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Lieutenant Commander Lance Quinn (*)

Name Lance Edward Alcott Quinn (*)

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Although reasonably tall, Lance is not particularly imposing physically, and prone to shrinking back and staying within himself.


Spouse Calliope Zahn
Father Sir Peter James Alcott Quinn
Mother Elinor Rose Quinn
Sister(s) Marle Isabella Rose Quinn

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lance (his full name is Lancelot) has always been a bit of a prodigy - incredibly bright and creatively minded, but not always well suited to social situations. Recognising his own shy/awkward nature he generally withdraws from gatherings and keeps relatively few friendships.

Were it not for a general lack of direction and focus, Lance might have been regarded as one of the finest theoretical engineers to come out of Starfleet Academy. Foremost in his classes in both theory and design, his career always seemed to be destined to take him through the Daystrom Institute and eventually into some of the most top-level Federation think tanks.

Lance’s problems with people skills have caused him problems before, and he isn’t always the best at demonstrating or explaining his ideas, and so far his extreme potential has remained relatively isolated and untapped. He has frequently moved between roles and jobs, not particularly finding a place where he can stay for too long without getting bored or frustrated. He also lacks notable 'field' experience on board an active-service starship or station other than those in the Sol system.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly intelligent
+ Creatively minded
+ Excellent problem-solver

- Socially awkward
- Often lacking in focus
- Unambitious
Ambitions Lacking in ambition, his focus seems to constantly shift and change over time.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering, both practical and theory. Music. Logic puzzles.

Personal History Lancelot Edward Alcott Quinn was born to Sir Peter James Alcott Quinn and Elinor Rose Quinn on Earth. His family was descended from wealthy nobility from generations past, and his cultural upbringing was in line with the family history. Lancelot was expected to follow in his parents’ legacy and carry the family names and titles into future generations.

From a young age, Lance displayed a strong affinity for theoretical physics and spaceflight. His heroes were the pioneering astronauts and early Starfleet crews that travelled the stars via Warp 5 engines and with minimal luxuries. This displeased his father, who in particular tried to discourage the behaviour in his son - only for Lance to push back and seek his own path even harder. He accepted that his parents wanted him to attend a ‘proper’ school and even attended Cambridge University as per their wishes, however Lance left Cambridge before his studies were fully completed; at the time he cited a lack of passion for the subjects and teaching there.

It wasn’t until Lance joined Starfleet Academy that he discovered what he was really looking for. From the get-go he was leaps and bounds ahead of many other classmates - some of them surprised the young man was lacking in Vulcan genes, such was his highly logic-driven and methodical nature. He struggled, however, with many of the social conventions of the Academy - his upbringing certainly didn’t help with this, and his attitude towards others made it difficult to make friends. He clashed with more than one tutor simply because the young man felt as though he was smarter than they were.

The turning point in his life was meeting Calliope. She opened his eyes to things outside of his own way of thinking for the first time. He was able to communicate and to escape the confines of his troubled way of living, and start to experience a life beyond the theoretical. He became far more grounded and connected to the world.

Their relationship continued after Academy graduation, the couple marrying a couple of years later, though their very different career paths often meant they spent long periods apart. It was an arrangement that seemed to work well for Lance; allowing him the time and space to devote much of his focus and energy into work while granting a healthy break for personal connections from time to time.

Lance took considerable pride in his work, initially taking an interest in the advancement of new propulsion technologies and eventually he
was part of the design and development team behind the development of the Quantum Slipstream Drive and its installation aboard the Vesta-Class starships.

After the original loss of the USS Vesta, Lance took up a hybrid teaching-research role at the Daystrom Institute, a place he had always wanted to spend his career. When his four-year tenure ended, Lancelot eventually realised that he needed to take the next step in his life and spend more time with his long-distance wife Calliope. They agreed to take postings on Obsidian Command, hoping to finally begin to blend their personal and professional lives.
Service Record 2379: Graduated Starfleet Academy - Engineering Track
2379-2384: Starfleet Corps of Engineers - Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
2384-2388: Earth Spacedock - Engineering Officer
2388-2390: Starfleet Corps of Engineers - Assistant Head of FTL Technology Development
2391-2392: Earth Spacedock - Quantum Slipstream Development Project
2392-2396: Daystrom Institute - Assistant Head of Engineering Design & Development
2396: Obsidian Command - Chief of Engineering