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Nomination Commendation

To commemorate unelected nominations entered for awards and contests at the fleet or inter-fleet community level.(OOC)

Category: Both
Awarded: 3 times

Commander Calliope Zahn
27 Mar 2022 @ 10:18am
When it comes to Executive Officer’s, Nikki sets the bar. Not to be satisfied with just leading the crew in-character, she single-handedly shepherds the players out of character, develop’s subplot lines to weave beneath the main story (to its compliment), and leads the posting counts. She sets the example for the other players, and for the CO as well.

There have been times during our tenure when the game has stalled. When players across the board have hit walls in their own simming life that leaves them without the will/drive to post. Nikki steps into that void and finds a way to breathe life into those players and to the game. During these times when many games fail, I can say with confidence that this game hasn’t because of Nikki’s intervention and dedication.

(Nomination for Calliope Zahn to XO of the Year 2021)
Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar
27 Mar 2022 @ 10:15am
Sep doesn’t just preach leading by example. He demonstrates it. The quality of his storytelling and characterizations drives others to stretch themselves in the craft and provides the kind of nuance that draws readers into the world they are given. It makes the sim first rate in readability. He collaborates with his team as they are able and always follows through. He’s also driven to make very clean, organized, graphically pleasing, and legible website design and to maintain his extensive list of npcs which he uses to really fill out the world around the PCs. Having had other commands in the past, he draws on resources he’s developed in those sims which provides a richly realized backdrop tapestry in the writing itself. As the CO of the fleet’s namesake station, he does it a great justice with his dedication and quality.

(Nomination for Capt Corvus DeHavilland to CO of the Year 2021)
Lieutenant Commander Lance Quinn (*)
27 Mar 2022 @ 10:06am
Created with love and respect for the neurologically atypical, Quinn proves to be a very nuanced main character. With skillful writing, Paul demonstrates both Lance’s areas of giftedness and those capacities he almost completely lacks.

Quinn is a highly acclaimed Quantum Propulsion Engineer who has spent his career mostly on his own terms, until his world is upended when he agrees to make a home with his long distance wife and downgrade his career to the practical (and engineless) realm of station maintenance. He struggles with his purpose and the sacrifice of a field he loves, while being thrown into unfamiliar relationships and challenged to adjust to a less-than-ideal situation with his wife’s flailing health and career. Although Quinn wrestles with how to express himself and can come across calculating and judgemental, his internal well actually runs quite deep, for anyone willing to read past the outside.

(Nomination for LtCmdr Lancelot Quinn to Character of the Year 2021)