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Golden Padd

To denote OC writers as winners of writing recognitions at the Fleet level (OOC)

Category: Both
Awarded: 3 times

Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner - FMS
16 Aug 2022 @ 2:17pm
Golden Padd Award for Individual Creativity

Polar's writing is very genre driven. He has a pulse on the western, crime, action, mystery and much more; where they intersect he naturally finds the joins. It's obvious from his posts that he has a genuine delight in his storytelling and it wouldn't be too surprising to learn that he crafts them in the playground of his mind's eye while pulling from a deep well of media influences that make up his library of story reference. Polar's PC, Steiner, is a character with a unique fit, serving in cooperation with the Marshal's Service while his past follows him. The writer also brings refugees to living color and builds on the lore of Planet Obsidian, the namesake of the Fleet, treating us to a ride-along with a clever merchant negotiating with the locals. All of his posts feature strong detail and voice and are fun reading!

(Awarded OF Day '22 )
Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar
27 Mar 2022 @ 12:08pm
Golden PADD for Outstanding Mission
For M1: Emergence

As the sim's leading mission, much had to happen in the grand overall setting, and the absurd background circumstances— a Stardock gone missing in a Voyager-styled "Void" pocket in space for 18 months, and returned through application of Quantum effects to its original orbit— had to be given detail and substantive weight in the effects on the region of space and on the characters involved in the reestablishment of the station. Hence the Mission led to a battle against conglomerate forces with varied interests in the region to try to keep the destabilization the pirates, criminals, and warlords would much prefer to operate under. This mission all crescendos to a Climactic note at the very outset of the sim that will continue to feed into future missions indefinitely as the events and characters established in "Emergence" resonate through the station, the planet, the system, and the region over all.

(Awarded OF Day '21)
Commander Calliope Zahn
27 Mar 2022 @ 11:11am
Golden Padd: "Golden Pumpkin" Award for best short Halloween story Oct '21