckett.
2375 - Passes entrance exam and gains admittance to Starfleet Academy.

2379 - Graduates Starfleet Academy. Assigned to USS Mississippi - Security Officer.
2381 - Infiltrates Dark Moon distribution organization.
2382 - Days before making an escape attempt, recruited to Dark Moon organization as an enforcer.
2385 - Promoted within Dark Moon to a Premier enforcer, answering only to Drakas Wynn - Dark Moon leader.
2387 - Dark Moon organization assaulted by combined forces of Starfleet and Federation Security. Drakas Wynn arrested, along with Jakob Danvers (Thaddeus' cover).
2387 - Returns to Fleet. Chief of Security - USS Atlantic.
2391 - Transferred to Strategic Operations Division - Starfleet Command, Earth.
2395 - Transferred to Camp Falkirk - Starfleet Strategic Operations.
2398 - Transferred to Obsidian Command - Executive Officer