Obsidian Command

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Refugees in the woods

Posted on 01 Jun 2022 @ 11:36pm by Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner - FMS & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Lieutenant Jai Terys & Lieutenant JG Rhiannon Hokir & Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner & Major Declan Finn & Lieutenant Noah Khoroushi

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Command Level Conference Room
Timeline: MD 4 0930hrs
1629 words - 3.3 OF Standard Post Measure

On returning to his office Steiner had discussed the refugees’ situation with Winslow and they agreed to bring in some help from the various other departments on the station who could best assist. They set up a meeting for the next morning.

The group convened in a command conference room at nine-thirty hours.

The scuttlebutt was that an official Chief was incoming; until they arrived, though, Rhiannon was still in charge. Which was why she found herself wrapped into this latest endeavor. Not that she minded. Rhian loved the idea of taking part in the challenge of making a home for the dispossessed. She slipped into the partially occupied room and made her way to a seat next to the tall Diplomatic officer who tended to help out in Operations from time to time. “Lieutenant Khoroush,” Rhian greeted him.

“Good morning, Lieutenant Hokir.” Noah shifted his PADDs to make more room.

Jai joined what would be his first official meeting, though from a quick glance he couldn't see the Major or the civilian in charge of the department, so why him left him pondering as he slipped into a vacant seat.

Major Finn joined the meeting quietly, having debated attending at all. He'd considered sending Master Sergeant Vey, but when he'd considered that the man was lucky to say five words or less on any given day, he didn't think it'd be wise to send him to a collaborative meeting. So, uninterested as he was in the gathering, he was there with bells on.

Hannah had known something like this was going to happen, as she'd taken the meeting summons from the Major when she'd come on shift today. At least, she wagered this was more productive than having her Chief stare daggers at her for some slight she didn't know she'd committed. Settling into a seat towards the back of the room where she could see everyone, she drummed her fingers idly on the table before her.

Once everyone was present Steiner opened. “Good morning, thank you for coming. For those of you’ve I’ve not yet met, I’m Marshal Ridge Steiner, new Assistant Security Chief.

As some of you may be aware we have a group of refugees currently camped out on the environmental level. They are mostly Romulans, but there are a few other species as well. There are over three hundred of them at present, with more expected to be arriving in future. Originally, they were granted permits to establish settlements down on Obsidian.

Unfortunately, after the refugees arrived aboard the station those permits were then suddenly revoked. My boss here, Chief of Security, Lieutenant Winslow has been working on that issue and can provide further details of the problem. "

Theodore was not a fan of explaining his full plan when he had not had a chance to discuss it properly with Noah outside of their quick discussions since the rabbit hunt but there was something in the pipeline.

“Yes, the permits were revoked and we have finally been able to get that information thanks to a translator and some other assistance. The children seem to trust us more than the elders which have helped us be able to get some arrangements in place but we are in desperate need of pooling together what we are best at to help them.” Theo glanced around at all of them. Now that the base was in better shape they needed to think about the greater good for the planet below and the people displaced by universal events. “Me and Lieutenant Khoroushi have an idea of a way to get through the red tape that has been created by the changes on the surface when the base was lost but we have yet to be able to get to the surface to put it into action. We have permission to go tomorrow.” He glanced at Noah to get his thoughts.

Steiner continued. “So, until the permit issue is resolved, we can submit a request to Captain DeHavilland to suspend any more incoming refugee flights. Assuming that is approved, we are still left with what to do with those refugees we have.”

Clearly the environmental level is not designed as living space for several hundred people. We have a couple of options, move them elsewhere or set up things for them there.

It is unlikely we will be able to ship them back to where they were before and they probably would not want to go, so then we’d be rounding them up and forcing them onto ships. Not a good idea for anyone. I also understand that they were originally offered accommodation within the station but had some bad experiences of being confined to quarters before, so they resisted that. Again, we don’t want to get into rounding them up and locking them down if they don’t want to go…

How then, do we best do we meet their needs by keeping them on the environmental level?” Steiner asked. “From my experiences yesterday here are some of the issues I identified” He ran though the list

“They are living in pop-up emergency shelters, which they do not have enough of.
There is only one replicator station, there has been some instances of people taking others rations.
They don’t have a separate water supply.
They don’t have appropriate washing and sanitation facilities; there are restrooms near the ballpark and stadium but that’s a long way from the camp site and not really suitable as family bathrooms. Currently, they are digging latrine pits in the woods.
There is nowhere to recycle trash and food waste.
There is no power or heat, they were cutting down and burning trees
There is no medical support, they have sick, elderly and disabled people.
There is not much in the way of public safety, besides taking rations there has been some minor pilfering as well.

These are relatively practical matters which I hope we can address this afternoon, with your assistance.

Marines, for instance have the equipment to quickly establish temporary bases for their personnel in the field, with accommodation, power, sanitation.

Operations can replicate more shelters and supplies and have the ability to bring in further replicator stations, water, power, recycling, trash management and so forth

Medical, can we provide some form of clinic facilities on the environmental level a couple of times a week, or perhaps bring them down to medical on set days.”

"I am sure something could be arranged. Do they have zero medical personnel? Is anyone among them partially trained to provide care?" Hannah asked, knowing that the extra would tax the medical department, but she didn't see any choice. If disease took hold in the refugee population, then it would spread through everyone.

"They are not really an organized group Doctor, they just have the skills from their previous lives before here, and even those with training have no equipment or supplies." Steiner responded

"That last is easier to correct than not having any trained professionals. Logistics are complicated with this, but I'll see what can be done." Hannah tapped her lips and nodded slowly in a decisive manner.

"Thank you Doctor" Steiner nodded and looked over to the others.

“I can speak with Colonel Rutland. We might be able to setup forward stations around Cerastes on the ground. Set them up like supply stations. Well defended supply stations, and give these refugees the change to live outside the confines of the station,” Major Finn offered. “But if keeping them on the station is the route, we can assist with field kit right away, until the Fleet resources can put together something more permanent,” he added. Not exactly his strong suit, but there were enough qualified Marines in his charge that could put up and tear down a field camp faster than anyone else.

"Thank you Major, that sounds like just the kind of thing we need for the time being on the station" Steiner nodded. "For now, we hope Lieutenants Winslow and Khoroushi are able to negotiate a peaceful move down to the planet."

Turning to the Operations staff he asked "Can you bring in power, more replicators, water?"

“Of course,” Rhian already had a current manifest pulled up in front of her. “I have my people making lists of all surplus on the station as well as what we can requisition from the connected ships.”

"The problem we are going to run into is aid or any kind of assistance, especially where mental health is concerned is voluntary. Romulans are reluctant by nature to talk to outsiders. Even evaluations have to be consenting since they have not done anything wrong but a victim of the situation." Jai spoke.

"We can still establish the forward stations. They'll at least have the choice to come and get help. Considering their alternatives at this point, you may get more takers than you think." Finn chimed in, confident Rutland would go for the idea.

"I think that's a sensible proposal Major thank you" Steiner agreed. "And I understand your concerns Counselor, although this group do seem a little more open to contact than we have previously assumed some Romulans to be. I think the key is showing we are trustworthy and will follow through with any agreements we offer them

On that, thank you all for attending at short notice, I believe we can help these people and thereby prevent any problems that may have arose from having them camped out in our environmental level"

The meeting concluded with the creation of an action plan to bring in the needed facilities and infrastructure over the next two days. With the marines working up proposals to establish secure areas on the planets surface.


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