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Yuliette Marayan

Name Yuliette Marayan

Position Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species risan/ cardassian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120
Hair Color black
Eye Color gray
Physical Description Strong Cardassian features and a warm grey skin tone.
Short cropped hair.
Highly observant and intelligent look in her eyes.


Father Xersig Marayan
Mother Liawa Drexel-Marayan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raised on a planet on the Klingon Border: Rho Saro IV

Using an alias: Neone
Strengths & Weaknesses +Broad Medical Training
+piloting skills

-not streetwise
-no defense skills
-always in over her head
Hobbies & Interests In addition to her medical training, has more than a passing interest in herbal remedies and traditional health practices.
Is a curious observer of cultures and religions.

Personal History Yuliette’s Mother, Liawa, was a Risan gold digger who roped herself a much older Cardassian businessman while he was on a pleasure tour. Liawa elected to have a child as a way to help anchor a choppy time in the marriage and then promptly lost interest in the child. While growing up, Yuliette understood her father to be a high level security contractor with the planetary defense force. Since Yuliette spent the school years away at boarding school and summer camps, she didn’t always feel like a member of a family. Her mother was only interested in vapid things, parties and society, and on the rare occasion she took any interest in Yuliette seemed mostly concerned as to how the girl might position herself for a future marriage as successful as her own.

Yuliette was not really close to her father. The man intrigued Yuliette and occasionally engaged with her, seemingly interested in his only child, but had never wanted her to be seen around him while he worked. And he always worked. He did teach her to pilot, and he seemed to genuinely take pride in her. He often expressed his regrets to Yuliette that his business always had to take priority over his family life. Often he tried to make up for his absence with gifts. Yuliette loved him, and believed he loved her.

Their multiple homes on three continents were massive and well tended by staff. Her father collected and exchanged antique shuttlecraft, hover bikes, boats, flyers, and other vehicles which he gave her access to when she was of age.

At 18, Yuliette left home to attend a premiere Medical School on her Mother’s home planet of Risa. At first, never thought about the money; she never had to. But as she spent time in the medical field, she was gradually disabused of opulent lifestyles and did suffer from some guilt for her privilege as she grew more aware of the broader galaxy and so many people living in need. When she returned home, she joined a government project as an outreach doctor in the Rho Saro deserts where the long dispossessed natives lived. They were the remnants of a race the Klingons had conquered and left behind centuries before. Outreach programs were always trying to convince the native population to attend school programs, but the natives took offense to the secular approach. The Rho Saro natives had their own religious and cultural practices. In order to be permitted to treat them at all, Yuliette learned to work with what often seemed to her as superstitions but gained their trust over time.

About five years into her practice, the planet had a series of uprisings. Her Father insisted she come back from the borderlands and sent a security team for her. The security team physically dragged her from her clinic. On the way to safety, the shuttle was shot down by resistance fighters. She was taken prisoner but not cruelly dealt with. For a few weeks while she was being held, she treated their wounded while also trying to understand the cause of the Resistance. Some of the self proclaimed leaders of the rebellion who were holding her disagreed as to whether or not to use Yuliette as a prisoner to bargain with, in order to try to recover some of their captured cohorts and that was how she came to understand who her father really was from the perspective of the people of her planet. She learned from the rebels how her father, as the security arm of the state, had cracked down on dissenters for decades and used coercion, threats, and worse against anyone his financiers wanted silenced. The revelation was devastating for her.

When she was finally released from being pressed into helping the Resistance, the capitol was a warzone with a new flag over it. Her father was nowhere to be found, her mother had fled the planet for Risa, and Yuliette’s name was on a long list of people wanted for treason. She wasn’t sure for what exactly, and she didn’t want to stay around for her own trial to figure it out.

She had to run. Yuliette managed a way off world with a shipper who traded with the natives and owed her a favor. She wasn’t entirely certain of his loyalties and held her breath all the way to the nearest starbase, a Stardock class: SB109.

For a few months she laid low in a place called Brown Sector- a number of decks far below the rest on the station portioned to refugees who had made a home over the generations between worlds. Starfleet left those decks to self-rule, largely, and the lax security and tracking allowed her to assume a name and blend in. there she made efforts to regroup and plans to move on to Cardassian Colonies. Still, in spite of the knowledge that she was leaving, she couldn't help but become attached to many of the more endearing locals, and entangled with those less well intentioned. Jealous of her growing affections for the town Deputy and his lifelong rival, one less than upstanding citizen helped to get her a secure false identity so as to foil his enemy's happiness.

Yuliette boarded a little transport with a relatively mediocre Warp drive that would take weeks to make it out to the first connection on her way to the Cardassian Colonies, but with her life long badluck, it had some mechanical difficulties and pulled in for repairs on Obsidian Command.