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Crewman Recruit Zuzal

Name Zuzal

Position Nurse's Assistant

Second Position Nurse

Rank Crewman Recruit

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 3"
Weight 105#
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Zuzal is a quiet observer who seeks out things in people and nature that are little windows into the quiet revelation of the universe. She is almost all eyes and otherwise blends into the background. Will leave if at all she can if she's uncomfortable.


Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses generally kind
very clean and tidy
spiritual sensitivity
Ambitions To find an ambition
To complete a general secondary education
Hobbies & Interests poetry and small things
people watching
wonderment of arts and cultures

Personal History Zuzal is from Novoroth an ancient Orion-offshoot isolationist religious culture that established a colony world shortly after the Orion discovery of Warp technology, and which grew independent of further interactions with other worlds. The Social and Governmental structure of Novoroth is strictly dictated by the complex cult established from the outset.

All daughters become wards of the temple priestesses, and such was Zuzal. All land is held by the priestesses, and parceled to the daughters, and when they come of age at 15, they are arranged to marry. The sons of Novoroth make such arrangements with the temple when they have means or prospects for marriage, and make a tribute to the temple. Daughters of the temples may be granted more lands with more husbands, the marriages always arranged by the temple.

Women on Novoroth are viewed as both highly respected, and objectively as a way toward property ownership. Unwed men are considered drifters (harmless) or rovers(nasty gangs), and are generally disfavored. They have no voice in any official affairs and no legal bearing.

Zuzal refused marriage on multiple occasions until she was considered a serious difficulty by her temple elder-mothers. Her portion was reassigned and she was outcast from the temple. Afraid of mistreatment by rovers, she managed an off-world trip to a nearby spaceport and was discovered lost by the crew of a visiting starship. She asked to enlist and special arrangements were made for her.

Zuzal's experience was mostly assisting in managing gardens and caring for children and elderly. She had no formal education other than in recitals of the ancient scribes, her favorites of which highlight nature and wonderment of the universe.

As a crewman nurse, she is given small assistant tasks in Medical, polishing up trays, carrying food to patients, helping people to the bathroom, and making the beds. She's so quiet sometimes it makes people jump when they turn and see her, and she tends to slip away unnoticed when she leaves a room.

She has a tutor as she works on a individualized plan of instruction towards a secondary education equivalency. She has been granted her own quarters, but is legally under the guardianship of Captain Hawthorne until her 18th birthday.