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Lieutenant Theodore Winslow

Name Theodore Winslow

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30 (28/4/2365)

Physical Appearance

Height 6’1
Weight 11.4
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Theo is 6' 1" so tends to stand out in a crowd. His hair is cut short but he sweeps it back in a style that he suits. He keeps fit, thanks to a healthy eating and exercise routine he developed while in training. While his normally serious gaze can sometimes make people nervous around him, the two features of his that truly stand out, are his piercing blue eyes and his smile when it comes out. He has scars on his back from beatings as a child but they are over a decade old.


Father Walter Winslow
Mother Cecilia Winslow
Brother(s) James Winslow (-2)
George Winslow (-3)
Charles Winslow (-6)
Sister(s) Julia Winslow (-8)
Other Family Doctor Lucy Talyor - Former Wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theodore is a heavily religious man, valuing his religious views more than anything else. He is not shy about who he is or what he has done though he is reluctant to accept praise or compliments, it is how he had worked his way through ranks. His attitude towards life is to face things head on, not wavering, and take on the challenge with the skills and abilities you have instead of what you wish you had.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is the kind of man you want in a crisis cool and calm.

He sees the world as black or white, there isn’t much grey around him.
Ambitions Head of Starfleet Security
Hobbies & Interests Climbing, Holodeck, Running, Reading

Languages: Federation Standard, Trill and Bajoran

Personal History Theodore grew up in an ultra-religious household on New Roanoke that believed that men should rule the world instead of women despite them being the ones able to provide the future generations. They were only able to do that when men guided them correctly. He studied hard at school and soon found himself wanting to do something more with his life than what his parents wanted him to do, they wanted him to become a teacher on the colony but he couldn’t see himself doing that and Starfleet was out of the question. No one from his colony joined them but he did out of a sense of duty to protect.

He completed basic training just before he married the woman of his dreams, Lucy was the same age as him and he had known her a very long time as she came from the same township on New Roanoke and was on earth studying for a medical degree. It was an easy option, they could grow and love together but he didn’t realise until it was far too late that Lucy wasn’t exactly who he thought she was. She wasn’t as devout as he thought she was, she didn’t want the same things as him, didn’t really want him other than an escape.

They put on a good act for the people around them but it wasn’t the same, leaving a Theo a very frustrated man. He kept trying to make the best of it but it didn’t work and it became a war zone very quickly when the question of children came up which eventually led to him getting served divorce papers with Lucy marriage hoping on him leaving him as his first posting came in.

Theo was left angry with the world and the people in it with his parents trying to get him to come home to marry when he just wanted to move on and get on with his career. His career took him to the USS Io and eventually Huamea Colony where he was tainted by the suspicion that he was the bomber who had crashed the USS Io. It was revealed easily with proper investigation that it was not him but the stigma still stands so he requested a transfer.
Service Record Starfleet Service Record: Security Cadet| Starfleet Academy | 2382-2385
Ensign | Academy Assignment |USS Dreadnough| Security Officer - Gamma Watch | 2385
Ensign | Starbase 22 | Security Officer - Alpha Watch | 2385 -2387
Lieutenant JG | USS Drake | Security Officer - Beta Watch | 2387 to 2389
Lieutenant | USS Victory | Asst Chief Of Security | 2389 to 2388
Lieutenant | Leave of Absence | 2388 | RESTRICTED ACCESS
Lieutenant | Betazed Embassy – Earth| Security Attachment | Early 2389 – 2392
Lieutenant | Starbase 20| Chief of Security | Early 2392 – 2394
Lieutenant | USS Io / Haumea Colony| Chief of Security | 2395 -Early 2396
Lieutentant | Starbase 201| Chief of Security | 2396