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Checking in on Science staff

Posted on 25 Jul 2022 @ 1:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn, DSci

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Pathfinder Bridge
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As Lieutenant Commander Cal Llewellyn had never been on a Nova-class before, he wasn't used to the small and more 'intimate' size of the bridge, he had to clamp down on his mental shields. He didn't need or want to get overwhelmed by all the other emotions of people he didn't know yet. And he certainly didn't want to be accused of 'reading other people's thoughts without permission' as one of his old crewmembers was so fond of saying.

He also had to reset the science station's settings to suit him better so he busied himself with that task so as not to appear idle to his new CO. Or the FO of the ship who seemed intent on monitoring the other crew's tasks. Which was her job as he well knew since he himself had recently been in her position. And he knew all to well that despite his personal feelings on the job, that he would always follow them to the letter.

He decided to remotely check in with his staff on the station. They were few but they seemed quite capable with only one non-Starfleet person among them and the only one native Obsidianite on his staff. Something he thought was very interesting. And one he thought would be a great case-study at the very least.

But then he thought to himself 'When did I become a sociologist?' As this was his first assignment to the Loki system, he had not yet met anyone from the planet Obsidian and since he had also yet to meet with his staff, he made a mental not to hold a staff meeting when they returned to home base.

What exactly did he know about their mission? Not much, to be perfectly honest. So, he checked his console to see when their mission entailed. He found out that something had been discovered a strange bit of wreckage and that was it. It was their job to find out all they could about it.

Seemed a bit straightforward. But with as many year as he had been in Starfleet, he knew that nothing was ever as blindly straightforward as it seemed. Something always got in the way of completing the mission without some kind of battle or some other conflagration to impede the mission. But then again, maybe this would be different. He wished he knew someone on the staff with whom he could speak about their mission to get a better understanding about it. This is always the bad thing about being the 'new kid on the block', he joked to himself and let out an audible laugh from his station.

Luckily for him, no one had noticed or had paid him any notice, as he knew all too well how new crewmembers were reluctant to trust 'noobs'. While, be was thrilled at the thought of having new people with which to interact and get to know, he was also a tad put off by the new ones he had already been in contact with and was a bit upset at Starfleet assigning him to this post. He was aware of a few crewmemnbers' resentment, albeit not understood, towards his assignment to this post, he was keenly aware of his responsibility to perform said duties not matter what/who may get in his way.

Lieutenant Commander Cale Jayson Llewellyn
Chief Science Officer
Obsidian Command


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