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A New Start, A New Perspective

Posted on 23 Mar 2022 @ 12:20am by Lieutenant Jai Terys & Major Minka Mazur, MD (*)

Mission: M2 - Sanctuary
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD01 - 0931HRS
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Jai had not been on the station long because his eagerness was already getting the better of him. This Starbase had with it many opportunities that might enhance his career or his personal life, both of which he was keen to grasp with both hands. He knew with little doubt that with the stability afforded by a Starbase instead of carting about the stars on a Starship he'd be able to take a more direct approach to his life and its future.

The last time Jai had stepped foot on a Stardock class Starbase was for routine R&R, so hardly a moment where he'd memorize where locations were that he had no intention of visiting. This time however with Padd in hand who was directing him, he found himself in the Infirmary. He knew he would have to report in to the Chief Medical Officer since Jai would fall under the Chief's command even if he were to slip into Counseling. He'd done some light reading of the Chief but just enough to put a face to the name but little else.

Major Minka Mazur, Human, mid-thirties. A face to go with it and as Jai walked into the Infirmary he looked around hoping to catch sight of the Major. He must have had that 'I'm lost' look on him as a Nurse came to him asking if he was alright.

"Yes, I've just arrived on board. I was hoping to report into Major Mazur." He spoke. It was always wise to report to the department chief, being a lowly Lieutenant and not senior staff his reporting to the Captain was not necessary.

The Nurse informed Jai to wait, they would inform the Major.

"It's about time we had a Counselor," a feminine voice declared, resolving to the nearly waddling form of Doctor Mazur a few bio beds down from where the newcomer was standing near the entrance to the Infirmary. Minka walked from the access corridor halfway along the Infirmary that led from her office and diagnostic labs and leaned onto the nearest bio bed and then decided that it was a good enough place to stop. She waved at the Lieutenant, beckoning him over. "Well don't just stand there," she grunted.

Jai took the hint and walked over to where the Major waited for him. "A Counselor?" Jai spoke. "There are others I hope?" There had to be but the Major's remark caught him to think if only briefly. "Lieutenant Terys. I just arrived." He introduced though natural talents told him the Major was having a rough time or a stressful one.

"There are a few," Minka answered, bracing one hand on the bio bed as she pulled her tricorder out. She waved to the bed for him to sit. "We even have a Civilian counselor," she added, "But. Aside from Doctor Melanthio, the Counseling Corps' effectiveness is lacking," she declared matter-of-factly, unfolding her tricorder and removing the node. In reality, she hadn't spent all that much time minding the Counselors in her department, only just reading their regular reports and fielding the complaints that there just wasn't enough of them that had any real, in-depth experience. It was what made the presence of Doctor Melanthio so valuable. But he was just one man. They simply needed more (competent) bodies.

"Well, I'll see about helping out in that department then." He was not sure how he missed there not being a Chief Counselor and then having to utilize civilian professionals. Seeing the bed and the Major's motion for him to sit, that was what he did. He was no stranger to the medical realms, sometimes called in to perform his various tasks in the treatment of patients especially if it was more long term.

Minka activated the screen behind the bed and scanned slowly with the node, "Doctor Melanthio is where you should start," she explained, only half watching him for a reaction as she watched the readings being displayed on the screen. It was her opinion from more than just her own experience; she'd read multiple accounts of crew praising Doctor Melanthio's support. She believed it. She'd known quite a few Starfleet Counselors over her time and there was just something different about Melanthio. Maybe it was just because he was a civilian, she wasn't sure, she hadn't spent the time to dig into it. Whatever it was, he used it to his advantage. "You might have better luck with your practice," she added as she read.

"Ill be sure to pay them a visit, at least to introduce myself if nothing else." Jai never had a problem meeting new people especially those that he would work with or alongside. "Have there been any major incidents recently that have sparked a rise in treatment cases, anything I should be aware of before I start?" Jai knew all too well that sudden emotional or mental changes could spark a maze of issues especially if left untreated. External triggers and factors were key in addressing how to treat someone and how to mitigate the effects they would have on an individual.

Minka snorted, "A little over a month ago, the station was attacked. Power was offline, raiders boarded. The Infirmary here was ground zero for an assault," she explained, gesturing over to the doorway where the giant bot had powered its way through. Immediately she could see all the bio beds turned on their sides, and the makeshift emplacements they'd made to lay down fire. Starfleet had been iffy about having one of the few Marines Physician in charge of their station but they'd been happy with that choice when they got her report. "It's in your best interest to read all the relevant reports on that."

Mental note made, he would make sure also to see the current patient lists on the Counselor database. While he wouldn't steal patience from a fellow Counselor he'd make sure that he knew some of what was going on in case he'd be needed to step in at any time. Far easier to cover for someone armed with a little knowledge than none at all. "I'll be sure to do that once I get to my office." Already tasks lay before him and he was keen to get underway, fortunate enough that he didn't let the daunt of a Stardock station get the better of him coupled with the new assignment.

"Who would I see about consultations and referrals that need approving by a senior field professional?" Jai realized the scope and breadth of the question he was asking but from a Counselors's perspective a pertinent one. The Medical field held many professions and as he understood there was no Chief Counselor on board, he couldn't very well as a General Surgeon, a Dentist, or a nurse for psychological and mental health-related matters relevant to his own field. While he understood the Chief Medical Officer was in charge, it was impractical for the Chief to be trained and qualified in all aspects of the medical realm.

"I have asked Doctor Melanthio to take on that role," Minka answered, "With my supervision. I'm not a Counselor, nor would I make a sufficient one. He is more than capable and has experience dealing with Starfleet's chain of command, despite being a civilian. I would consult with him as soon as you're done here with me. I'm certain he'll be happy for the support," she said. In truth, she'd just let Doctor Melanthio run with minimal reporting to her. She simply didn't have the time, energy or expertise to give a damn at the moment. Hopefully, this new counselor would be a benefit to Melanthio and not another dead weight.

"I'll do that," Jai answered though it perplexed him that a civilian was heading up a department on a Starfleet station within a Starfleet medical branch even if under supervision. While he wouldn't question it, it did leave him puzzled and wondering just what he was in store for now that he'd arrived. Getting to the offices would be easy enough since the computer would lead the way, he was keen to see what his office would look like and in turn where he'd spend most of his time.

"I see nothing to worry about here, Lieutenant," Minka finally ruled, consulting the screen with her hands on her hips as if she was going to hold up her belly with her hands and relieve the pressure. She pointed to a reading, "A little extra protein in your diet would be beneficial," she said, "Other than that. You're in fine health," she mused, flicking the screen off. "Doctor Melanthio is where I'd start. One deck down," she said, pointing towards the doors and down a bit. "Welcome to OC. Hopefully, it stays in real space this time," she declared before she turned and waddled slowly away down the Infirmary, turning when a Nurse waved and frowning with frustration.

"Thank you Major." With everything appearing to be done and dusted Jai left the Infirmary to head one deck down, Counselor's department. He was keen to get started, put his training to use, and start as he meant to continue. As expected he needed the Computer to lead the way and while on the way he checked in to make sure the few things he'd brought with him were on the way to his assigned quarters. They were, but not all, some were still being unloaded.

He had many things left to do today on his list, so it was, by all means, best to start from the top.


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