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Major Declan Finn

Name Declan Cailean Finn

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The peak of human physical conditioning; something he's trained his entire life to attain. Declan has been the tip of the sword since day one in the Corps. Tall and severe, he takes everything seriously; from his day-to-day job to his drinking, gambling and carousing (though the latter has tapered off as he's gained rank).

Born and raised in Melbourne, that's very obvious as soon as he opens his mouth.

Tests the limits of the SFMC standards on grooming as he keeps his hair, and beard, far from the perfect high and tight preferred in the Corps. Considering he spends most of his duty time in the field, it's generally ignored, but as he's been promoted that window of blissful ignorance is starting to close on him.


Spouse Wendy (1 year), Rebecca (6 months), Victoria (7 years)
Children Thankfully none (his words).
Father Travis Finn
Mother Racheal Finn
Brother(s) Harold (+2 years) - Complete polar opposite of his younger brother. Wife, kids, dog, etc.
Other Family He has former brother-in-law's he'd consider true brothers, and keeps up with far more than his ex's, but otherwise doesn't have a lot of family. Just his brothers kids.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Declan was scouted for the SFMC's fabled Force Recon from his first days in recruit training. He moved straight from recruit training into advanced combat training and then Force Recon and has served there until very recently. He moved steadily through the ranks up to giving the orders, though he never missed an opportunity to be in on the op himself - even when given orders not to. He's one of the best at what he does, and while he wants to train the next generation, he doesn't even begin to think he's too old for the game.

Leads by example and by being as good as he wants those under his command to be. He's the type of commander who not only puts his men out into the field in the worst conditions, but goes out there with them and leads from right alongside. The farther he's ascended the chain, the easier it is for him to do it against the wishes of his superiors.

A hardcore individual in all aspects. He's aggressive, short-tempered and testosterone fueled. It accounts for his success in the Corps and his failures personally. He's been through three wives. The last made it seven years before finally having enough of sharing him with his Mistress - the Corps.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ All aspects of combat. He has been well-trained but has a natural affinity for it nonetheless.
+ Survival Instincts/Combat Awareness.
+ Extremely aggressive - doesn't back down: ever.
+ His lack of empathy and aggressiveness actually make him a strangely successful diplomat.

- Short-tempered. It's not hard to get under his skin.
- Overly Aggressive.
- Scientific ventures.
- Has trouble understanding the draw to Starfleet, and those that choose to serve in it.
Ambitions Since he joined the SFMC his ambition has been live to the next mission, the next cold beer, and the next warm bed (read into that what you will).

As he's gained rank (particularly after his divorce from Victoria) he's started to question his priorities and his own failures in that realm. The Declan that's been married three times and divorced three times isn't the same man that Victoria left.
Hobbies & Interests American Football holoprograms, Woodworking, Gardening (just try making fun of him for it)

Personal History From an early age, Declan was more than a handful. His older brother had never been keen on having him about and from early on tried to contain Declan by physical force as much as force of will. The result was that Declan had to learn very early on how to stand up to someone older and bigger than him. It easily defined him as he grew to maturity.

By the time Declan was twelve he was already big enough and strong enough to stand up to his teenage brother, so the bullying stopped. It didn't help that Harold himself had not matured as physically as his brother and was himself now the target of plenty of bullying at school. In another year, Declan was at school with Harold and the bullying that he'd endured stopped but not because he'd stood up for himself, but because Declan had.

Declan's defense of his older brother didn't suddenly improve their relationship, or make them closer brothers, but it did at least instill a level of respect for his younger sibling. Harold stopped picking on him (well as much as a brother can) and even though Declan wasn't what you'd call popular, the kids knew well enough to leave him alone. He earned a reputation as an athlete and a general pain in the ass to the teachers, but otherwise he flew pretty well under the radar.

Harold had gained admittance to multiple Universities and ultimately landed at King's College in London but when it was Declan's turn, despite his parents wanting that same for him, they knew he wasn't likely to get in anywhere. It wasn't that he wasn't an intelligent kid, he certainly was capable of it. He simply didn't want it as bad as they did. So instead of trying to land a spot in a prestigious institute of higher learning, he tried to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps. But in the entrance examination, he did so well in the testing that the Corps recommended him for the entrance exam for Officer's training at Thunder Ridge. Thinking it might be worth it to be an officer and not an Enlisted man, Declan took the exam and was admitted.

What the Marines noticed first was his intelligence, followed quickly by his physicality and so directed him at leadership roles within combat specific functions. They realized quickly that he was a cut above most and began to tailor his training to more directed towards special operations and reconnaissance, culminating in his consideration for the fabled Force Recon unit. Thunder Ridge cadets weren't allowed to train and be assigned to FR units, but they could certainly be prepared to be considered for it once they graduated and went to their advanced training. In every other aspect, Declan was a standard Marine Cadet, nothing substantial. Without his physicality and aggressive nature, he would have likely been cast into any number of basic administrative or general combat element jobs in the Corps. Declan spent two months in advanced combat school before testing for Force Recon and after acceptance, was immediately transferred into that training regimen. After that training was complete, he was transferred to his force command as a Platoon Leader - Force Recon.

Declan hit active combat service at the height of the Dominion Wars, seeing a great deal of active combat duty on his first rotation out of training. Like most Officer's of his class, he didn't get the luxury of an easy start but unlike a great many of the others of his class, he survived. After the war, he briefly took R&R at FOB Whidby Island and taught new Force Recon trainees but he only lasted a few months before begging Command to rotate him back to the Fleet. He didn't do well in stationary positions. He needed the field, not a desk. Command obliged, but under the understanding that his refusal to remain base side and train the next generation would cost him any upward momentum in his career. He had no chance of making Major, or Colonel, if he didn't commit to some desk time. They tried to convince him he'd served his time in the war, seeing more than most ever did but Declan didn't accept it. He wanted his boots on the ground, not up on a desk and despite their protestations, he got his wish.