Obsidian Command

The Sim

OC_2023.svgWelcome to Obsidian Command, the flagship Starbase for the 9th 'Obsidian Fleet'.

This Stardock Starbase is in orbit of the planet Obsidian III in the Loki Sector, a rare Class-L planet that is the home of an advanced culture under the protection of the Federation.

After the self-imposed exile of the Romulans began in 2311, Starfleet began to work with the Kalaran population to reverse the increasing mortality rates amongst children due to the still-increasing solar flare activity from Loki. Federation scientists started working on a method to accelerate the natural restoration of the planet’s Ozone layer, although this project stalled on numerous occasions due to resistance from the nomadic tribes on Obsidian and resulting pressure from the Kalaran council not to interfere too much in the planetary development. Progress remains slow to this day, although the presence of Obsidian Command in geostationary orbit above Kalara has lessened the amount of radiation bombarding the main city due to the shielding employed by the starbase.

From Obsidian Command, the Joint Fleet Command and the Commanding Officers of the Fleet's operative Task Forces coordinate the entirety of the 9th fleet. We serve as their staging ground, their resupply post, their defensive position and their place of respite.

We are the final outpost.