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Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner

Name Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Klaus Steiner - FMS

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6'02
Weight 225
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Appearance: Steiner is tall and broad shouldered. He works out daily but enjoys his food so is in a constant battle with his waistline. Close-cropped hair and blue eyes.


Spouse Unmarried
Father Klaus - Deseaced
Mother Helen - Deceased
Brother(s) Rodney - Starfleet Security Officer
Other Family Maternal Grandfather - George

Personality & Traits

General Overview Steiner is positive, self-confident and very self-reliant. He has an upbeat and friendly manner, able to communicate with subordinates, superiors and personnel at all levels, as well as civilians and others involved in law enforcement. Not above getting his hands dirty he strives to set a good standard for others to follow.

He leads from the front, an assertive and strong, with a “can do” attitude to any task assigned to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Steiner is resourceful, innovative and adaptable, a problem solver he believes in confronting and overcoming problems rather than avoiding them. He requests and listens to the opinions of juniors and superiors and expects the same courtesy. He makes decisions readily and is prepared to stand by them.

He is supportive of his superiors before subordinates but he is his own man and does not hesitate to raise any concerns he may have in private, where he speaks his mind.

Able to think quickly and logically, assertive and a natural leader, he leads from the front. He is calm and decisive under stress.

Steiner has a keen sense of humor that he exercises frequently.

A thorough and detail-focused investigator, he can be dogged in his pursuit of the guilty. Has a reputation for getting the job done, although sometimes his methods may be questionable…

Has a weakness for strong cigars, single malt scotch and good brandy.
Ambitions To continue his career in Federation law enforcement, eventually rising to an assistant director position in the Marshal’s Service.

Personal History Personal History

Born in 2356 at New Berlin Colony on the Earth’s Moon, Steiner is the son of Klaus and Helen, he has a younger brother Rodney. His parents were both Star Fleet Officers, his mother a Judge Advocate General Lawyer, and his father a Zeno-Biologist. His brother is a serving Starfleet Security Officer.

Steiner and his brother grew up on board Stafleet vessels and Starbases, their early life spent traveling around with their parents. In their teens both boys were sent to live with their maternal Grandfather, George, on New Caledonia, to provide a more stable environment and schooling.

Their Grandfather was a retired Federation Marshal and young Ridge developed a close bond with him. In retirement the old man had taken up outdoor activities and he took his grandsons on hikes, camping and rock climbing trips on the many rugged islands of the New Hebrides, instilling in them self-reliance and a spirit of adventure.

With the outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373 the two boys and their Grandfather had to endure the nightly news reports of casualties, hoping never to see the name of the ship their parents were serving on. Sadly, that day came when their ship was lost with all hands during the Second Battle of Chin’Toka.

The next morning, without permission, the brothers took their Grandfather’s shuttle, made the journey to the planetary capital, Sterling; and at sixteen and seventeen years old, lying about their ages, tried to join Starfleet as Enlisted personnel. They were quickly found out and returned to their Grandfather.

Rather than punish them the old man challenged their grief in a constructive manner. A friend of his was the planetary militia commander and with the outcome of the war still very much uncertain, he arranged for the boys to receive military training, enrolling them as junior members in the militia. Their education was suspended and they spent the next five months training and drilling for a possible Dominion invasion.

Fortunately the Federation, along with their new Romulan allies, managed to secure victory and the boys’ life gradually returned to normal.

2374 University of New Caledonia

With the Dominion War over, Steiner completed High School and enrolled in college, taking an associate's degree in Law and Criminal Justice. He had decided on a career following in his grandfather’s footsteps,

Young Steiner enjoyed his time as a student, joining the University Rugby Team; having girlfriends and attending frequent parties. He somehow managed to find time to squeeze learning and lectures into his busy social schedule and graduated with a first class degree.

2376 FMS Academy

Having applied during his last year of collage Steiner was accepted into the Federation Marshal’s Service two weeks after graduation. His training took place at the FMS Academy on Alpha Centauri VII.

An intense two years followed, with classes in everything from Federation and Inter-Species Law to Forensic investigation techniques, Arrest procedures; Self defense and weapon skills; Federation judicial statutes; Record keeping and administration; Warrant service and tactical assaults; Prisoner transport; Court testimony and evidence procedures to name a few of the subjects.

Each class was pass or fail, with weekly exams. Study and hard work were the only way to make the grade and long gone was the more relaxed life of university. After two tough years Steiner graduated sixth overall out of a class of forty-five; but made the top two in all of the operational and physical training classes.

2378 Dock Patrol Starbase 11

Fresh from training he was first assigned to the Dock Patrol at StarBase 11 for his twelve month probation. A large trading and repair station; the shipyard attracted merchants and traders from all over the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. Along with them came a more unsavory element, smugglers, slavers, petty criminals and organized gangs. The work was hands-on, often physical and occasionally dangerous. Explaining Federation law to groups of rowdy drunk Klingons or Nausicans brought unique challenges, as did searching freighters for hidden holds and illicit cargo. Steiner was a quick learner and quickly adapted to putting theory into practice, passing probation with solid praise from his seniors.

2379 Field Office New Burgundy Colony

He next assignment focused on the more usual part of the Service’s role, supporting the operation of the Federation Judiciary. A Sector Court operated at the colony and the local office was involved in local prisoner and defendant management, witness and judicial protection; serving Court papers; seizing and disposing of forfeited assets.

2381 Prisoner Transport Division FMSTS Kansas City

Steiners next assignment was aboard the Federation Marshal’s Service Transport Ship .Kansas City. The ship moved high security prisoners to and from Federation correctional facilities.

