Obsidian Command

Tour - Command and Control Center

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Details on central command and control of Obsidian Command.

Additional Information

Location Command Center Area, above Docking Bays
Description The lift came to a stop and the doors opened and stood open a solid five seconds before Corvus even realized it. She retreated out of her own head and stepped out into the command and control center for the station. Command and control of Obsidian Command was at the very top of the Starbase, beneath the upper subspace array that effectively ran throughout the entire station. Corvus stepped out of the lift into a small ring flanked by a circular wall over eight feet tall. Two sets of stairs climbed the walls on either side and emerged through the ceiling. Corvus took a steadying breath and walked to the stairs, going up through the archway into the ceiling onto the command deck itself.

The deck was a massive circular space four standard ship decks tall and stretching from edge to edge of the space, at least seventy-five yards from the center. Where there should have been bulkheads at the edge of the deck, there were instead massive transparent panels between equally large support struts currently giving an unfettered view of the space around Obsidian Command, including the planet Obsidian III that they were orbiting. Corvus knew that the command center was in the center of the top deck, which meant that the surrounding space should have been obscured by the other buildings and equipment around them. Looking closer she could see the faintest hint of an outline on the glass, only when she moved a certain way which meant that there was a display overlay on the glass.

Behind her, in the center of the desk above where the lift was, there was an expansive, rectangular table where a series of holodisplays were, one of which was a replica of the docking bay with small holographic blips moving in and out representing the different vessels, shuttles and pods moving about.

Spread out from the central command table there were dozens of stations, some with traditional terminals, others with holographic interfaces and interspersed between them all were holographic readouts and apparatus similar to the main control table. It was Federation and Starfleet technology at its pinnacle, and it made sense that here at the heart of the 9th Fleet, they had the very best.