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Constellation Prize

This ribbon is available for a constellation of various small but noteworthy story or in character actions, to be detailed in the award description.

Category: Both
Awarded: 3 times

Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner
01 Sep 2022 @ 7:13pm
For the stalwart actions taken by Dr. Wagner to answer a call for help, delivering a tribal Obsidianite baby under conditions of duress.
Lieutenant Commander Roman Kavalar
09 Mar 2021 @ 11:09pm
For following through with support as the Fire Tigers defended Obsidian Command under attack from a pirate raid.
Lieutenant JG Rhiannon Hokir
09 Mar 2021 @ 11:07pm
For requesting and taking the opportunity to contribute to the action of the mission by running headlong into potential danger and supporting fighting troops by finessing transporters to disarm the enemy.