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Commander Kasra Turan, MD

Name Kasra Turan, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 174lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Maintains a gaunt and seeming drawn constitution that is borne of a highly regulated diet and a dedicated exercise regimen. Kasra takes his medical advice to heart, just as he would expect any of his patients to do, and furthers that with his own dedication to a healthy heart and healthy mind.

Kasra wears a full beard, which he keeps trimmed in accordance with Starfleet regulations. It is graying gracefully along his cheeks, creeping outwards from there as the years progress. He does not believe in altering one's appearance for the sake of vanity, and though he would prefer his beard stayed black, he would not dream of altering it.

Speaks with a heavy, though clearly intelligible, accent. Federation Standard (English) is not Kasra's first language, his second or even fourth. Despite the prevalence of Standard on Earth, Kasra grew up in a very sheltered environment that his parents and family spared no end of effort to keep separated from the world at large. As such, Kasra spoke his native Farsi first followed by Arabic, Turkish, Hindu, Punjabi and finally Standard. His parents, and those who shared their beliefs, felt that a thorough understand and respect for where one came from was essential before branching out into the world at large.

Kasra is not a significant physical presence and oftentimes appears to sneak up on people due to his quiet nature and unassuming persona. It lends well to a bedside manner that is calm and comforting even in dire situations.


Spouse Parisa
Children Sām (25)
Father Shahabeddin
Mother Zavreh
Sister(s) Zahri
Other Family Seemingly endless list...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patient beyond measure. Kasra is an extremely gentle and patient Physician who, by virtue of experience and an almost Vulcan-like lack of outward emotion, is capable of truly brilliant work. He does not allow emotional attachment to a patient, to a situation or the desired outcome to cloud his medical mind. He is capable of a singular focus that often may give others the impression that he is uninterested or uncaring. It is quite the opposite, in fact. He is one-hundred ten percent dedicated to the health and well-being of every being that passes through the doors of his Sick Bay or is put under his care. To that end, he focuses his attention solely on the matter at hand and disregards all else as background noise. As such, he makes a superb physician but on the same token, he would make a poor tactical commander.

A keen observer of all that goes on around him. Kasra is not the kind to see and insert himself into the issues he witnesses, but he does absorb and remember for future discussions. However, behind the closed doors of Sick Bay, he will offer his medical prognosis on the effects of their lifestyle choices.

He believes firmly that the health and well-being of every sentient being is a function of both body and mind and is more likely to prescribe rest, relaxation, and a quiet hour on the holodeck than he is to administer a hypo. His approach is not holistic, but it is one that puts its faith in the body's ability to heal, and the mind's power to oversee that.

Kasra's expertise is in diagnostic medicine with a secondary focus in pharmacology to include the psycho and Neuropsychol branches of that branch of scientific study - a field he has attempted to advance through years of research and regular publications in known scientific/medicinal journals.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's:

Kasra has a unshakeable sense of 'self'. He is not the kind of person that could ever be shaken from his resolve; from believing in who he knows himself to be. He is not afraid to admit when he has misjudged, nor is he afraid to assert when you have misjudged if he must.

Medicinal Science. His broad spectrum of diagnostic experience gives him a vast repertoire of knowledge that very few other Physician's can boast. Additionally, his steadfast dedication and research in the three main branches of Pharmacology (General, Pyscho, Neuropyscho) have given him an understanding that rivals those Physician's who's job it is to develop the various drugs in use in Starfleet.

Reliability. Kasra can always be trusted to be at his post when needed for as long as needed regardless of the situation, his personal views or any other mitigating factor. His job is to care for the needs of the crew around him and all others charged to his care. To his mind, there are not other factors that can change that.


Fleet Operations. Kasra is a Physician and while he knows his field very well, knows how and where to get the materials and equipment that he needs, all other matters of Fleet are completely foreign to him. He has neither the desire nor the aptitude to put himself into a role outside of Sick Bay. He is quite literally the last person you call when you have problem outside the doors of Sick Bay. He cannot pilot a shuttle with any efficiency, handle a CoNN terminal, work in Engineering or otherwise function outside of his chosen profession. Only the Science Department holds any potential of having use for him outside Sick Bay.

Social communications. Not to be confused as if Kasra is a rude person, on the contrary, he is as polite as social conventions require and genuinely so. However, he is not a 'small-talker'. He is perfectly content to absorb the goings on of a social gathering over a cup of hot tea rather than engaging the rest of his colleagues in any kind of witty banter.
Ambitions To continue to advance the medical profession in a way that focuses on internal well-being over increased pharmacological dependence.
Hobbies & Interests Kasra is a very pious man, and spends much his free time in quiet meditation in his quarters. His personal belief's and faith does not generally work well with Starfleet and their views of the world and galaxy. As such, he keeps that to himself, which is why he chooses quiet meditation over social gatherings.

