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Out Of Character Awards

Award Reason
NPC Award NPC Award
Awarded 22 Mar 2022 @ 8:32pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
During the Sanctuary Mission, Sep began to unravel the stories of several of his beloved reprized characters whom he has brought with him to OC— including Mazur, Finn, Kensforth, and Zayne— leveraging the circumstances they find themselves in to give insight into their life stories, anxieties, and ambitions, while delivering each character's tale with nuance and style.
The Devil in the Details The Devil in the Details
Awarded 22 Mar 2022 @ 8:34pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Sep's writing paints pertinent detail in such a way as to put the reader undeniably in the scene, seamlessly guiding the inner eye through expertly imagined events. Whether setting up a dinner party, executing creative flight maneuvers, illustrating a nightmare, delivering the convincing detail of an Operation Center, Bridge, or a Marine action— Sep never cuts corners on set up and description, constructing a rich environment for understanding the context of the characters and opening up so much possibility for the imagination to latch on to and continue to develop in future posts, both for himself and for those who write with him.
Nomination Commendation Nomination Commendation
Awarded 27 Mar 2022 @ 10:15am
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Sep doesn’t just preach leading by example. He demonstrates it. The quality of his storytelling and characterizations drives others to stretch themselves in the craft and provides the kind of nuance that draws readers into the world they are given. It makes the sim first rate in readability. He collaborates with his team as they are able and always follows through. He’s also driven to make very clean, organized, graphically pleasing, and legible website design and to maintain his extensive list of npcs which he uses to really fill out the world around the PCs. Having had other commands in the past, he draws on resources he’s developed in those sims which provides a richly realized backdrop tapestry in the writing itself. As the CO of the fleet’s namesake station, he does it a great justice with his dedication and quality.

(Nomination for Capt Corvus DeHavilland to CO of the Year 2021)
Post Spotlight Post Spotlight
Awarded 27 Mar 2022 @ 10:50am
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
"Under a Rock: Whack-a-Mole"

After sifting through officer reports surrounding the events of the Battle for OC (The battle that featured as the Climax of OC’s First Mission, “Emergence”), out-of-favor Commander Calliope Zahn downplays medical advice to rest and recover, and instead arranges for a fellow adventurous soul and hot-shot pilot, Commander Bruce Kensforth, to help her investigate something fishy in the outer reaches of the Loki system. They get way more than they bargained for (although, arguably what Kensforth wished for) and it all culminates in this exciting chase scene.

This post is fast and it’s fun! What more could anyone ask?

If you want to follow the 4 post set, start with this one and follow to the end of the series. Under a Rock: The All Clear
Golden Padd Golden Padd
Awarded 27 Mar 2022 @ 12:08pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Golden PADD for Outstanding Mission
For M1: Emergence

As the sim's leading mission, much had to happen in the grand overall setting, and the absurd background circumstances— a Stardock gone missing in a Voyager-styled "Void" pocket in space for 18 months, and returned through application of Quantum effects to its original orbit— had to be given detail and substantive weight in the effects on the region of space and on the characters involved in the reestablishment of the station. Hence the Mission led to a battle against conglomerate forces with varied interests in the region to try to keep the destabilization the pirates, criminals, and warlords would much prefer to operate under. This mission all crescendos to a Climactic note at the very outset of the sim that will continue to feed into future missions indefinitely as the events and characters established in "Emergence" resonate through the station, the planet, the system, and the region over all.

(Awarded OF Day '21)