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Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn,

Name Cale Jayson Llewellyn, DSci

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 177 lbs
Hair Color Albino White
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Physical Description Cale is a man of extraordinary handsomeness with his white hair and blue eyes. He keeps his hair short almost too short. His physique is a solid, muscular one. Born pale and almost an albino, Cale doesn't have any other remarkable physical traits besides being a quite handsome man in his mid-twenties. He might catch the eye of both men and women, but he does not act like someone whom is familiar with his own attractiveness.


Spouse N/A
Children Has a pair of jet black ferrets named Dino and Mino that adopted him while on a relief mission to Pantropos V.after he rescued them from a plasti-steel beam falling on them and they bonded with and adopted him right then and there.
Father Collin Harold
Mother Natalia Llewellyn
Brother(s) None known
Sister(s) Evelyn Rawley - half-sister
Other Family None known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emotionally, Cale is always sensitive to the needs of others and had the gift, sometimes to an almost psychic extent, of understanding the emotional needs of his friends and partners. He is nowadays a rather social human being. He hates cruelty, violence and crudeness and detest conflict, so he does his best to cooperate and compromise when he can.

In his immature years, Cale showed great flirtatiousness and shallowness. He was changeable and indecisive, impatient of routine, easygoing or angry when circumstances demanded. Even now, when he has become a more mature man, he can shock everyone around him with a sudden storm of rage.

The scars of his childhood are mostly healed, and while he has had a few relationships, they have varied as to the gender of the opposite partner. He is not outspoken about his sexuality, yet when asked, he is unashamed in his homosexuality.
Strengths & Weaknesses + possesses empathy due to the Niga incident activating a latent gene
+ hates cruelty, violence and crudeness
+ shows a flair for diplomacy

- has rage issues
- not truly comfortable in his own skin
Ambitions To command his own science ship someday or even teach at the Academy or at one of the major universities on Earth or Betazed.
Hobbies & Interests Musical composition & performance
Playing the oboe, flute, and keyboard instruments
Quantum Mechanics

Personal History Cale was a bastard boy of a relationship gone awry, and in the end, he kept his mother's surname after his father was deemed unfit of taking care of Cale by the time he was ten years old. His father - Collin Harold - was a drunkard and in gambling debts with Ferengi in the seedy parts of London. Once Cale was removed, the process of establishing whether or not Andrew and Llewellyn could take care of the boy instead was underway by the time the two parents died in mountain climbing accident. The daughter, Evelyn, was taken care of by Haldane Rawley, their uncle on Andrew's side of the family. Cale had no relatives on his mother's side, and lived in two different orphanages until he came of age.

The abuse of his father during the first ten years of his life has marked Cale, making him quiet and withdrawn. Yet only in the social aspect, since in the professional, he is quite outspoken and clear about his opinions. He applied for Starfleet when he was eighteen years old, had dreamed for years to become a scientist, and entered the Science division. Starfleet Academy turned the introvert young man into something of a rascal - living his adolescence in a later time than others. For five years, he was always the Cadet that got into trouble a little easier than the other aspiring officers. In this time, he came to resemble his half-sister somewhat - yet perhaps only a mild and watered-out version of her.

The Ensign served in either the science officer's position, or that of the Astrometrics officer since he graduated from the Academy - both on an Excelsior-class ship USS Repulse as well as the Prometheus-class USS Vanguard. But his real passion was studying temporal anomalies and gravitational phenomena.

During the Niga Incident, he was infected early on, and though he barely remembers those insane hours, he has attended several counseling appointments to come to grip with his own self again. Not to mention in how he lost his superior officer, Lt. Lamb, during the fighting. The Niga incident was a mission to a planet that was lush planet which also was home to a dangerous plant-type creature. A plant that used its parasitic pollen to propagate itself within the vector's body - spreading itself through the vector's bodily fluids to new vectors. The main symptoms of the intoxication were suppression of all inhibitions. Primary and secondary traits were also greatly enhanced. The infected, with their minds affected by the virus, only hazily remembered the time when they were infected and scarce fragments of recollections - which served to help many of the crew to come to terms with the events. After supplies and material were taken from the planet with extreme caution, Captain Gutierrez ordered the uninhabited planet Niga quarantined. When the Ishtar entity later appeared aboard, he was quite unaffected, being a bystander in his position on the Main Bridge. He did follow the Senior Staff to the realm of the gods, or wherever they happened to appear, and when they were returned and restored it to order, he carried on with his duties stoically.

After serving on those two ships, Cale decided to take a leave of absence and go back to Earth for to try and get his Master's degree in another field to better help his chances for promotion. The field he chose was Climatology. His actions on Niga and his new degree earned him a promotion to lieutenant, jg as well as a transfer to the Excalibur-class starship USS Merlin under the command of John Barstow. Upon arriving at his new posting, Barstow informed the young officer that he would be Chief Science Officer and that he would be put through the ringers on this tour of duty. First thing, Cale was asked to take over at ops for the leaving of spacedock, After a successful drill on board the ship, he and the other senior officers on hand were requested to learn the Jefferies tube network. This he did with his newfound companion the ex drone senior helmswoman, Melody Jones.

Later into their shakedown, Cale had to be beamed to Sickbay which would later be a collapsed lung that required minor surgery to repair. After the surgery, Cale felt even more odd than he felt before. But since he didn't know or even understand the nature of these "feelings" he didn't want to bother ships doctor, Caroline Miller, with this non-issue yet. After being cleared for duty, Llewellyn found himself back on the bridge in the middle of yet another drill. And upon reaching the bridge, he was asked by Captain Barstow to assume the XO spot. Shortly after that, he and fellow officer and close friend, Melody Jones were called into the ready room where he was promoted to Lieutenant and then given a field commission of Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to the post of Executive Officer.

After an incident on the Merlin, he left the ship for another position on the USS Grissom. And upon the ship, he met and fell in love with the First Officer and they began a whirlwind relationship. But when he heard about the disappearance of the Merlin and the assignment of now Commander Barstow's to the Grissom and of its job to find her, he managed to get himself reassigned to the Merlin after they had accomplished their mission. He later took over the position of Strategic Operation Officer and Second Officer. Once they had raised the Merlin from under the ocean and returned her to Starbase 306 for refit, they took on several new crewmembers. They were later dispatched to the Vega Xu colony to protect it from they Borg. During said mission, their old CMO, Dr. Caroline Miller returned as Counselor and the old FCO, Melody Jones, returned at an Engineering Specialist. Shortly thereafter, Captain Barstow, who had also once more been promoted to captain, had asked both Cale, who had thus been promoted provisionally to full Commander, to resume his duties as XO (albeit temporarily) and Jones to resume her position as Second Officer after having been given the position of Chief Tactical Officer. Cale later left the ship for the second and last time due to a crew issue which Barstow not backing him up on so, he took a leave of absence from Starfleet to earn his DSci in Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics.He has since made his desire known to Starfleet Command to return to Science where he has always felt he has the most to contribute.
Service Record USS Vanguard - Astrometrics officer
USS Repulse - Science officer
USS Merlin - Chief Science Officer, later Executive Officer
USS Grissom - Chief Science/Second Officer