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Steiner: All my bags are packed...

Posted on 08 Jul 2022 @ 11:17pm by Chief Deputy Marshal: Ridge Steiner FMS

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Marshal's Office & USS Pathfinder
Timeline: MD 05 1145 Hours
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Steiner had collected his go-bag from his quarters and made his way down to the Marshal's Office. Lofthammer and T'Sar were both there.

"Come with me, I don't have much time" He led them over to the weapons locker armory and began drawing a full set of equipment. Phaser pistol and spare batteries; a Type 3 Carbine, with the under-barrel transporter round launcher, more spare batteries and a can of the transporter rounds; a box of Flash-Stun grenades and a Marshal's Tricorder. He looked at the stun-cuffs for a moment, even the biggest set would not fit that huge thing, but he took an extra pair anyway.

"We going somewhere Chief?" Lofthammer asked

"I am" Steiner said, taking a backpack and loading the gear into it. He was not even sure why he was taking it anyway, he doubted law enforcement tools would be much use against that armored beast, but it was all he had and he was not going empty handed.

He looked at the pair, Lofthammer's face gave away his concerns, T'Sar looked her normal calm self, with just one eyebrow raised in query. He did not like leaving them in the dark but he had no choice.

"Ok here's the deal. I'm under orders not to tell you all the details, but I'm not going to lie to you. I've been given orders to ship out with the Pathfinder, in...," he checked his chronometer "...fourteen minutes! Something is up and Starfleet is scrambling to get ahead of it.

Those security drills they've been running with the civilians were not just for fun. Something could be coming this way, something big and unpleasant. I need you two to keep your eyes and ears open, make sure you're out and about on the Promenade. Make sure people know you're there and get them used to following instructions.

If this does go bad, it will happen quickly, you're going to have to make sure they get to where they need to be; whether that's to their quarters, or... " he gave them as much as he could "...or evacuating from the Station"

That got their attention as he knew it would. "The duty Security Team knows how to contact you; they will provide personnel to help get the Promenade cleared if need be.

T'sar make sure the Van Buren is flight prepped and ready to go. If the evac order comes, get the civilians out and then you two leave as well. "

She nodded. "I will see to it Chief"

"Sven-Erik keep an eye on the kids, move them in here if needed, don't leave them up on the environmental level. And get them out with you if you have to go."

"It's that serious?" Lofthammer asked

"It is and you know I'd tell you more if I could..." He gave them a sorry, I know this sucks look and hoisted the backpack on his shoulder.

"Don't know how long I'll be gone" he gave them both a nod "You guys got this, I trust you. I gotta go"

Ten minutes later he was stepping on to a transporter pad and, five seconds after that, rematerialized aboard the USS Pathfinder

"Marshal Steiner?" A crewman greeted him as he stepped down. "This way sir, I'll show you to your quarters" She handed him a ship's commbadge and a PaDD. "Latest mission updates are on there. Stand by for a pre-departure briefing"


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