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Two Friends & Invitation

Posted on 03 Jun 2022 @ 9:28pm by Lieutenant Jai Terys & Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Promenade
Timeline: MD:1, 17:00Hrs
1535 words - 3.1 OF Standard Post Measure

It was easy to find this particular cafe. You walked out the doors to the turbolift and followed the scent of coffee. That had been precisely how Hannah had found this tiny bit of paradise the previous week.

Hannah practically floated in the door after her shift, which had nearly buried her in a sea of paperwork. She hated paperwork with a passion, and had quickly tired of the efforts she was having to go to to get the task she'd been given organized.

Jai had managed to arrange what few things he had in his quarters, it wasn't much but that would change over time with this new assignment. His hand still ached from the stupid accident with a hot beverage but Dr Wagner was kind enough to treat it, and even gave him a place to get better Coffee, at least he hoped it was better.

Dressed in a casual long sleeve shirt and black pants free from 'the uniform' as it was often referred to he decided to head to the place he was told about, the cafe. Apparently it couldn't be missed and he hoped that was true because he left his quarters and started to make his way there.

A paperback novel bumped her thigh from inside her labcoat, as she walked up to the counter. "Iced Vanilla Chai Latte and a Strawberry creme cheese handpie please.". She pressed her thumb to the credit chip reader, and it dinged.

"Right away Doctor.".

Hannah went to settle in to a corner, where she could read and people watch. Whichever one struck her fancy more.

This had to be the place that Dr Wagner told him of, so walking in he quickly took stock of the scene, where tables were, doors, the people seated until he found the one he sought. The good Doctor herself. With a smile he walked over and placed his hands on the back of the chair in front of her. "This spot taken?" He asked with a warm smile.

Startlement crossed her face as the book she'd opened tapped the table with a gentle thump. Warmth flooded her eyes as she glanced up from her book to see him, and recognized him from earlier. "Why, no. Please sit Counselor."

"Thank you." Jai spoke doing just that. "Jai, please." He added before he sighed with comfort. "We are off duty now." His first day had been spent mostly on reading up on current patient lists, getting settled into his office and unpacking his few things. First days were always frantic and his more so after burning his hand.

"And never more pleased to be so." Came the quiet comment from Hannah as she lifted her coffee to her lips and sipped it slowly. Her frustration with her day seemed to melt away as she enjoyed the flavorful coffee. "How are you finding you like the place?"

"Large, crowded but its early days yet, plenty of time to fine the more quiet places around." He spoke as he settled. "A busy day I take it from that answer?" He asked as he leaned back in his chair. While his own had not been too busy there were many little tasks that he needed to do first before anything else.

Hannah snorted aloud and rolled her eyes in response to the question. "Not so much busy as it was tedious. I'm being tested by my Chief, and while I don't care for the process, I understand the need for it." She heartily wished that Doctor Mazur would just trust a little, but she also knew that would be a long time in coming.

"I'm waiting to see how things are done in my department, I have a civilian leading mine. I admit I'm not sure how I like that, a fleet department lead by a non service member." It did bother him, but knew there was nothing he could do about it.

"Mines a Marine. So, yeah, I feel you on that one . An odd place but as I'm a little bit odd myself, I think it's a good fit.". She could overlook the little things about the place for now.

"We are all odd in our own ways, which might seem strange coming from a Counsellor." Jai joked. Such sayings, little things he'd heard, picked up over the course of his service. Jai ordered a simple Coffee, nothing special, just basic regular Coffee. "I think the pair of us will be doing a lot of catch up being new on board and getting a feel for how things are done here." Not that Jai wasn't up to the task, it was more the difference that he'd have to get used to over time.

The faint music playing in the coffee shop was a song she recognized. 'changes' . Appropriate. He wasn't wrong either, she knew that and all she could do in the face of that simple fact was to smile. It was a good look on her, that smile. "I hear such things are good for the soul."

Jai also smiled. "So what literature were you deep into before I interrupted?" He didn't so much take note of the title, only that she was deep in reading. Jai didn't really enjoy reading since he spent much of the working day reading reports and profiles, treatment plans and the like.

"Just a little bit of fantasy." Came the answer as she held up her copy of Storm Front, the first book in the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher. A gentle smile erupted on her lips as her eyes flickered to the handsome man beside her. "Earth's 21rst century novels are quite inspiring."

"Something about paper, in the age we live in today makes reading that little more enjoyable." While he enjoyed a good read every now and then, paper or not didn't so much bother him as for him it was the story, the content, the immersion. "I used to have a small collection but it's in storage now with the transfer of assignment. Maybe I'll see about it being delivered here."

"I think, if you're planning on making this home, then I would heartily encourage that.". She preferred reading to Holo programs but she could get into all types of entertainment and she felt her cheeks color as she wondered what sorts of entertainment he preferred.

"I should, there is some good reading material in there." While there was a large collection of studies and job related reading there was also a collection of of genres of books from suspense, horror, sci-fi and romance. "Once it arrives, I'll let you know if you'd like?" He added, wondering if would even appeal given they had not long met.

Her eyes lit up at the thought of having a new library to explore, and Hannah nodded eagerly. "I would love that."

Jai smiled. "So if I should see you engrossed in a book in the future, dare I interrupt, or should I come armed with gifts to make amends?" He spoke knowing that sometimes when reading that being in the moment of a page could make the whole book, or break it if interrupted.

A full, heartfelt laugh escaped whilst she gazed across the table weighing the words she would say next. "Depends on the genre... however I will say for most things you have a free pass to interrupt. Just promise you won't sneak up on me."

"I can agree to those terms." Jai replied with a grin. "Speaking of which, I don't suppose I could use my freshly acquired pass to suggest dinner?" Wondering what Hannah might say to that sudden forward suggestion.

Her brain stopped all Forward motion at that moment and she just stared at him. The gorgeous counselor didn't want to have dinner with her, she was absolutely sure of it. Nobody that looked like him ever wanted her. But she had to clarify. Finally her mouth worked and she said "you want suggestions from me, or you want to have dinner with me?"

"Well I don't see anyone else at this table, so I guess it must be dinner with you." Jai spoke with a smile. It might have been a little forward and it was obvious that the move caught her a little off guard. "So what do you say, I don't bite, honest."

I wouldn't mind if you did. Her face flamed scarlet but the smile made her dimples come out for a moment. "I'll take that chance.".

Jai smiled but also sensed the flush of warm emotion that followed spurred her answer. "How about 6.30pm, there is a lovely restaurant I found that seems rather nice going by the menu. I can be at yours at say...6:15?"

"In their state of disarray I'd be embarrassed for you to see them." her cheeks darkened again and she whispered "I haven't finished unpacking yet."

"I'll be a gentleman and wait outside if I have to." Jai smiled, his own quarters were hardly in any better shape. "I wont even peek."

She snorted aloud and gave him a measuring look. Then her face softened into the smile that brought out her dimples. " 6:15 "


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