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Rabbit Hunt (part 2)

Posted on 25 Mar 2022 @ 2:33pm by Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Lieutenant Commander Roman Kavalar

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: MD14 - 21:00
1333 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Theodore was at a loss as to how he had gotten himself into the situation where he was using a tricorder to track down a small life sign among the thousands that were on the starbase and under a shuttlecraft in the shuttle bay. One of Ayalou’s friends that lived on the base who she had met playing in the environment ring had approached him on his patrol of the base to ask for help finding a rabbit. The animal had escaped from her quarters when one of her parents had left for work thanks to an issue with the door.

The security chief was a sucker for a crying child, especially one that was obviously looking up to him to save the day and possibly a rabbit before it got somewhere it was not meant to be.

“Ouch…” Theodore muttered as he climbed out from underneath the type 11 shuttlecraft hitting his head hard on the thruster.

The sound drew Roman's attention as he walked down the line of the shuttles hull to investigate, he'd been walking by after checking with his head crew chief on the state of the fighters. There was no cussing so this ruled out any of the pit crew engineers he knew and their often time colourful language, still it was better to be safe just in case someone needed assistance.

Curious the person in question wasn't wearing flight engineer overalls as their face was turned away from him as he approached, what were they doing down under there as a enquiring look appeared on his face, " Something I can help you with ?"

"Noo... no... I am good." Theodore explained as he slowly stood up to his fall height to stretch out his back after crawling around trying to find the creature.

Recognition showed on his face as the security chief turned around, was there something wrong with the shuttle ? When the head of security for a starbase shows up maybe something was wrong as his face showed concern

"Oh hello, Sir." The Security chief greeted as he felt something warm on his face but ignored it for a moment not realising it was blood from where he had caught his head. "I am trying to find something a child has lost." He tried to explain.

"Hmmm", Roman replied in a non-committal tone, his blue eyes focusing on the trickle of blood appearing on the top of the other mans head and beginning to come down over the forehead.

"Well I think you'll need to stop for some spot repairs", tapping the top of his own forehead but looking meaningful at Theodores as he continued, "There's a first aid kit in the shuttle I can fetch, which should do the trick and you can fill me in while we clean you up on how you came to be here looking for a pet?", offering a quirky grin and gesturing for Theodore to follow him the shuttle.

It wasn't very often Roman got to interact with fellow department heads, the starbase was a large place and they all seem to have their own assignments and duties to attend to that they all went off and did, coming back to report on their progress or the latest event they needed to be aware of. They knew of each other but unless there was a reason for them to all come together and actually socialize, it was usually all business, it was cordial but it was still mainly business.

Theo touched his hand to his forehead and got a surprise when he saw the blood and finally felt the thud of pain.

A few moments later Roman access the shuttles medkit, tricorder in hand to run a routine diagnostic. His expectation was it was a superficial wound needing nothing more than minimal treatment, as he then turned to Theodore, "Please sit, this shouldn't take a moment and perhaps you can fill me in "

"Nah... I am good. I have to find a rabbit." He said knowing it sounded slightly out there to be telling the other man but it was the truth. If he wasted time the thing would get further away and he would lose it.

Hesitating Roman shrugged putting the tricorder back, "A moment please", he said as he quickly returned the tricorder to the kit and turned back and offered Theo some medical gauze pads, "For your head, it wouldn't do for you to go bleeding over my flight deck. If you don't mind my saying you seem to be in a hurry, is there anything I can do to help with to expedite the capture of your target ?", cocking an eyebrow quizzically as this situation seemed to be just a little unusual in the shuttlebay of a starbase.

"Any ideas on how to capture a rabbit that seems very smart?" The Security Chief wondered putting the gauze to his head and wiping his hand on his trousers. He was already dusty so adding blood to it all made no difference, he would need a shower as soon as he sorted it all out.

"A rabbit...", Roman replied slowly then continued as he explained, "On Mars where I was raised there were no rabbits. I've heard of them mind you, short furry things that run real fast and eat carrots I believe". Standing up he took a couple of steps to side of the interior hull of the shuttle, opening a panel and fishing out a device and turning to his wounded colleague. for him to see. "Perhaps a tricorder would be in order to help track and maybe something the rabbit likes to eat?"

Still he couldn't help but seem bemused by the situation, two of the starbases dept. heads were looking for a rabbit?

“Carrots are actually really bad for them but yes that is exactly what they are like. One of the kids reported it missing and I am… I have a soft spot for kids so here we are.” The security chief admitted with a shrug. He was not overly embarrassed by that fact but it was something that his usual demeanour did not often give away.

"Yes here we are on my flight deck looking for a rabbit", sighing as he lead the way out of the shuttle area, the sound of their boots clunking on the steps of the shuttle then deck of this massive space and the noise of the hangar washed over them while the sound of the PA. The system called out the latest flight assignment and he could see in the distance a fighter was been pushed into a bay likely for repairs. With the tricorder still in his hand he waited for the security chief to rejoin him, "Well who am I to deny a child their pet rabbit, I can call in some pit crew and we can make a decent search of it but you'll need to help coordinate the search and bring up the rabbits bio signature on the tricorder to help track it down. Do you think it'll come to us if we all carry a food it likes to eat?"

"Unlikely," Theo admitted glancing at the tricorder and the fact it was no longer pinging. "I should go and get this looked at anyway," he mumbled thinking sickbay was not too far away. He could get it looked at and a drink before he resumed his quest and re-found the biosign.

"Oh", Roman replied tricorder still in hand looking a little confused, was the rabbit search not that important after all he thought? "So umm see you later maybe then and good luck on your hunt for that rabbit", looking around a little awkwardly he then headed off.

“Its biosign is not here anymore plus I do not need anyone else thinking I am losing it or gone soft Sir.” Theo explained holding up his own tricorder as the man wandered away.

Today was really not going his way at all.


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