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Lieutenant Commander Roman Kavalar

Name Roman Kavalar

Position Wing Commander

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.81 m
Weight 91 kg lbs
Hair Color Black, swept back
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Roman is of athletic build with clear blue eyes, a penetrating stare to go with his angular nose and short swept back hair. He has pale features as he does not tan well and in climates where there is plenty of sun he applies plenty of sun tan screen. Should he have his shirt off his back is tattooed with the symbolic circular Yin & Yang symbol 30 cm across with the Chinese words ‘Winged Spirit’ done in Red in a circle near the middle of the Ying & Yang symbol. On his left shoulder is a striking Hawk about to grab its prey with talons stretch out below it. A reminder of his time served in aerospace is on the inside of his left leg running from his crotch down to his ankle, the line of a scar he received when he was wounded in a dogfight. Tissue regeneration technology could have this removed but at the time there wasn’t one at hand and later he chose not to have the scar removed.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kasan Kavalar
Mother Winifred
Brother(s) Kasan Jr.
Sister(s) Celeste

Personality & Traits

General Overview Roman loves anything to do with speed, in space or in an atmosphere and at times on the ground. Hes known to push the limits when the mood strikes him and his eyes light up at the mention of speed. Early in his career he always volunteered for proto-type speed testing, sometimes to the detriment of his career. He’s also inquisitive and not afraid to either ask questions or go and investigate. As a pilot he has spent a large amount of time by himself and after all these years is comfortable when alone. Conversely there is an element to his career where team work in needed, even necessary when the individual cannot achieve what the team can. Later as he grew older, maturity followed but slowly at first as he gained and learnt about responsibility and leadership. It was not an easy lesson to learn and at first felt like an anchor, lucky for him and a near death experience of his wingman, it struck home for him and turned the corner as I became we.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hand eye coordination
+ Fast reaction times
+ High G tolerance
+ Zero-G and sky diving
+ Inquisitive
+ Adventurous
+ Loyal
+ Determined
+ Sense of morality

- Can be too independent
- Can be unforgiving
- Can be narrow focused on aerospace
- Not a parade person, dislikes formality outside of aerospace and even then only in the practical sense
- Aerospace superstition
- Slimy can make him feel queasy
- Hand to hand combat
- Poor food choices
- Cooking, thank god for replicators
Ambitions To lead the best of the best star fighters in Starfleet.
To one day command his own space carrier.
Hobbies & Interests If Roman could have wings he would surely grow them, he loves to fly in space or in an atmosphere. He loves the sensation of just being free and being above it all.

A dab hand at working on small craft systems, shuttles, fighters, helos and anti grav units developed over the years, pit crew personnel are his friends and he makes sure they are looked after if they’re good.

Meditation for mental relief.

Tai-chi for fitness.

Sports include grav-bike speeding, zero-g ball, atmosphere circuit racing and some para-gliding and sky diving.

Sometimes plays the guitar, tried the piccolo and nearly beat the instructor over the head with it.

Likes to watch westerns, in particular spaghetti westerns. He has been known to practice the two-gun draw.

Loves wine gums and pineapple lumps.

Personal History Born during a meteor storm on Mars when a freak power outage temporarily disabled the planets meteoric deflector system, Roman was born as meteors were crashing around the hospital. He grew up on Mars, his father a Starfleet engineer specializing in starship warp drives at the construction yards in orbit while his mother was a geologist who loved to go rock climbing and hiking. He was brought up on their coat tails, both parents having a particular interest in exploring the outdoors.

Growing up as a youngster Roman learnt to ride grav-bikes and could ride better than he could run at a young age, by thirteen he was flying grav haulers but this meant he ran afoul of the law as he was underage but this was a stepping stone towards his love of flying. By sixteen Romans father made a deal with him as his rebellious nature grew and he was itching to get out there and make it on his own. If Roman stayed at school and graduated, his father would help him get his pilot’s license and also call in a favor from a Starfleet pilot buddy to get him a chance to enter Starfleet. The notion grabbed Roman’s attention at the chance of flying the hyper fast fighters. And the rest, well there were more bumps in that road but in the end he became a Starfleet aerospace pilot and then his career really began.
Service Record Notable points in Romans service record.
- Part of the fly by mind program in 2381.
- Wounded 2382 over the skies of Rigel V fighting raiders.
- 2nd place in the annual high orbital space speedster races over Tamaran
- Shot down twice in the defense of Asgards Moon in 2386 against the Taterus Kin, lone survivor, squadron retired. Later reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation

Service Record
2376 - 2379 Cadet Starfleet Academy

2380 – 2381 Cadet Advanced Aerospace Combat
Graduated as an Ensign

2382 - 2383 Fighter Pilot 83rd Interceptors Squadron
USS Halcyon Akira Class
• Promoted to Ltjg.
• Promoted to Flight Leader

2384 Flight Leader 419th Tactical Fighter Squadron
SB 17 Celestial Class
• Promoted to Lt.
• Promoted to Squadron XO.

2385 Squadron Leader 21st Tau Ceti Lancers
USS Armageddon Normandy Class

2386 Squadron Leader 21st Tau Ceti Lancers
USS McKinley Sovereign Class

2388 - 2390 CAG USS Apocalypse Normandy Class
• Promoted to Lieutenant Commander