Obsidian Command

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Steep learning curve

Posted on 29 Mar 2022 @ 1:00am by Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner - FMS

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Security Office
Timeline: MD11. 1330hrs
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Security Office

A little after one thirty in the afternoon Winslow and Steiner ended up back at Winslow’s office having spent the morning on a tour of the station and the various security duties covered by Winslow and his team. Steiner’s head was spinning a little, the station was simply enormous.

The overall Security aspects he was confident he could pick up quickly enough, but this was a whole other level and was going to be a steep learning curve.

He looked ruefully at a pile of PaDD and data chips Winslow passed over his desk to him. Starfleet Security manual: Station defense plans, Weapon system diagrams and schematics, the pile got bigger.

“I’m going to be having some late nights wading through all this” He commented.

“What’s the chance of sliding me in at the bottom, let me work alongside some of those Security operators up in Command and Control for a few shifts. I need to learn this stuff from the ground up and I’m happy to get my hands dirty” He asked

Theo has stayed quiet for a moment as the man considered how best to answer that request. It was a logical approach for someone not used to Starfleet and the way they did things. And the base was easier despite its vastness thanks to no tactical. "Security operators can be arranged as long as you do not mind your rest hours being a bit all over the place for a little bit as long as it is at your request."

That's fine, I can work around things and I'm used to not getting much sleep when things get busy" He smiled

“So, what’s the situation with the civilian population?” Steiner asked “You mentioned some problems with refugee resettlement on the planet?”

"They had their resettlement status revoked with no word of warning," Theo explained still trying to think on how he was going to assist there but he brought up the cameras that showed the refugees that were living on the environmental ring.

"They are just camped out down there?" Steiner was surprised. "Thats got to be creating some issues" Once you dumped people who had very little left in life in a place not set up for them, then small things started to become big problems.

"How are relations between us and the refugees?" Those problems could get projected onto others and if Security became the people to blame then that would make a bad situation much worse.

"Not bad. I have built a really good relationship with them." Theo said brightly looking for the first time a little less somber. It was one of the things he was most proud of since he had come onboard how well the relationship had become between himself and the refugees.

Steiner nodded, "That's good, I'm sure it helps smooth things out" he knew from experience had establishing some kind of personal interaction with people, even bad guys, could make law enforcement a lot easier. He was on cordial terms with several serious criminal outfits, both showing the other some professional respect, when they werent pursuing their chosen occupations.

"What the long term plan then? He asked "Since they can't stay camped out there indefinitely?"

"They want to resettle below. I want them to resettle below... but below rejected them just as they were about to go down to the planet." Theo revealed still trying to solve that problem as he had come to know many of the refugees now, they needed a permanent home after all the trouble that had brought them to Obsidian Command.

"Huh, can be a bit of a jolt to any culture to have a sudden influx of a different species. Why were they rejected?" He asked.

"Unknown," Theo said with a shrug. "They changed their mind after it was all made official, so they are stuck in limbo." Theo was trying his best to fix it but it was not an easy task.

Moving on to more regular topics Steiner asked. "I'm working for you now, be good to know what you expect form me?"

"I expect to learn from you as much as you learn how Starfleet do things. You know the procedures I am guessing otherwise you would not have been sent to a base like this but practicalities are different.

“As Assistant Chief Security you will eventually be on the Beta watch which is 16:00 - 00:00 but for the first week, I would like you to do Alpha so you can get a feel for the base. I do not want to just throw you in at the deep end with no support and the. We can look at your request to start at the bottom in that time." Theo said slowly going through his checklist of thoughts on bringing in a new officer.

Steiner grinned "I'd appreciate that. So, what do you see as our main security concerns?" he asked

Theo wanted to laugh and answer the man with the better question to ask was what is not our main security concern but he held his tongue. “Main security concern this week is the reopening of the promenade. It is bringing everyone out of the wood work. We have already arrested two people who escaped the base when it got caught up in a… well when it disappeared.” Theo was sure that everyone knew about the base’s disappearance and then reappearance.

"Ok, well that's really a question of making sure we have a good visual presence out on the prom levels. " Steiner nodded, this kind of thing he could handle. "Make it a priority to build some community relations, interact with people, let them get to know us. And make ourselves known to the commercial business owners and operators, start working on involving them in promenade security and maybe look to set up a group of business leaders to help us on establishing some local ordinances for the promenade. Something that keeps their businesses operating and everyone safe and happy" he suggested.

Theo nodded. “A lot of that is set up already so glad to see that we are on the same page. The business group meet on the first day of the week. I will bring you along to the next meeting in three days time but for now do you want to join a patrol?” Theo said with a more relaxed grin. It was easy to see he was relaxing now that they were both on the same page at the very least and had the same ethos around it all.

"Sure, just so long as we don't have to take the stairs!" Steiner grinned

The younger man grinned back and nodded. “Deal.” He assured hoping this was going to be the start of a good professional relationship.


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