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Commander Bruce Kensforth

Name Bruce Kensforth

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 51

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A somewhat slight man. He's not an overly physical presence. Fits well inside a cockpit and despite his build, is extremely resilient. Takes pride in his physical condition and can often be found exercising in the ship or starbase gym and, if the location permits, enjoying an outdoor run. His favorite location being Starfleet Academy and the San Francisco Bay area.

Bears a long scar along his interior left forearm from the shards of his cockpit when he was force to eject in a nearby planet after the second battle of Chin'toka. He survived the incident, but its most noticeable of a few scars that serve as a reminder of the Battle and the lives lost.

Speaks with a very pronounced Kiwi accent that seems to have gotten more pronounced as he's gotten older.


Father Walter Kensforth (Dec-2371)
Sister(s) Elizabeth Kensforth, remarried, Elizabeth Dunn.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Callsign: 'Jester'

A hotshot, a joker, and a cocky son of a gun. Only problem is... he's as good as he says he is. It's what makes people dislike him the most. It's easy to brush off the cock-sure jackass that really has no idea what he's doing, but it's harder to brush off the one that actually does.

Psychologically speaking, he's a melting pot of disorders, all of which add together to make an interesting personality. He's survived some of the most atrocious horrors of the last twenty years, yet those incidents seem to have no effect. While others are suffering PTSD and other ailments, Bruce seems to be immune. Whether that is just good fortune, or repressed emotions is yet to be seen.

A smooth talker, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. He oozes charm and radiates confidence in a way that generally keeps him well attended by most females. Bruce, of course, likes it better that way.

One of eight remaining Dominion War 'Ace's'.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's:

- Diffusion. Bruce has a gift for not getting his feathers ruffled and generally knows how to break the tension better than most. It's helped him as a fighter keep his mind clear and on task, not falling victim to nerves and doubts.

- A born pilot. There's not a ship, shuttle, pod or anything with inertial dampeners or wings that Bruce can't fly better than the designer ever intended.

- An outstanding instructor, though his methods aren't what most would call textbook. He leads by example and through actual practice. He doesn't believe too much in holographic programs. He prefers to read the manual, then get out there and try it - the way it was meant to be done.


- Very cocky. Can sometimes interfere in discussions. Bruce won't tell you he can't do something, even if he might doubt himself.

- Women. His cryptonite. His competitive attitude and subconscious desire to completely self-destruct has led him into a life full of one night female interaction. It has gotten him in trouble on ship more than a few times.
Hobbies & Interests Flying. While he prefers to fly turn of the 20th century airplanes back home in New Zealand, he can occasionally be found in the holodeck when Earth visits become rare. He prefers to fly the real thing though and every chance he has, he's off ship getting hours flying whatever vessel he can get his hands on.

Personal History Born in Auckland, New Zealand.

After having spent much of his childhood and young adult years flying anything with wings or inertial dampeners, Bruce turned his sights towards Starfleet and with his Father's influence (and a good bit of studying), he gained admittance into Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy, for Bruce, was an exercise in social development. Having been around and among the current flight technology all of his life, often participating in its development through his father, he had little to no problems understanding and mastering his courses in Flight Control and avionics. For the most part, the Academy was uneventful. It was graduation that brought his first real challenge... the Dominion Wars.

Bruce joined the Fleet as a fighter pilot in VMA-214, the only Starfleet pilot in a squadron full of Marines. He arrived just as his presence was needed the most. Assigned to the USS Galaxy, Bruce began in the squadron just as the Dominion Wars were beginning and soon found himself fighting for the Federation from the cockpit of his Valkyrie. His upbringing and gift for flying soon brought him to the attention of his peers and superiors and it wasn't long before he was leading the squadron, as well as the leaderboard for enemy fighters downed. The then Ensign Kensforth was the third confirmed 'Ace' of the Dominion Wars.

His transfer to the Nebuchadnezzar was a bit unexpected, but it wasn't like Bruce to not go with the flow. He took the assignment without question and joined the Nebu just as she was getting into the Dominion Wars as well, under the command of the fiery Captain Isfahani. The Galaxy-class vessel had a large contingent of fighters, just as the Galaxy did before him, though this one was all Starfleet. Bruce joined the Red Wing and in no time was flying wingman to the Red Wing leader, Red-Three. The assignment wouldn't be for much longer, and niether would the Nebuchadnezzar

The battle that destroyed the ship also decimated the fighter compliment, only three fighters survived that day. One left Starfleet for a padded cell back on Earth, one made it home only to take his own life weeks after the battle, and then there was Bruce. Last of the Nebuchadnezzar fighter squadron. They had died to protect the ship, and assist Commodore Fitzgerald's Mississippi in protecting the escape pods. Their sacrifices bought the lives of hundreds of innocent lives on the ship, but there has not been day that Bruce hasn't wondered why he made it out when his friends didn't. Why Red-three went down when he was the one who should have been shot down, why Black Five strayed from his own wing to save Red Three. It was his job to do that, and if Black Five had stayed his own course, he'd probably still be alive. Father and Son would still be alive and Bruce would have been the one who had died to save his friends. Now he was alone.

Since then, Bruce has floated about Starfleet, falling deeper into his own habits. While he's still the best pilot in the Fleet, and the only confirmed Ace from the wars still alive, he's just going along. One day he'll find some measure of ambition, but for the last fourteen years, he's just been running.
Service Record Civilian:
w-blank.png2346 - Born in Auckland, New Zealand.
w-blank.png2354 - Youngest person to ever win the Auckland Barnstormer flight race (8 yrs old).
w-blank.png2361 - Winner of the Tellurian Mining Consortium, Annual Asteroid Race. 1st of 3,765 racers across the quadrant. Youngest winner ever.
w-blank.png2362 - Winner of the Tellurian Mining Consortium, Annual Asteroid Race. 1st of 4,615 racers across the quadrant. Second youngest winner ever, behind himself.


r-blank.png2364-2368: Starfleet Academy, Flight Operations/Fighter Operations
c-o1.png2368 - Transferred to USS Galaxy - VMA-214, Valkyrie pilot. Gold-Four
c-o2.png2373 - Third confirmed Ace of the Dominion Wars, 9 kills.
c-o3.png2374 - Transferred to USS Nebuchadnezzar, VF-111, Raptor pilot. Red-Two.
c-o3.png2374 - USS Nebuchadnezzar destroyed.
c-o3.png2374 - Transferred to USS Thor after destruction of the Nebu. VF-31, Valkyrie pilot/Flight Leader. Green-One.
c-o4.png2381 - Transferred to Stafleet Fighter School, San Francisco.
c-o5.png2386 - Temporary Assignment, USS Ardeshir - Flight Ops Advisor.
c-o5.png2394 - Transferred to USS Ardeshir - Executive Officer