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Lieutenant Commander Hamish Pembroke

Name Hamish Lewis Pembroke MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 157lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Obsessively healthy. Hamish's physical presence is 100% the result of a steadfast dedication to diet, physical exercise and healthy living. It is what he prescribes his patients before and after surgery, but takes his own advice and uses it as an example for them well past the point of obsession.

He has the physical presence of an athlete and the dexterity of an artist, all wrapped up in a self-confident package. You won't have to wonder just how sure he is of that, he'll tell you. Repeatedly.

Speaks with a mid-tone voice, eloquent in the King's English (Received Pronunciation) dialect of English (Federation Standard) and makes every attempt to be as pretentious as he sounds.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Hamish Pembroke, Sr. (Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Ret.)
Mother Elizabeth Pembroke
Brother(s) George, William, Samuel
Sister(s) Elizabeth, Mary-Beth, Sarah

Personality & Traits

General Overview The product of multiple boarding schools, preparatory academies and institutions of higher learning across the years, all of which catered to only the most well-connected families across the Federation.

Most would characterize Hamish as self-absorbed, arrogant to the point of idiocy, and hard to deal with as a result. While the characterizations are dead on evaluations of the man, what keeps that from changing is the fact that Hamish is self-absorbed, arrogant and hard to deal with because he is in fact as intelligent and as gifted a surgeon as he thinks he is. There are no delusion's of grandeur with him, only the truth that he is the best. Most would assume his nature no doubt would set him up for failure, but he has proven them wrong on every occasion. So far.

As a product of so many high-end academies, Hamish has the additional chip on his shoulder or having been brought up in a life of privilege - something rare in the Federation. Economics being complicated as they are, his father long ago achieved a level of 'wealth' far in excess of what most can and while not specifically thrilled with the life choice Hamish has made, knowing his skill in his chosen profession matches his boasting, he has chosen to accept it. But make no mistake, Hamish senior does not intend for his eldest son and namesake to remain a 'Starfleet flunkie' forever...
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength's:

- Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Virology.
- Hamish is an extremely gifted Physician and Surgeon, favoring the latter in his daily profession. Were he to apply himself as a Physician and general practitioner, he would be one of the best in the Fleet, but he prefers the challenge of surgery.
- Diagnoses.
- One of the rare Physician's in the Fleet who has had experience with almost every species within the Federation.


- Bedside manner. He will tell you what's wrong and why and how he's going to fix it, but he's not one to sugarcoat or offer the friendly bedside banter one might expect from a General Practitioner. He is a specialist in every aspect and generally deals with his patients when they're unconscious on his table.
- On par with his bedside manner, social interactions can be a challenge as most people don't like to be reminded just how good their counterpart really is and prefer to share a bit of their own lives as well - not just hear about his. It makes social interaction difficult and often limits it to a few friendly words.
- Authority. He doesn't quite appreciate the Chain of Command as he doesn't quite fit within it. As a specialist, he rarely answers even to the CMO as his diagnosis is going to be much more finite in comparison and it is ultimately the surgeon's decision whether or not he's going to operate on a (assuming they are willing) patient.
Ambitions To continue to prove that he is still the best.

As he's gotten older, he's remembered fondly the time he had with his brothers and sisters and has started to wonder if he might like a family of his own. Of course, few women meet the full requirements. To date, no one has even come close.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, Polo, Skydiving, Rock climbing, Triathalon.

Personal History The eldest of seven children, from a very early age Hamish found himself responsible for his siblings in ways most wouldn't expect of someone so young. Hamish senior was a prominent Federation Diplomat and his wife a socialite of equal standing which resulted in an upbringing that was not only unconventional by most standards but nearly wholly devoid of input by his parents - at least physically. Plenty of decisions were made by the elder Hamish and his wife on which elite school to send their children, effectively outsourcing the parenting process utilizing every favor and charm that their high-ranking service had collected.

But home was never one place, or one school. Hamish senior was always on the move with the Diplomatic service meaning that the Pembroke children never spent long in one place and never truly developed friendships beyond one another. A bond that is sacred to this day for all seven; all of whom look to Hamish junior as the father senior never was. It was this isolation from their parents, and their reliance on junior that helped him to find his calling - medicine. Hamish junior had always been an athlete and more than a bit of a daredevil, but that had all come to a head when he was eleven. Hamish, his younger brother George and eldest sister Elizabeth had snuck out of their preparatory school in the dead of night to hike across the the foothills behind their school in the Kimi Valo mountains of Tellar. It had originally been the plan for just Hamish and Elizabeth to make their escape as the oldest of the Pembroke brood, but George had caught wind of the adventure and so had invited himself along.

