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Lieutenant Elli-Navine

Name Elli-Navine

Position USS Potemkin Crew

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Grazerite
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 120
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elli has prominent horns and wears a kerchief or a head scarf at the base of them, both as a practical way to keep her dark hair out of her face while she works, but also as a nod to her homeworld’s old culture of wearing a complete horn covering to signify peacefulness. It also adds a personalized splash of playful color to the uniform. As a Grazerite she also has long, goat like velveteen ears and somewhat squashed, squarish shaped pupils. She was born extremely farsighted, which was surgically corrected for when she was in Academy (in all her child hood and young adult photographs she wears heavy coke-bottle glasses).


Brother(s) Ernesh-Brugal (Brother in Law)
Sister(s) Ria-Brugal (nee Navine, Identical Twin)
Other Family Elli has a twin sister, Ria. They’re identical, physically. Ria, however, is a socialite married into money, the wife of a traveling Grazerite diplomat almost twenty years her senior. Unlike the common idea of twins being close, Elli has never really gotten along with her sister since highschool when Ria joined a circle of wealthy mean girls who often humiliated Elli. Although Elli loves Ria, and even makes excuses for her, she’s intuitively learned not to trust her. Elli prefers not to associate with Ria and only maintains civility at family functions, usually enduring barely veiled put downs from Ria. Elli’s decision to join Starfleet was little celebrated in her Upsol compared to her sister marrying a highly regarded diplomat. She actually kind of likes her brother-in-law, though; Ambassador Ernesh-Brugal is a poet and a good listener with more than a little wisdom, though not very handsome, being something of a gentle giant with a thick ox-like, asymmetrical face. Ria is Ernesh’s third wife. His first having passed away due a rare disease and his second having divorced him following her affair with a very cunning and handsome Bajoran.

Personality & Traits

General Overview At this stage in her personal development, Elli doesn’t really project any high levels of confidence outside of her field. She’s not much of a leader, although she can get carried away with exciting new prospects and adventurous ideas and get ahead of herself, needing reigned back in to prevent her leaping before she looks due to her sheer glee at discovery and exploration.
Elli doesn’t really have aspirations toward anything outside of her fascination with technologies. Having just become Chief Engineer of the Potemkin is a dream come true, and like most lead engineers, Elli thinks of the ship as her baby and is highly protective. She knows the ship inside and out and is constantly studying or exploring the systems further. All of her favorite dreams are about some engineering puzzle or ship upgrade or new technology.

Personal History Elli is generally an optimist and believes in people and the potential for good in everyone. Even while she’s growing in her career and life experiences, she might get hurt, but she doesn’t get jaded. Elli knows her strengths really lie in technical fields and secretly likes to imagine herself as a modern day wizard. She loves getting lost in a technical challenge and discovering new technology is like finding wondrous new toys. She has an affinity for the early tech of many societies.

As much as Elli loves making new friends (a lot!) she can be a little dense in personal relationships. She’s not terribly quick witted and gets overly self-conscious when things get personal which can lead to awkwardness bordering on shy when complimented or pursued. She’s never really had a serious lasting relationship because of her tendency to nervously retreat from anything that gets too intimate. She tends to go through secret almost school-girl crushes that she doesn’t act on, generally. She has much more confidence with computer systems and engine rooms.

Once, as a newly minted Ensign, Elli encountered an artifact: a telepathically imprinted device which had been fashioned by a tinkerer into a crystal-like necklace pendant and sold at a fair aboard a civilian space station. It temporarily made a blueprint-like impression on her mind that drove her to obsessively construct a piece of technology from a lost civilization calling them selves Sumahr. This turned out to be a navigational beacon to a final archive, which unexpectedly lead to an underground lunar colony that had survived the Extinction Level Event that the artifact had attested to. With Federation aid, the race has begun a new program to terraform the moon and to create a new floating colony over one of the system’s Venus-like planets. While much of their history was lost, the Sumahr technology is very ancient, their use of it reverent and akin to a religion, and their myths suggest that they may have been heavily influenced by the ancient Iconians many hundreds of thousands of years ago, as a subservient race. Elli remembers her time with them fondly and has retained the charm that made its impression on her.

She was recently promoted to Lieutenant after her work with a communications project that amended communications systems to hone in on specific planes and detect and observe emissions of two dimensional animal-like intelligences, opening up a new field of zoological observations.

Being raised on a planet that highly values peace to the point that most citizens are avowed pacifists, Elli has been going through the cognitive dissonance between the message of her upbringing and the demands of serving in a military capacity. She used to reconcile this by telling herself she was only technical support, but that changed after the Potemkin encountered the borg. The ship battle required Elli’s direct participation, by using transporters to plant a torpedo in the enemy ship’s power system. Elli was attempting just to shut the ship’s power down and leave it dead in the water, but instead, she caused a devastating cascading failure that triggered a reaction in the borg ship’s engines which vaporized it with all hands. Stunned, Elli had to admit that not only was she responsible for the lives lost, but that she’s always been in some part responsible for the battle deaths she didn’t pull the trigger on, by the very nature of being on the crews that were in the engagements. After some guidance from the second officer helped her to put it all in correct perspective, Elli still believes that peace is the greatest value, but has accepted that sometimes there is a time to kill.