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Rabbit Hunt (part 1)

Posted on 25 Mar 2022 @ 2:32pm by Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Ensign Lark Gunnarsen-Berg

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Main Promenade
Timeline: MD14 20:00
959 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Of all the animals in the universe it could have been it had to be a rabbit. They were silent and quick and this one seemed to be an escape artist according to the kid that had asked for help eg this was not the first time she had gotten out to roam the base. The security chief would be chatting to her parents when he found the rabbit about keeping it more secure in the quarters and getting the door sensor fixed.

Theodore had brought up the base schematics on the console in front of him but was at a loss of where to start other than the tricorder and cage he had for when he eventually found the thing.

“So it got out there and I last found its life signs there…” He muttered to himself trying to work it where to go next.

Lark heard the muttering as she made her way off the promenade with the remains of her lunch smoothie. She still had a few hours before she had to be back on duty in the labs, so was debating on spending some time on the research deck, or checking in with Ethan. Both possibilities fled her mind, though, as curiosity stepped in. "Can I help with something?"

The man turned at the voice asking if he was okay and nodded. "I am fine Ensign. I am just trying to capture a loose animal." He admitted thinking he needed to explain to someone what was going on so he did not look so mad walking around.

Peering about at the bustling hub of activity, Lark arched a brow. "A single loose animal in this? I'm hoping it's rather large." A dog would be probable, she figured. In Lark's experience, dogs generally wanted to be found. Cats, not so much.

"Nope. Small and smart." The Security Chief said with a frown as he stared at the activity himself. "It is a rabbit." The man explained with a helpless shrug.

“A *kanin*.” Lark shook her head. “Well, it will at least be an interesting search. You’ll want to narrow your field, though. They like to burrow, so I’d recommend checking the ventilation as opposed to the open areas.”

"Why I am here staring at this." The man admitted indicating the display he was trying to work out his approach. He was not animal control and had no experience but he had wanting to find this animal quickly.

He was a funny one, Lark would give him that. Laying a hand on his shoulder, she said, "Possibly because you are a good man. Where did the rabbit come from. Was it reported as a stow-away on a ship, or was it brought along as a pet?"

"Some would say a fool. It is a pet of two science technicians and their five-year-old daughter." He admitted.

She brightened at that. "Well, then if he is a pet, it's possible he's making his way back to his owner's quarters, where his home likely is. Animals tend to have a fairly good sense of direction, and rabbits are familiar with warrens, so I would recommend checking the interior passages where they can get away from all of this," a wave of a slim hand took in the crowds about them.

"The rabbit is about four decks from where he lives and is a known absconder," Theo murmured already starting to have thoughts of ways to make sure the thing did not escape again.

"Did he start from home, or did he have some assistance getting there?" A smile quirked at Lark's mouth as she picked up on the man's frustration. "Do you know the rabbit, then?"

"It somehow fools the door sensors of this child and her parent's quarters." The security chief shook his head thankful that he did not know the rabbit other than what he had been told by Anyalou's friend. "I do not thankfully. It belongs to a friend's friend." Theo admitted with a shrug.

Something told Lark that perhaps the rabbit had assistance in its frequent escapes, but she kept that to herself. What mattered just now was finding the canny beast. Her eyes tracked the read-out before them, picking out a small blip of life-sign that seemed somewhat at odds with its location. "Look, there. That might be your rabbit." Either that, or some other small life-form was making its way through the ventilation shafts at the edge of the promenade.

Theo blinked at the screen and nodded. He was going console blind after so long staring at things that he was appreciating another person helping him track things down. This was becoming a bigger job that he had thought it might have been. "Thank you," Theo said starting to gather himself for another chase and attempt to capture the thing.

If she didn't think it would offend the Lieutenant, Lark would have giggled at the image he presented - brave knight girding himself up to face off agains the ... it was no good. Her mouth quirked in amusement and she shook her head to dispel the rush. "If you like, I can probably slip into the area without causing as much disturbance as a Security officer would. Less chance of the beastie startling and setting us off on a fresh chase." She tapped her chest lightly. Why don't you keep an eye on it and let me known if I go off course?"

The man shrugged. what harm could it do? What else did he have to lose? He was already feeling like it was going to be a long night. Why did he have to be a good guy again? Was all he felt he was going to repeat that night.


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