Obsidian Command

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Office prep.

Posted on 17 May 2022 @ 3:54pm by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Sickbay, unused offices.
Timeline: MD03 0900
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Hannah paused for a moment to rub her hand over tired eyes. She had a faint headache, the office she'd commandeered smelled vaguely floral, and she couldn't figure out if that was because of the use it had previously or the lingering perfume of the person who had last worked in it.


She hasn't had too difficult of a job cleaning out the space so that she could make it into an office. It had been cluttered but not dirty. If she was going to be using her time to do all of the paperwork that the major required she was going to have an office. One thing Hannah did not like to do was take her work home with her.

She might not have her name on the door but she was going to make the space hers. When complete, it would also be an appropriate spot to go over reports or general staffing issues without having to involve the chief. Hannah figured her life would be easier that way in any case. It was also out of direct line of sight, and her open door policy would allow access to any who needed it at any time. If the door was closed, she was not in the office. She'd let the staff know as she met them, as to ease them into knowing her.

By the time she was done the room looked like a tiny professional office. There was a bookshelf to the left side of the door full of medical manuals and xenobiology. A pair of relatively comfortable chairs were in front of the bookshelf within reach, with a small table in between them that had a Holo projector built into the table face..

The long wall which ran to the left side of her desk she had tinted a color that matched the blue of the uniform she wore. Against that wall was a long narrow table that spanned the length, with glass floating shelves above it.

The rest of the walls were a creamy white shade, and fit the standard medical decor that everyone was accustomed to when they walked into a sick Bay. Coloration wise at least. Her desk made an 'l', fit into the corner of the long wall opposite the bookshelf and the wall without any decoration on it.

It was here she stood, staring at the unmarked wall with an expression of faint distaste. It just didn't look right. She wasn't sure what it was. It was too bright, too white and there wasn't enough to soften it with just the bookshelves. "Hmm. It's too white. Too sterile."

She tinted the short wall that ran behind her desk also the same color blue that she used on the long wall. Two walls white two walls medical blue.

That still doesn't look right. If it weren't an office....maybe a symmetric color change? A tap

Then she thought about it for a few moments before she once more altered the color of the two long walls in the room. They became a shade considerably paler than the medical blue of the wall behind her but softer almost white but clearly enough of a difference to make the room seem gentle and cool rather than sterile. Nodded her approval of the changes to the room. It's not as if the color couldn't be reverted back to normal with a click of a button.

"Computer please enter into the registry that this room is now the office of the Assistant Chief Medical Officer.". There was a bleep and the registration was changed.

" It's perfect." She stated to the empty room, and went to go retrieve a few potted plants to make the office seem fresh. Fresher anyway. The finishing touches were in her office within minutes.


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