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Eagerness Has It's Own Karma

Posted on 01 Apr 2022 @ 8:39pm by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner & Lieutenant Jai Terys

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Infirmary
Timeline: MD 3: 0900
2090 words - 4.2 OF Standard Post Measure

Jai walked into the Infirmary cradling a rather burnt hand from a very unforgiving cup of spilt Coffee. Were it not for getting used to the new office and glancing against the sofa unit then perhaps his hand wouldn't be as painful as it was, especially between the fingers. Even after dousing the hand under cold running water he knew medical attention would be needed. It was hardly the start to a new assignment that he had envisioned but it was early days and people have innocent accidents all the time. He stood patiently waiting to catch the attention of someone, seeing that people were busy and he didn't want to make a disruptive announcement that he'd arrived and needed help.

A tiny chime sounded in her earpiece and bright blue eyes raised from her task to find the doorway, where the entrant would have been standing. They found him in due course, settled on the pain filled expression and set aside the work she was doing. Rising, Hannah came forward and gestured to a biobed just through the exam room door.

At last, aid. Following the gesture to the biobed he walked through the door and stood. "Thank you." His hand red and unsightly painful, partially closed, the the skin swollen and angry. Jai knew that the Infirmary was bound to contain and orchestra of emotions she he sought to block them out, the range of emotions would often be disturbing or a burden to deal with.

The uniform shirt was also wet with the coffee, and the burn continued up the sleeve. "My pleasure Lieutenant?" she left the word hanging to see if he'd fill her in on his name while she examined the burn. It was blistering still before her eyes and she winced inwardly.

"Jai, Jai Terys." Filling in the missing information. "A new Counselor on board." Hardly an ideal setting he knew, being new and finding himself in the infirmary. "I was getting used to my new office and caught the sofa with my foot, spilling my Coffee." He was glad none of it landed on the sofa itself, the floor however was not so fortunate.

That allowed her to pull up his information with a flick of her fingers and display it on the screen with a side by side to his current status. "You did a number on that hand, for sure. You're going to have to take off your jacket Counselor. That burn goes under the sleeve."

"I was fortunate enough to be alone in the office when it happened." Hinting that the resulting outburst from the burn was 'colourful' in his own Betazoid way. Taking the jacket off was not an issue even if he did feel the now cold Coffee dance across his skin as he pulled his arm from the sleeve. The undershirt was also wet and clearly showed where the liquid had reached on his arm given the much darker grey stain upon it.

She couldn't help but giggle at the tone in his voice that indicated a rather interesting reaction to the burn itself. "I can only imagine" she answered looking at the track of liquid up his arm. "Hows your pain level right this moment?"

"Tolerable, for the most part. Between the fingers is worse." Which he expected. Even with the injury still painful, he tried to keep his hand still so it could be looked at, even through the urge to move it or add more cold water to it again.

Feeling the tremor in his effort to hold still, she raised her eyes to meet his. She had intended to say something but she fell silent when their eyes met. Her cheeks colored at how captivating and beautiful those
Black eyes were unusual in a society where most were coloured, the Doctor was not the first to fall silent and he doubted would be the last. Being Betazoid however also meant that he could sense the emotional captivation that resulted from the held gaze and the subsequent aversion of her eyes.

She pressed the hypospray to his throat, where it hissed obediantly. Then, she took his burned hand in her own, and laid them together in a bowl of blue gel. Immersing the burn in its entirety.

Jai almost pulled his hand from hers, touch brought with it something that was harder to ignore. Sensing something empathically was one thing but with the assistance of touch it only made what he was sensing clearer. This however was fleeting as he felt his burnt hand slip into the blue gel and with it came a soothing, cooling sensation that took all pain from him causing him to sigh and his shoulders to relax.

Hannah felt more than saw him relax, and raised her eyes to meet his without fear. Her cheeks were still pink, and her smile made a dimple appear in her cheek. "Better?"

"Much." He replied as the pain seemed to be drawn from his injured hand nursed by the gel it was immersed in. "I hope my meagre injury is not the highlight of your day?" He asked with a pleasant smile.

"It might be" Hannah countered with a smirk, as she dried her hand of the gel on a surgical towel. With those eyes and a sense of humor, he was definitely going to be the highlight of her day. "I'm Doctor Hannah Wagner by the way."

"A pleasure." He replied. "More so were it not for the hand." Jai's inner self told him this was hardly the best first impression to make with a rather striking young lady....clearly unable to handle a coffee and injuring himself as a result.

Another little chuckle and she nodded matter of factly "Well, I can fix the hand up in no time. You're not in pain right now at all are you?"

"Only my pride." He returned with a smile. "But no, the hand is feeling much better now that the pain has stopped."

