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Out Of Character Awards

Award Reason
Meritorious Newcomer Award Meritorious Newcomer Award
Awarded 27 Mar 2022 @ 10:32am
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Polar hit the ground running with a thorough and unique biography, a fun to read character introduction thread, his own supporting npcs, and even chased down JPs to get himself plugged in. His vision for writing as a Marshal promises to form a connection between the fleet and the civilian tales on the sim.
Captain's Personal Merit Captain's Personal Merit
Awarded 07 May 2022 @ 9:22pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
APRIL '22- To Polar for being the Atlas of the sim in the month of April and carrying the majority of posting with character development and involvement in established station storytelling. Well done!
The Devil in the Details The Devil in the Details
Awarded 05 Jul 2022 @ 4:56pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
For breathing life into the specifics of Obsidian tribal life and culture, bridging the gap between the reader and the world with his colorful character of ibn Sharjar and making his own clever contributions to the details of the world. He really made the wiki "canon" of Loki III and other post references shine.
Golden Padd Golden Padd
Awarded 16 Aug 2022 @ 2:17pm
Nominated by Commander Calliope Zahn
Golden Padd Award for Individual Creativity

Polar's writing is very genre driven. He has a pulse on the western, crime, action, mystery and much more; where they intersect he naturally finds the joins. It's obvious from his posts that he has a genuine delight in his storytelling and it wouldn't be too surprising to learn that he crafts them in the playground of his mind's eye while pulling from a deep well of media influences that make up his library of story reference. Polar's PC, Steiner, is a character with a unique fit, serving in cooperation with the Marshal's Service while his past follows him. The writer also brings refugees to living color and builds on the lore of Planet Obsidian, the namesake of the Fleet, treating us to a ride-along with a clever merchant negotiating with the locals. All of his posts feature strong detail and voice and are fun reading!

(Awarded OF Day '22 )