Nature holodeck programs from all over the galaxy. He is a naturalist at heart and would happily spend hours contemplating the many forms a babbling brook took on its way across the rocks. He has to limit his time in such settings as he knows his own proclivity to get absorbed in it.

Scientific journals. In his free time between patients (when there is no work that needs tending) and often at midday meals, he can be found with his nose in the latest of many different scientific journals. Kasra sets the standard for continuing professional education in his field, often logging more than three time the required hours to maintain his status as a Physician in Starfleet.

Personal History Kasra was born into a very traditional, rural Persian family in what would have been considered their ancestral lands. His parents were religious leaders in their community and they raised their only son and daughter in that faith, though they strongly encouraged both of them to choose their faith because that was what they beleived in, not because that was what their parents (or anyone else for that matter) believed in. That said, they still sheltered their children as much as they felt reasonable from the outside world of the Federation, taking advantage of the utopian aspects of their society to do that. Kasra's parents believed that the truest way to understanding one's self, was to understand where one came from. To understand their heritage, and the part of Earth that was home to their family and ancestors. On that token, they taught Kasra and his sister their native Farsi first and followed that education up by instructing them to learn Arabic, Turkish, Hindu, Punjabi and finally Federation Standard so that they could survive in the world that truly existed around them.

At thirteen, Kasra was allowed to leave their sheltered compound and go out into the world to find his own way. His parents encouraged him to seek out an education of his own choosing. Kasra chose to go to school in Kyoto, Japan, enrolling at an educational academy that had a reputation for scientific achievement. While it was not the place that his parents would have selected themselves, they did not question their sons choice and afforded him every opportunity that he needed to get there and to be successful. The school was a long way from their home, any Kasra initially only returned at major breaks in their school year and remained at the school in Kyoto until he was seventeen.

When he returned home, his parents were naturally concerned that their son would have abandoned much of the faith and values that they had tried to instill in him during his childhood, but were shocked to find that Kasra had not only held onto to those values, he had improved them. He was a young man who knew who he was in the world, what he believed in, and why.

At seventeen, Kasra volunteered with the Federation Colonial Initiative, giving up his entire summer between secondary school and university to assist the Initiative in providing the materials and facilities needed by the colonists occupying much of the outer fringes of Federation inhabited space. Along the way, he spent much of his time assisting with the medical facilities and found that he not only had an interest in medicine, but that he had an aptitude for it. The Physician that he assisted, Doctor Malgus Goran, was a former Starfleet Officer who had resigned his commission to help serve with the initiative. He recognized the potential in Kasra and encouraged him to apply to Starfleet academy with his recommendations. Kasra agreed and, without informing his family, applied, tested and was granted admittance.

Now eighteen, Kasra returned home long enough to explain to his family where he had chosen to further his education before his time at Starfleet Academy began. His primary focus was biology, with a focus in medicinal applications - standard fare for those wishing to gain admittance to Starfleet Medical and continue on to becoming Physicians.

The Academy was no different for Kasra than it was for any other Cadet, and he proceeded through to Starfleet Medical as a result of hard work and a dedication to becoming a Physician that was shared by his fellow Cadet's. In the end, he graduated with honors (though not at the top of his class) and was transferred into the Fleet at large. His first assignment was as a resident Physician aboard the USS Tudor, a Constitution-class refit vessel that was at the end of its useful life. It was hardly the glorious start that most Cadet's dreamed of, but it was a start nonetheless.

Over the years, Kasra has served on many different vessels, but always he has taken the same approach to his job - that everyone charged to his care is due the same level of attention and care, regardless of the situation, circumstances of their arrival or his personal opinion of them or their lifestyle. He takes his oath as a Physician literally - to 'do no harm'.
Service Record 2351 - Enrolls at Starfleet Academy
2357 - Graduates Starfleet Medical - Lieutenant Junior Grade
2357 - Transferred to USS Tudor - Resident Physican
2361 - USS Tudor - Promoted to Medical Officer (cleared residency)
2363 - Transferred to USS De Gaulle - Medical Officer
2370 - Transferred to USS Mississippi - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2381 - Transferred to USS Coral Sea - Chief Medical Officer
2385 - Decommission of USS Coral Sea - Chief Medical Officer
2385 - Transferred to Starfleet Medical - Professor of Pharmacology
2395 - Transferred to USS Ardeshir - Chief Medical Officer