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Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

Name Hannah Josephine Wagner

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Humanoid Colonist
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 155
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description The word for Hannah, is feminine. Despite regular visits to the gym, her body remains curvy and voluptuous. While she is strong and capable, she has just enough softness to balance out her strength. Her face still retains the baby softness that rounds her cheeks and turns up her nose just slightly, but the cleft chin gives her just enough of a hint of iron in her to avoid people naming her ‘cute’. Her eyes however are her most striking feature, with pale grey at the pupil, and a deeper almost sapphire tone to the outermost edge of the iris. She very strongly favors her father in her looks.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Johannes Wagner
Mother Caroline A. Grayson
Brother(s) Victor Wagner (51)
Jeffrey Wagner (49)
Blake Wagner (40),
David Wagner (37).
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview She’s a quiet, soft spoken person unless necessity indicates she needs to be otherwise. Having 4 older brothers taught her long ago that shouting doesn’t do anything, and if she doesn’t listen and observe she never gets anywhere. The brothers taught her as well, how to finish a fight should she find herself in one. When push comes to shove, she embodies the phrase ‘though she be little, she be fierce.’ There is a hint of anxiety to her at times, and she has a couple of nervous gestures like chewing her lower lip. She doesn’t blatantly put herself out there so some people think that she’s antisocial, it just takes her a while to get comfortable in larger social gatherings. She does need time alone to recharge after large social gatherings, though she does (eventually) find them enjoyable. In small groups she is perfectly fine and personable, her quiet enthusiasm for life a great asset to her practice of medicine.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Iron hard determination once she puts her mind to something.
Strong memory- especially for things she reads.

Doesn't always finish her thoughts when she is speaking.
Prone to logic leaps that don't always make sense to others
Ambitions Her first ambition was to get out from under the control of her mother. Having achieved that, she would like to make a name for herself in the medical field. Ideally without discovering some new and terrible disease.
Hobbies & Interests Earth's medieval period
Aquarium fish
Drawing- mostly pencil

Personal History Hannah was the 5th child and much anticipated baby girl of Johannes Wagner and Caroline Grayson. There is quite a long legacy of famous scientists and sociologists left to her, simply by virtue of the family name of Grayson- including her mother who refused to take her husband's name due to her pride in the long legged clan. There is not a single person in Starfleet who is unaware of the contributions to the scientific and linguistic community made by many with the surname. Her mother had to work twice as hard to overcome the unrealistic expectations of her and falsely assumed that all held the belief that she was skating on her name, and she was perpetually angry about the 'injustice' of it all. The cadet branch of the far reaching Grayson clan lives on Jupiter's Europa Colony. She personally wasn’t even sure if their relation counted, since their shared ancestor was so far away lineage wise.

Hannah was shoved towards the sciences as if that was the only area in life in which she was allowed to excel. She achieved decent marks, but the science studies and mathematics wasn’t something that she truly enjoyed. Fortunately, her studies were easy for her, and it took little effort on her part to get decent grades. Hannah was much more involved with art and music, playing her violin and daydreaming than studying. It was a trial for her family to get her to buckle down, as she was a bit flighty and fanciful. There was a long list of ‘musts’ for the young woman that were not present for her elder brothers. Rules, that rankled the girl and set her to easy sullen anger. When she told her family that she wanted to go into Starfleet instead of pursuing a degree in the hard sciences there was a massive fight which ended with Hannah being on speaking terms with only her father and eldest brother.

Her mother has always been a little bitter towards Starfleet, because of the bias against her family. She’s never quite forgiven her only daughter for joining the ‘enemy’. They still aren’t on the greatest of terms.

The academy was a bit of a wake up call for her as it was the first time in her life that she'd truly felt both challenged and valued as an individual. She was able to explore Hannah and what she truly wanted in her life for the first time. She loved every minute of her freedom, and even begrudgingly her studies. She worked very hard.

Her attention didn't turn towards medicine until her 3nd year of Academy, when she was doing her survivalist training on the Lunar base, and one of her team was injured. They didn't have anyone that knew enough about medicine to help the young man, and the mission had to be aborted to care for him. Her groups failure to pass the training, left an impression on her. She never wanted to be in the position where the lack of knowledge stopped her from success in a mission.

Service Record Service Record:
USS Leto- Cadet Cruise

USS Einstein- 4 year nebula survey. A very excruciatingly boring assignment that gave Hannah time to specialize her medical practice.

-Certification received for General Surgery
-Certification received for Xenobiology
-Certification received for Trauma Surgery.

USS Ceres- Promoted to Lt. JG.

-Commendation in her record for field surgery, after a pirate raid on a farming colony in the Pelagus Sector.

Requested position Obsidian Command Starbase.