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Steiner: Arrival

Posted on 28 Feb 2022 @ 11:20pm by Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner - FMS & Captain Corvus DeHavilland & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Command levels
Timeline: MD11 - 0721
1445 words - 2.9 OF Standard Post Measure

[Obsidian Command: Auxiliary Craft Hanger Twelve]

Fifteen minutes later the Van Buren Hendrix had landed itself in the allocated hanger. The large door they had passed through was slowly descending, the forcefield cracked and hissed as the hanger was closed and sealed from space.

Steiner shut down the engines and turned around in his seat. “Ok I have to go report in with Captain DeHavilland, You guys post-flight the ship and find the office on the Promenade decks, details are on the PaDD. I’ll meet you there later”

“Yes Si… Chief” T’sai acknowledged

“Since there’s been nobody in it for a couple of years, I suppose you expect me to dust and clean?” Sven-Erik asked wryly.

“Sure, you look good in rubber gloves with a feather duster” Steiner grinned back

Exiting the Hanger Steiner presented their orders and flight log to the Hanger Control office and got directions to the nearest turbo lift. “Left at the end of the corridor then two doors down. You go up about four hundred and fifty decks to the Command levels, the lift will stop at the checkpoint level, they can direct you from there”

Finding his way to the turbolift Steiner entered and watched the deck numbers change. “Four hundred and fifty? This is gonna take a while”

.: Obsidian Command: CIC Deck :.

Stepping off the Turbo Lift a couple of minutes later Steiner found himself at a Security Checkpoint for access to the Station’s Command and Control decks, which were located at the top of the vast structure

He handed over his identification and a PaDD with his transfer orders. Once Steiner had been verified, he was issued with a Station ID Tag and Starfleet CommBadge, then directed to take a seat. “Captain DeHavilland’s Yeoman will be down for you shortly, sir”

A dark-haired man with shortly cropped hair came down the stairs of the circular ante-chamber of the CIC deck, walking along the stairs that clung to the walls. He was wearing command red's and waved innocently at the man waiting at the bottom. Lucas wasn't sure why he was here, but he was here to see the Captain, who herself wasn't here. Story of his life, he felt, always chasing his tail or the Captain's.

"Morning," Lieutenant JG Lucas Carmody waved, "I'm Lieutenant Carmody. I'm Captain DeHavilland's Yeoman. I understand you're here to see her. Unfor-," he started to say, interrupted by the hiss of the lift doors opening and the sound of Captain DeHavilland's voice echoing out.

"-rans. There's no need to risk some kind of Diplomatic incident," Captain Corvus DeHavilland said as she stepped out, stopping just short of the corridor that led to her office and looking at the two men waiting for her there. She wasn't alone in leaving the lift, a blonde-haired Commander and a brown-haired Lieutenant, the former in command red and the latter in operations yellow.

"Carmody?" the Commander that had come out of the lift with her called out. "Everything alright?" Commander Zayne asked, glancing over at the Captain and back to him warily. It was unusual for the man to be away from the Captain's office too far. But then everything was a little topsy turvey today with the Captain taking the Pathfinder on a patrol about the nearby system. It was one-hundred percent her prerogative, and really expected given the issues they'd had recently in the area, but it meant a whole lot of other tasks that had to be properly delegated. Meant a lot of tasks that he'd be taken on as acting Commander of the station.

Theo was walking and talking as seemed to be the current theme of his day checking off things on the list as they went. There seemed to be a never-ending list of requirements when the Captain decided to take the Pathfinder on a patrol.

"Yes, sir, Commander Zayne," Carmody replied, "Uhm, Captain, this is... uh..." he said, trailing off as he turned to look at his data Padd>

"Steiner, Chief Deputy Marshal, eF-Em-Es" Steiner cane to the man's rescue. "Officer Exchange, reassigned to come work for you in Security, Captain"

Corvus gave him a friendly, welcoming smile. At least as much as she could muster. "Welcome to Obsidian Command, Marshall," she said, looking back to Theo.

Theo offered a smile and held out his hand. "Lieutenant Theodore Winslow. Chief of Security. Did not expect you for another day otherwise would have met you before here." He had not expected someone of his rank to have been sent for the exchange.

Steiner shook the man's hand. "Good to meet you Lieutenant, Ridge Steiner. No problem, we found the way ok"

"Commander Zayne," Thad stepped up when no one offered him an introduction, "Station XO."

"Commander" Steiner nodded and shook hands with the Executive Officer

"I'm afraid I don't have a whole lot of time to spare, but, follow me and let's have a quick chat about station security. Then I'll leave with Lieutenant Wilson," DeHavilland said, gesturing for him to follow.

Steiner fell in alongside the group and followed on.

She headed up the stairs along the inner ring of the entry vestibule and then out across the open upper deck to her preferred haunt by the giant holotable that always had the relevant stats of the system displayed up for her to see. She engaged the controls and brought up a holo of the station itself. "Lieutenant Wilson. Would you mind a quick update of security on the station?" she asked.

"Of course not, sir. The base is operating fully staffed with security personnel. There are ongoing issues with the refugees that have been denied settlement below." He did not need to go into there and then how those refugees were settled in an encampment, it was a sore subject that he would go through privately. "and ongoing is grand reopening fair in the open plaza. It requires more patrols but apart from that we are operating normally with routines, training and the brig being clear as of twenty minutes ago was clear."

"Thank you," Corvus nodded. "As you can ascertain, there are quite a few people on board the station. From the family of our personnel, to our civilian vendors and all manner of Fleet and civilian personnel passing through."

"I'm particularly interested in your perspective when it comes to civilian affairs. Obviously, Starfleet Security protocols are what we'll be following. But still. You're not some recruit fresh off the Academy. You'll have a way of looking at it that's going to be different than what we're used to. I think that's a benefit to us."

"I agree," DeHavilland nodded fervently, "Which is why I agreed to approve this exchange program here. It's a great chance for you to learn the in's and out's of Starfleet and for our Security personnel to get a different perspective as well."

The brief from Winslow was short and to the point, clearly there would be more to it, but that could wait until they were alone, Steiner reasoned.

What concerned him more was finding his place in the big Starfleet machine that was busy running the place, there would be their way of doing things and he would need to learn those quickly. It was going to be steep learning curve and he said as much.

“Thank you, Captain. The opportunity is appreciated. I’m glad to be here. My first assignment was Dock Patrol at Starbase Eleven, but I’m sure I have a lot to learn on the way things work aboard the station and hopefully I can share some Marshals Service ideas along the way.”

Just as long as I don’t screw up and launch a bunch of photon torpedoes at somebody by mistake He thought to himself .

Winslow just nodded and stayed quiet. He was not a man of many words unless he knew someone well or there was something specific that he could add to the conversation. But it would definitely be interesting to see things from a civilian perspective when there would be so many onboard.

"Is there anything more you need from me Captain before you leave?" Winslow checked. "Otherwise I will give a tour of the Security areas."

"No, Mr. Steiner. I've more than got my hands full here. I'll leave in your Lieutenant Winslow's capable hands," she smiled brightly. "Welcome to Obsidian Command."

"Thank you Captain, good to be here" Steiner nodded as the woman departed with her staff.

He turned to Winslow with a grin. "Alright, I'm all yours"


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