Obsidian Command

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Mythical Favor

Posted on 18 Jul 2022 @ 8:48pm by Commander Calliope Zahn & Lieutenant JG Rhiannon Hokir

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: OC. Corridor, outside of Pathfinder boarding ramp
Timeline: MD05 1145HRS
884 words - 1.8 OF Standard Post Measure

"I'll be just a minute," Calliope told Lance as she spied Hokir down the Corridor. She jogged to meet her and motioned the assistant Ops Chief to one side.

"Rhian!" She looked both ways and back to where Lance looked on down the hall. "Thank you for answering my page. Listen, I have like, thirty seconds." She dug a chip out of her pocket, holding it up between them. "I can't explain much, but I need you to look into something for me. It could be vital."

Rhiannon cocked her head in question. The presentation alone raised feelers that she might find herself backing the woman up in another face-off with some individual or another in regards to this, but by this point in the game, she was committed. Though not typically the sort to get involved in behind the scenes shenanigans, there was just something about the Commander that piqued Rhian's interest and drew her in. "Am I looking for anything in particular to start with?"

Calliope pressed the preview key on the button sized chip and a small monotone holo-preview projected as she set it in Rhian's palm. "This is some video I took in the antechamber behind the seed vault's community room. It's a mural surrounding six doors. I need you to find out everything about the doors, the myths, or even the history behind the mural. Especially on the meaning of the panel with the black figures."

Though the presentation was small and compact in such a constricted viewing, Rhian thought she could pick up a few hints at the details Calliope mentioned. She beamed, shooting the woman a quick grin. "Myths are always a temptation, though I'll try to aim for as much verifiable content as I can manage." She paused before adding, "Any flags I should be on the look-out for? I can have some scripts prepped ahead of time for questions if need be."

"I'm not sure. All I have is a gut feeling there may be a connection between the Obsidianites and—" She paused, obviously frustrated that she couldn't be specific. "And what's happening now. There might be a lot of different versions of old ideas. You should try to compile and compare them. There are anthropological surveys in the files back from when David Rabin was the director of the outpost, a hundred years ago. You might be able to start there." Calliope seemed rushed but also hushed, the way someone with secret knowledge had to be. She motioned in little abrupt punctuation with her hands. "Different tribes in and out of the cities tell completely mirror reverse stories about the same events. I think there's something prophetic to them. Some kind of intelligence outside of time. I think the panel with the child already came true, at least according to the Turani I met. The father and baby are in Sickbay. Ask for a Romulan named Leivad and you can see for yourself." She reshouldered her bag and looked back again.

Making mental note, Rhian resisted the urge to fumble for a Padd that she knew was back on her desk. "Leivad in Sickbay, Turani. Alright." Her mind was running up multiple tracks of exploration as she considered the possibilities.

Calliope took Rhian's hand with the chip in both of her own and looked the Telepath intensely in the eyes. "If you come across anything serious, go straight to Commander Zayne. Learn what you can with resources in the computer library and the Turani in Sickbay and then if you need to head to the surface, be as transparent as possible with him. Don't make my mistake and assume he's going to close you down. Log the trip, take a team and at least one man along. Some Obsidianites won't talk with women. Stay safe, okay?"

"I noticed that the last time I was planetside. I think our Diplomatic officer, Lieutenant Khoroushi, has made a few inroads so I will probably tag him in this as well. At the least, he seems the sort to enjoy a bit of exploration." That, and he was somewhat impressive in size for his height alone, so that would check two of the Commander's boxes.


"I promise I won't take any risks, and I'll keep communication with Commander Zayne open should I need any back-up."

"Zayne might shrug you off if you start at him about legends, but push an audience with him anyway. *Before* there's trouble."She emphasized once more. "I gotta go." Calliope reflexively hugged Rhian, being one of the people that had kept up with her personally during her recovery. "Thank you for this. I know I can't order it, but something is just really weighing on me about it."

Gripping the woman firmly before releasing her, Rhian nodded. "No, I'm happy to be of assistance. I hope to have some answers for you when you get back."

"You're a gem. Thanks again." Calliope broke away and jogged to rejoin Lance, content that the mystery of the hulking black figures in the mural would be looked into, even if she couldn't tell Rhian of their resemblance to the armored foe they might be up against. Zayne would recognize the likeness once Rhian brought him the information and decide how relevant it was... or wasn't.


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