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Lieutenant JG Rhiannon Hokir

Name Rhiannon Ozeava Hokir

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73 m
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Chestnut
Eye Color Bistre
Physical Description Willowy would be a good adjective to use for Rhiannon Hokir. Standing just a shade under 70 inches, her slender build seems to accentuate her height. For the most part she boasts the classic Betazoid profile with her deep eyes and clear complexion; only her hair fails to fall into order with it's rich -albeit dark- chestnut tone and highlights.

For all she is an obvious free spirit, Rhiannon does not shirk her duty of upholding her family's good name. When she's not in proper uniform, she tends toward fashionable yet modest styles for her attire.


Father Boyd Weyr
Mother Ariene Hokir
Brother(s) Loran Hokir (29) - Lieutenant, USS Vessan, Strategic Operations Officer
Sister(s) Sashai Hokir (32) - Lobbyist, Betazed House Politics
Lira Hokir (27) - Fashion Vlogger, Betazed
Other Family Grandmother Ozeava Hokir (Matriarch 8th House)
Aunt Shuliene Hokir

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being the youngest of a prestigious Betazoid family, Rhiiannon has lived a life of few political aspirations. Outside of a constant reminder to "honor her family", there have been no obligations laid in her path, leaving Rhiannon free to pursue her dreams as she sees fit.

Rhiannon is a dedicated student with a renaissance heart. She enjoys learning for the sake of knowledge, and pursues whatever interests her in the moment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rhiannon has a highly organized mind, allowing her to process and store a large variety of information at any given time. While she may come off as flighty in general conversation, her grasp of knowledge from various sources is concise and well-researched. When approached with a problem, she either has some foreknowledge of the situation to fall back on, or the presence of mind as to where she can find the information she needs.

Rhiannon is also a people person; she is social in nature, but also an apt judge of character, recognizing strengths in others that can be utilized when needed.

Physically, Rhiannon claims to be graceful enough not to break any bones going down a ladder. She will never win any prizes in sports, regardless of her long limbs and slim build, but she is adept at working herself into awkward locations - a handy skill when attempting to reach odd places in need of repair.

If Rhiannon has a true personal weakness, its a tendency to err on the side of optimism. She likes to imagine she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to, and most often she meets this challenge; but not always without a set-back or three.

Ambitions According to her Starfleet Application, Rhiannon's ambition is to excel at her duties as an officer and a crew member, wherever she is assigned. However, if you ask after hours, her goal in life is to learn everything she can before she meets the challenge that catches her up before she finds her way through.
Hobbies & Interests Puzzles, Models, Mental Skill games of all shapes and sizes. She also likes learning new languages both to speak and read.

Personal History As the fourth child - and third daughter - of a Betazoid political family, Rhiannon narrowly missed being drawn into the pomp and protocol of her heritage. Her grandmother currently stands as Matriarch of the 8th house of Betazed, but as her own mother is a third child, and Rhiannon has two sisters before her, the chances of her being called upon for official duties are slim at best. Instead, she had the chance to enjoy a fairly normal family life during her formative years.

While Rhiannon loves her sisters, she is most fond of her brother, Loran, who shares her love of puzzles. Granted, she never managed to meet his physical prowess and skill at athletics, but it was never for a lack of effort on Rhiannon's part.

Rhiannon's school record took off from the beginning. By sixteen she was already looking at an early graduation and putting in applications to Academy. She managed to get in on a provisionary status shortly before her 17th birthday, and soon proved the decision right as she once again plowed through her courses and graduated in three years. The only courses that threatened to hold her back were the physicals, and it was through sheer determination and hours of practice that Rhiannon managed a passing grade.

Upon graduation, Rhiannon was accepted as an operations officer aboard the USS Ashorah. In the first year, upon finding her footing, Rhiannon found that she took to the operations field like it was designed for her. She thrived on the challenges of keeping a ship functioning at top notch; and there were challenges a plenty. More than once she found herself struggling to sort out a problem, only to have to back up and start over again. But while she might be thrown, Rhiannon never hesitated to jump back in and keep trying.

Over the next year, Rhiannon's dedication to her tasks combined with her willingness to take instruction and learn earned her a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and - by the end of her second year the position of Assistant Chief of Operations.

As Rhiannon's third year was coming to a close and she was facing the decision of signing on for another tour, her superior tossed her another option; rather than staying with the Ashorah - or even another ship where she could likely qualify as a department chief, he suggested that Rhiannon apply to the newly-reopening Obsidian Command. Even though it would be a stationary assignment, the sheer diversity of opportunity would give her more experience than service on a ship could provide. Though she was hesitant at first, Rhiannon took his advise and put in her application for the open Assistant Operations Chief position.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - 2389 - 2392

USS Ashorah - 2392-2395, Operations Officer, earned promotion to Lieutenant J.G. and Assistant Chief Operations Officer.

Obsidian Command - 2396 - Present, Operations Officer