One particularly noteworthy mission involved the relocation of the female Changeling, sentenced to life without parole for her role in leading Dominion forces during the War. Carried out in upmost secrecy, only the Bridge crew knew the location of the facility she was collected from and the one she was delivered to.

Steiner only saw the being once, at the end of the voyage as she apparently spent the majority of journey in a regenerative gelatinous state. Expecting to feel anger and hatred towards the woman who had caused for the death of his parents he saw only a rather wretched and pathetic figure as the Changeling was escorted off the ship.

2383 Federation Judicial & Diplomatic protection division

Steiner returned to Earth and joined a Protection Unit, providing close protection to senior members of the Federation Department of Justice; visiting diplomats and to those individuals covered by Witness Protection services.

2385 Romulan Border & Refugee Protection Team – Post Hobus SuperNova

When the Romulan Empire collapsed after the Hobus supernova Marshals were involved in border and refugee protection duties. With thousands of refugees fleeing the devastation bands of Breen, Orion and even Klingon marauders began raiding refugee ships and camps for slaves.

2387 Fugitive Apprehension Team 9

With the crisis lessening and some stability returning to Romulus Steiner was reassigned to a Fugitive Apprehension Team. Specializing in high profile warrants and arrests the team conducted raids on criminal residences. It was dangerous and difficult, often involving breaching well defended camps or interdicting armed vessels.

Steiner was part of one operation to seize a criminal gang leader from his own bar in Stardust City. An operation that involved going undercover to carry out surveillance and mission planning. Then using the leader’s own shuttle to get him out of Stardust City to a rendezvous with a Marshal’s Service Cutter. Steiner received a commendation for his part in the operation.

2390 FMS Academy – Management and Investigator training

A promotion to Chief Deputy Marshal followed and Steiner attended a six-month course in management and investigations back at the Academy.

2391 Lead Investigator Criminal Investigation Team 14

In his first supervisory position Steiner was team leader for a dozen investigators. Charged with investigations into breaches of Federation Law the team covered everything from corrupt officials, thefts of Federation property to drug smuggling and illegal weapons trade.

This developed into the discovery of a major weapons syndicate, who were even able to procure Starfleet phasers and side arms. Initial investigations indicated a vast network of weapon thefts, suppliers and arms smugglers.

2393 Marshal in Charge Field Office Durham Colony

Following up on the initial clues led Steiner identify a frontier world, Durham Colony as a hub in the illegal arms network. He was reassigned as Marshal in Charge at the colony field office, with special instructions to bust the network.

Here he led a two year investigation into a Ferengi smuggling ring supplying weaponry to pre-warp drive civilizations. He spent six months undercover posing as a merchant starship captain willing to carry illegal weapons.

Once they had enough evidence, seventeen members were arrested, and the investigation uncovered involvement within the lower levels of the Ferengi government, including the local Trade Attaché, but the Ferengi authorities refused to cooperate with any further inquiries. The Attaché and several other Ferengi left the colony before they could be questioned.

At the subsequent trial and conviction of the gang who had been rounded up, there were rumors that a contract had been placed on Steiner by remaining members who managed to evade justice.

2396 Marshal in Charge Field Office Obsidian Command Station & Assistant Chief of Station Security

As a precaution, taking the threat seriously, the Service transferred Steiner to a Starfleet outpost, Obsidian Command as Marshal in Charge of the field office and assistant Chief of Security
hoping the post and high-profile Starfleet presence would help to keep him safe from possible retaliation...
Service Record Service History:

2376 – 2378 Trainee Deputy Marshal: FMS Academy

2378 – 2379 Deputy Marshal: Dock Patrol Starbase 11

2379 – 2381 Deputy Marshal; Field Office New Burgundy Colony

2381 – 2383 Deputy Marshal: Prisoner Transport Division FMSTS Kansas City

2383 – 2385 Deputy Marshal: Federation Judicial & Diplomatic protection division

2385 – 2387 Senior Deputy Marshal: Romulan Border Protection Team – Post Hobus SuperNova

2387 – 2390 Senior Deputy Marshal: Fugitive Apprehension Team 9

2390 – 2390 Chief Deputy Marshal; FMS Academy – Management and Investigator training

2390 – 2392 Chief Deputy Marshal; Lead Investigator Criminal Investigation Team 14

2392 – 2395 Chief Deputy Marshal; MiC Field Office Durham Colony

2396 – Chief Deputy Marshal; MiC Field Office Obsidian Command & Assistant Chief of Security


Badge Number: Seven Six Four Seven

Identification Number Fox-Mike-Sierra-Eight-Zero-Alpha-Zero-Zero-Six

FMS Equipment

-Federation/Starfleet Type 2 Phaser pistol
-Federation/Starfleet Type 3 Compression Phaser short-barreled Carbine Mounted with under-barrel 30MM Transporter round launcher. Fires a small electronic slug with a barbed tip which will lodge in clothing or skin. On contact the round triggers a transporter lock and beam out when linked to an appropriately set up transporter. Has a firing range up to 12 meters.
-Flash-Stun grenade A small single-use electronic grenade that delivers a blinding flash and stun-burst over a four-meter radius
-Stun-Cuff Handcuff restraints capable of delivering a temporary incapacitating stun.
-Marshal’s Tri-Corder Tri-corder like device, but also capable of providing tracking and surveillance, though audio, visual and electronic means. Can be linked to a number of miniaturized surveillance bugs and drones.