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Brek - Timeless Treasures Art Gallery

Name Brek - Timeless Treasures Art Gallery

Position Proprietor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 5’1 Brek is rather short, even for a Ferengi. This makes him feel a little insecure and he compensates by being very energetic. He seldom seems to be able to walk slowly, giving the impression that he is always rushing between several business projects. Also, despite the fact that his financial ventures are usually successful, he is often found scowling. This is a characteristic he developed to try and repel those people who view all Ferengis as swindlers.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Vekkor
Mother Idred
Brother(s) Kreb (Born in 2366)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Grand Mother: Ara (She is 90 years old, and now lives on her own ship, a Ferengi cruiser called the Affluenza)

Personality & Traits

General Overview At 5’1 Brek is rather short, even for a Ferengi. This makes him feel a little insecure and he compensates by being very energetic. He seldom seems to be able to walk slowly, giving the impression that he is always rushing between several business projects. Also, despite the fact that his financial ventures are usually successful, he is often found scowling. This is a characteristic he developed to try and repel those people who view all Ferengi as swindlers.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Possess an abiding interest in and passion for the art and craft of diplomacy and international relations.
+ Doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of luck when he encounters it.

- Overly cautious
- Overtly cooperative but privately irritable and stubborn
- Thinks and acts in unusual or eccentric ways.

Although usually calm, to the point of acting like an abject sycophant, he is known to lose his temper when his grandmother Ara contacts him. She believes in traditions and has never accepted his decision to leave their homeworld. She calls him regularly and he only endures her interference because she is wealthy. He expects to inherit a lot of latinum from her.
Ambitions Brek is an oddity, in that he doesn’t have any particular respect for his species. Due to this, his ambition was initially to keep away from all Ferengi business, and make his fortune far away from his people. He achieved this by serving Starfleet for 13 years. However things changed in 2396, when he resigned his commission and returned to civilian life. He took this decision because Federation politics had worn him out. A solid defender of the Romulan cause, he felt that Starfleet was never doing enough to help the Empire - with which he continues to have contact.

Now that he is a civilian, he wishes to focus on the buying and selling of artwork or any curio that might grab his attention. He also does what is necessary to remain the favorite grandson of his grandmother, so as to figure prominently in her will.
Hobbies & Interests He keeps a close eye on the art market, in which he has become quite an expert. He is also keen on helping the Romulans, if an opportunity arises.
Ever since his years at the Academy, he has also developed a strong liking for Earth food, and can often be found in lounges and mess halls, eating copious meals. In fact he will eat anything, as long as it is edible. This said, he remains reluctant to explore Klingon cuisine. The sight of those dishes often repels him.

His favourite drink is Black Rum, and more specifically the ‘Pirate’s Grog’ brand.

He also has a keen interest in Terran literature, reading classic authors such as Shakespeare, W. S. Maugham and Stevenson.

Favourite Quotes:
- The basis of optimism is sheer terror. Oscar Wilde
- I can resist everything except temptation. Oscar Wilde
- If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Milton Merle
- Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. Mae West
-A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours. Milton Berle
- My life needs editing. Mort Sahl
- When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice. Saul Bellow
- I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me. Fred Allen
- If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. Jack Benny
- There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way. Christopher Morley

Personal History For a reason that still remains a mystery to him, Brek was sent to a school for young entrepreneurs, far away from home, at the age of three. He didn’t fare too well in this school where drastic methods were used to instil a fierce greed in every student.

This abrupt separation from his parents obviously created a rift, and Brek left Ferenginar at the earliest opportunity, at the age of 18. This meant abandoning what few friends he had behind, something that tormented him for a few months.

He has been enjoying life in space ever since, but he was only able to build a stable and successful career once he had joined Starfleet. This was made possible by building an extensive network of contacts, allowing him to sell information to the highest bidders. However this led to a rather tense situation, where in 2396, he was ‘encouraged’ to leave the Diplomatic Corps.

Now that he is a civilian, he wonders if he will be able not only to keep his riches, but also to make them fructify.

He developed an interest for artworks during his multiple shoreleaves on SB 520, when he befriended Mrs Moreau, a Terran woman who ran an art gallery on the starbase. He first focused on Terran painters (modernists like J.W Turner, Guardi and Corot) and moved on to collecting and selling Romulan art.

To this day he has no connection with his parents or brother. His grandmother Ara is the only one in his family who keeps (to his dismay) a sharp interest in his life, doing her best to control his life. She played a part in pushing Brek out of the Fleet, by pestering him constantly about the choices he had made in his life.

Ingeborga Novikov: Export Sales Manager, BlueJay Import Export
Kyrill Novikov (her son): A teenage artist with a talent for Grimdark landscapes

Bajeem: Young Romulan artist who is often out of luck
Thitur: Old Romulan Senator (retired)
Te’elis: Thitur’s grumpy wife

Ara: Brek’s grandmother
Kreca: Female Ferengi artist (not on O.C. at the moment)

Glutik: Tall Tellarite and Brek’s bodyguard

Nyasha: Brek’s holo-assistant, currently appearing as a young black Terran woman

Service Record 2379: Worked for a few months months on Volchok, a trading center on the edge of Ferengi space.

2380: Worked for a year as a bookkeeper for FenixCorps Mining Operation. This is where he met a Terran woman who encouraged him to join Starfleet. But back then he ignored her advice and continued to seek his fortune, alone.

2381: On Risa, he lost what little money he had made over the years, and he finally decided to enter Starfleet Academy. There, after a bad start in science, he opted for a diplomatic career. (Specialization: Conflict Resolution and Inter-species Relations).

2385: Graduated from Starfleet Academy and served the Fleet, in the Diplomatic Corps (working on the Romulan Cause), until he resigned his commission in 2396.

He was posted on Starbase 520, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. His first missions confronted him to a Romulan dissident group calling themselves the Vriha Sulla, whose purpose was to undermine Starfleet’s actions in the sector.

2387: Whilst en route to Nu Octantis for a Diplomatic symposium, the shuttle transporting Brek and several officers was hit by a fierce spatial anomaly that sent them to the Mirror Universe, near an Arctic planet called Shimea. There, they found a crashed freighter that belonged to the Terran Empire. They narrowly escaped their counterparts by stealing a shuttle, and taking advantage of another anomaly, they were propelled to their original destination, Nu Octantis.

2388: Along with a team of diplomats he was sent to Mu Virginis, a new colony where a pernicious illness suddenly spread among the population. Thankfully, a local scientist found a cure.

2389: He was transferred to the USS Helios, for a three year mission to the Typhon Expanse (a mostly uncharted area of space beyond the Romulan Empire). The ship first stopped at planet Enutpen, where an intelligent marine species was discovered. Brek befriended several members of this new species.

2392: The USS Helios was sent to planet Regur III to help the colonists who were trying to make a living on this planet.

2394: During a shoreleave on Starbase 520, Brek took part in a murder investigation after an Asian actor was killed while performing a traditional play.

Later that year he was sent back to the Typhon Expanse, to work with the Elders of the intelligent marine species that live on planet Enutpen.

2397: He opened an art gallery called “Timeless Treasures” on Obsidian Command.