"Good. In a burn, even once it cools it can continue burning due to the heat passing into different layers of skin. I just want to make sure the burn is completely cooled before I take off the burned area. That burned area of skin is dead, and needs to be removed in order to facilitate new skin growth from beneath. "

"So off at the wrist, full prosthesis?" Jai joked. "Something with a better grip would be nice." There was no point being glum about it, it happened, accidents happen and while sure it hurt, there was no need to dramatic over it.

Hannah snorted audibly and grinned at him "Nothing nearly so drastic."

"Shame. Could you imagine how my sessions would go if I made my hand crawl about the place like a spider while someone it being treated." All joking aside though, he was just glad that he would get treated, his hand would feel better and he'd learn to look more where he was going while carrying a hot beverage.

"Now, if you do that they'll start calling me Dr. Frankenstein instead of Wagner." She gave both names their proper German pronunciation and smirked at him again. Lifting his hand from the blue gel, she wiped it off using a very soft washcloth. A quick spray of something silvery and she wiped the blisters off in one smooth gesture, leaving an open wound in her wake.

The moment was pleasant enough which was an improvement from when he walked in and prior to it. As he listened to her talk he noted how almost musical he voice sounded, graceful, elegant, almost aluring were it not for his hand being the main distraction. "So what's the prognosis?"

"It'll be tender for a while, but you won't even have a scar to impress the ladies." Her eyes flickered from his hand to his physique and she thought 'not that you need one'. It was impossible not to notice his attractiveness. If he wasn't her patient she might have verbalized the thought.

Once again his natural abilities chipped in, the wash of emotion, warm though reserved. While hed never act on what he sensed, only what he was told, he knew some people would find doing so an invasion of privacy. "Everything alright Doctor?" He asked, part of his training included body language, posture as well as vocal.

"Oh perfectly perfect." Hannah's voice was softer as she concentrated on what she was doing. Once the dead tissue was removed, she could spray it again with the antiseptic spray and pass the dermal regenerator over it. It vibrated in her fingers as she activated it, passing a blueish light over his arm.

Jai watched the Doctor work, it was fascinating to watch and yet that side of medical never appealed to him. More of a watch and observe than be the one administering the treatment. Being a Counselor not only was something most Betazoids slipped into, but excelled at.

It took three passes of the regenerator to get his skin back to its former pristineness and she nodded in satisfaction. "It will be tender for a few days, and if you take hot showers or baths I recommend not doing so. You could re-injure the skin, since its just been regenerated."

"Can a wear a glove or something to cover it and wash it separately?" He asked. "I admit to enjoying a bath and a sauna after a workout."

"Warm showers and no sauna for a few days. ". The blonde doctor repeated, sympathy in her voice.

It was something at least but he understood he meaning. "A fair trade." He answered feeling that his hand really did feel much better than before. "It feels much better now. "

"I'm glad to hear that." Hannah examined the arm closely, making sure she hadn't missed a speck of burned tissue. A moment later she nodded, satisfied and sprayed a moisturizing spray on the area. "Rub that in, and you should be golden."

Gentle Jai rubbed in the spray in, modern medical technology was capable of so much as compared to previous 'ages' where things were far more barbaric or invasive. Still, it was a simple accident with a painful outcome initially and thanks to Doctor Wagner, the treatment had healed nearly everything. "Certainly doesn't feel golden, it's like a nagging reminder of what happened because I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings."

"And it will be for a few days. Hence the no hot baths or saunas rule.". A smile tugged at one corner of her mouth.

Jai didn't want to take up all the Doctor's time, he had patients that he would have to read up on and he was sure the Doctor had other patients that needed her attention. "Thanks, I'll try to remember that." He doubted it would be easy because of his liking of them but if it would mean he'd heal fully, that's what he would do.

"Your hand will remember it for you if you don't." She then took a chance on a joke, hoping it would be taken in the spirit of fun it was meant. "There are better ways to see your friendly neighborhood doctor don't you know."

"Believe me, this was far from the top of the list of means." Jai smiled. "Though, since we have met, could I interest you in something after shift, a meal, drink?" He offered, he'd have to repay the good Doctor for treating his hand.

She very much liked that idea, but she couldn't accept within earshot of her very by the book, very pregnant and very annoyed Chief. "I would suggest that you get your coffee from the cafe on deck 6 of the promenade from now on...and maybe have Engineering check your replicator. It should serve coffee at a drinkable temperature...and not at a heat that it will burn you to blisters."

"Thanks." Jai spoke. "I'll do that." It served him right for trying to do too much from the get go, he not even unpacked and yet went to his office first. Still, something positive came out of it, he got to meet the good Doctor. The message in her reply didn't go unnoticed and he make sure to get his Coffee from there from now on. "It was a pleasure to meet you Doctor." Not wanting to outstay his welcome lest the pregnant chief gets ripped to action.

Jai then turned to leave, his hand still tender but much better than before.


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