Hamish knew his limits, though he liked to push them, and for the most part Elizabeth knew hers as well but George was always trying to keep up with his brother and impress him that he was just as good if not better. The result was that in the dead of night nearly a two hours hike from school George attempted to race past his brother and fell, breaking his leg. All of the children, as a result of their outsourced education and the requirement that they all know basic first aide as they spent a lot of time traveling on Starfleet vessel, knew their way around a basic medical kit. But George's leg injury was beyond basic first aide. Hamish and Elizabeth did what they could to try and stabilize their brother who was in agonizing pain, but they only had a basic med-kit with a mild analgesic and some bandages. Nothing capable of mending a broken bone. Someone would have to go back for help, and while it made sense for Hamish to stay and tend his brother Elizabeth was too scared to go out in the dark, alone. Waiting for morning was too dangerous, so Hamish helped his siblings find a cave to take shelter in and then hurried off into the night back towards school to get help. He knew there would be hell to pay when he did, but George's leg was broken and there wasn't an alternative.

He brought back help as fast as he could and they were able to stabilize George, but the break wasn't clean and the subsequent time without qualified medical care was enough that he had to spend a good bit of time in the infirmary afterwards so the the Doctor's could mend the break completely and handle the ancillary infections. Hamish refused to leave his brothers room for anything other than classes as required, and helped to bring him his homework and other items. But more than that, he was fascinated with the Doctors and Nurses at work. He'd never spent time in the Infirmary before, for anything more than his physical as required, but was finding it all utterly fascinating and quizzed them all on every procedure they were performing on his brother.

The Headmaster of the prep school waited until George was out of the Infirmary to lay down his final punishments. For George, his injury was enough. For Elizabeth, it was her first offense and so a month solid of database maintenance in the archives was punishment enough. But for Hamish, it was not the first time he was under the Headmaster's scrutiny and with his brother seriously injured, his punishment was as severe as it got. Expulsion. Naturally the Headmaster though that would be the end of the matter, that the Pembroke's patronage would continue though their eldest son wouldn't. Hamish senior thought differently, and after many hours of conversation and more than a few threats that saw the Headmaster refusing to budge, Senior accepted 'defeat' in that he couldn't overturn his son's expulsion. Instead, he pulled all six of his remaining children out of the Academy and transferred them to a similar facility in the Welsh countryside. Economics of the time were not wholly financially driven, but to lose such a well-heeled patron like Pembroke senior and all six of his remaining children was a significant blow to the school. Enough so that the regents overturned Hamish's exclusion trying to keep them there. But like his eldest son, senior was stubborn enough and arrogant enough to let them choke on their words.

The transfer to Eldeth Academy in Wales was not completely in vain. The school allowed for a closer kinship between the Pembroke children but was also home to a significant medical facility. Having discovered his fascination with it, Hamish had begun to study it in detail. Taking it almost to the point of obsession. It seemed that there was no task, procedure or course of study that Hamish wouldn't follow a Doctor or Nurse through and he soon earned a reputation as a teachers pet. But it was short lived, as was their tenure at Eldeth, as it had been with every school the Pembroke brood had attended.

Over the next seven years they attended fourteen different prep academies, boarding schools and institutions of prestige for 'higher learning'. While there was certainly never a shortage of shenanigans from the Pembroke brood Hamish never let go of his fascination with medicine and had already shown an aptitude for more refined surgical procedures. That wasn't to say he'd actually done surgery but he'd shown the base skillset for it. Something the physicians he was now working with did their best to nurture.

At eighteen, Hamish senior had arranged for him to attend Oxford, which he accepted as what was expected of him though he did not take his father's 'suggestion' and instead chose to study Biology, subsequently enrolling in the school of Medicine and completing his degree. After graduation, Hamish senior insisted that he join the Diplomatic Corps with him and take on the family business per se but Junior had other ideas. He joined the Federation Medical Corps and went almost immediately off-world, working in far-flung corners of the Galaxy providing medical care in places where the light of the Federation hardly shone bright enough to be seen. It was the arena in which he honed his surgical procedure and truly began to stand out. But after a nasty incident that cost the Corps twelve Doctor's and nearly as many nurses to unknown raiders, the program was shut down. But Hamish wasn't eager to join the Diplomatic Corps. He wanted to continue to practice surgical medicine and continue to to do on as diverse a population as possible. So despite his father's disdain for the organization, he joined Starfleet, using his civilian degree and Doctorate to join as a Lieutenant JG certified to practice medicine as a surgeon and practitioner. He was transferred to the Fleet and hasn't looked back since, despite his father's wishes.