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Ptolemy Cumberland

Name Ptolemy Ajax Cumberland

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 157lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Spry and almost too skinny for his size, yet he has a surprising amount of strength and physical fitness.

Speaks with a very thick, cockney accent. He pretends as if he can't shake it, but in truth he refuses to because it's the only thing he has left of his birth parents


Spouse Minka Mazur
Children Adelajda (Ada) Cumberland (3)
Father Ajax Cumberland (deceased)
Mother Merida Cumberland (deceased)
Brother(s) Ptolemy was orphaned at eight, and has no natural siblings (that he's aware of). The four boys he grew up with in the group home with (and one girl) are who he considers his siblings.

Bartholomew (+2), Muhammad (-1), Jing-Sheng (-3), Chimwala (-5).
Sister(s) Parissa (-5)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ptolemy had a very rough upbringing, despite being born in the Utopia that is Earth. His birth parents weren't always on the right side of the law, and a bit of that natural defiance rubbed off on Ptolemy. He instinctively bucks authority and isn't one to kowtow to anyone; especially if they're in a uniform.

He was already a scrapper by the time his parents died, and put that to good use in the group homes. It kept him from being easily fostered or adopted and left him in the main group home; the one meant for the kids that really didn't have any chance. As a pre-teen, one of the guidance counselors tried to divert his natural aggressiveness into something beneficial and introduced him to boxing. Ptolemy was a natural to it and soon began fighting competitively.

Retired from boxing competitively almost 4 years ago, right after finding out his wife was pregnant with their first child. Had been a multi-time Federation Middleweight Champion. Minka let's him tell everyone he retired to spend time with his wife and kid, but the truth was Ptolemy was too old to be fighting and was losing more than he was winning anymore. It was time to quit, before the sport forced him out.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Natural born fighter. Ptolemy doesn't have a 'back-down' mode.
- Absolutely dedicated to his family, something he had to grow up without. He knows exactly what it means to not have someone and refuses to let anything get between that.
- Despite his aggressiveness is a very nurturing parent and spouse. It's the most important thing to him. Bar none.

- Gets easily jealous, and confrontational. Is convinced he's fighting out of his weight class with Minka, and is very self-conscious about that.
- He's by no means unintelligent, but he's easily outdone by the intellectual Starfleet types.
Ambitions Secretly wants to get back into the ring competitively, but knows that if the fight didn't kill him, Minka probably would for risking their family.

Wants a big family. He may have lost his biological parents young, but the brothers and sister he'd adopted in the group home were as good as biological to him. He wants his kids to have that same camaraderie with a group of siblings all their own.
Hobbies & Interests Boxing. Despite not being a competitor anymore, Ptolemy still takes every chance he can get to get into the holographic ring.

Gardening. What started as a way to help Minka simmer her own aggressive tendencies and be more nurturing has turned into one of the passions that they share together.