Obsidian Command

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A Plan of Attack

Posted on 12 Aug 2022 @ 11:29pm by Commander Thaddeus Zayne & Command Master Chief Tāne HaiRoa
Edited on on 31 Aug 2022 @ 3:12pm

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Obsidian Command CIC
Timeline: MD06 0935 HRS
1624 words - 3.2 OF Standard Post Measure

.: [Obsidian Command: CIC Deck] :.

Stepping off the Turbo Lift HaiRoa passed through another Security Checkpoint for access to the Station’s Command and Control decks, which were located at the top of the vast structure.

This one was doing it's job, his identification and transfer orders were both correctly checked and verified

A yeoman came down to collect him. "I'll show you to your Office Command Master Chief. Commander Zayne is in a meeting, I'll let him know you're here. "

At his office he dumped down his bags, while she made sure his computer terminal was activated and that he had everything he needed. He did.

"I'll let you know when the Commander can see you Command Master Chief" She told him as she left.

HaiRoa looked around; standard command type office, he would put up a couple of personal things later, for now he needed to get up to speed on his new assignment.

Activating the computer he went straight to work. He began by reviewing enslisted personnel lists, duty rosters, scheduled personnel arrivals and departures, current post orders and the dozens of other details he needed to learn about Obsidian Command as soon as he could.

After an hour or so his door opened, a late twenties female Human Lieutenant, in Intelligence grey, entered. She was carrying a tricorder like device. She did not introduce herself but waved him back down as he went to stand up.

"Stay seated Cee-eM-Cee" She said "Your identification though please" and held out her hand for it.

He passed it over, she scanned it, then consulted her device, looking between it and him. "You'er you" she nodded and handed him back the card. "Seal and lock the door please"

He raised an eyebrow but complied. She came around to his side of the desk, tapping commands into her device, linking it to his terminal.

"What I am about to show you, Cee-eM-Cee, is beyond classified. Besides Station Command personnel and Admiral Sepandiyar's Staff you are not authorized to this discuss this with anyone, ever. The only people you do discuss it with are people who already know about it and they will initiate the discussion. Clear?"

"Clear, Ma'am" He replied. He had been privileged to classified information before, but this appeared to be something else entirely.

She leant over his desk, tapped in some commands to his terminal. She finished, stepped back, went around and sat in one of the other chairs. The screen now displayed a Starfleet Intelligence logo, which faded and a briefing began.

"You can pause and rewind if needed" she told him.

HaiRoa started off sat back in his chair as the presentation began, within a few minutes he was leaning forward intently. He stopped and replayed a couple of sections. The information was deeply concerning, this was threat to match the Dominion if not more so.

He let the presentation end and sat back, staring at the blank screen for a moment. Then his eyes flicked to the Intelligence Officer, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Got questions, right?" she interrupted him "I can't answer them. However, Commander Zayne will have more details."

She stood up, came around, ensured the presentation was fully deleted from his terminal, delinked her device and was heading for the door, which he unlocked for her. She paused and turned around before opening it.

"You're a combat veteran Cee-eM-Cee... What's your gut telling you?"

"Kia rite ki te mate ano he mako mako" he quietly said in Maori. "If those beings are really coming this way, be ready to die like a hammer head shark

She bit her lip and nodded, stepping out of the door.

HaiRoa sat back in his chair and sighed. He closed his eyes to focus on the information he had just been given, starting to run through would need to be put in place to ensure every member of the Enlisted personnel on this Station was ready for what was coming.

A couple of hours later the yeoman was back "Commander Zayne can see you now, Command Master Chief"

He nodded and shut down his terminal "CMC is fine in private"

She nodded "Thank you... CMC" and led along the corridor.

Walking along the inner corridors, as if they were heading to the XO's office, they could see that the CIC was abuzz with activity. Before they could turn the corner to the final corridor, a voice called out.

"Command Chief!"

HaiRoa looked up to the location of the speaker. "Sir?"

A blonde-haired Commander had called out from the stairs on the level above, the main floor of the CIC with its expansive views of the space around OC. "Join us at the main situation table," he called out, gesturing to his right and then disappearing from the railing.

"Very good sir" HaiRoa replied and the Yeoman pointed to the stairway.

Moments later he was on the upper level, the rest of the CIC was spread out below, dozens of panels, terminals and displays, currently fully staffed and operating with that quiet but active buzz of people doing their work.

In the center of the upper level was a command table and a very large holographic display of the station and surrounding space, grouped around it was a knot of senior officers.

He approached Zayne, came to attention and announced himself "Sir, Command Master Chief Tane HaiRoa, Sir"

Everyone at the table turned to see the newcomer, and than all looked curiously to the blonde-haired commander holding court with variant looks of 'check out this guy' on their face. "At ease, Command Chief," Thaddeus nodded, gesturing with his right hand at the holo-table. A large, holographic representation of Obsidian Command was projected at the center of the table and all around it were smaller moving holograms showing the various vessels moving in, out and around the station. The hulking form of the USS Alexander proceeded slowly along an elliptical path around the station. As Zayne gestured, a new contact appeared and a moment later a small text box appeared beneath the hologram that read: USS Praetorian - Dansby.

"As you can see we've got a full house," Commander Zayne offered. "What do you know about the current situation. Aside from the obvious," he asked, inclining his head towards the yellow trim on everything about the CIC.

"We have encountered a hostile species from beyond the Aurellian Belt, Sir. Disproportionally powerful ships, weaponry and combat forces. In short, there's a typhoon on the horizon. If they ever reach this station, the decks will run with blood, sir. Ours and theirs " He said evenly and tapped his chest "It will come down to who has the heart to stay standing."

Thad shook his head in response, "I admire your heart, Command Chief but, unfortunately, it's not that simple," he explained, as much for HaiRoa's benefit as for those around him at the holo table. "If the fights in space, their advantages are limited. Their banned weaponry is as much a danger to them as it is to us. But if that fight is here, on the station, it's going to be our blood that's running. Not theirs. Make no mistake, everyone, we don't stand a snowball's chance. Not with equal numbers. The only way we win a ground fight is with overwhelming force. And... to be honest... even then it might not be enough. So whatever we do. Whatever defense we have to mount; it's predicated on one goal and one goal alone," he said, looking around to all the staff for effect and then finally to the Command Chief. "Keep them the hell off this station."

HaiRoa nodded "Understood sir"

"Command Chief. I need you to take point on this," Commander Zayne pressed, gesturing to the lone Marine at the table. The man stood out amongst the Starfleet uniforms in his Marine utility uniform with a simple sidearm strapped to his thigh. At Zayne's gesture, he stepped forward silently. "This is Master Sergeant Vey. Major Finn, our Marine CO, is with the Captain aboard the Pathfinder. He tasked the Master Sergeant with station security to supplement the Starfleet staff," he explained.

Vey simply inclined his head in greeting to his fellow NCO, the only two in the collective room at the moment.

"Master Sergeant" HaiRoa nodded back. The Marine looked like somebody he could work with.

"Commander," a new voice chimed in, having been lurking to the back of the gathered group. She was a slight, blonde-haired woman wearing operations yellow with a patch on her sleeve that said USS Casablanca. "Sir, Commander Rochambeau. I'm the Chief Tactical and Security Officer for the Casablanca that's being refit in the yards. Sir, I was Chief Tactical on the Ardeshir when we went toe to toe with these guys. My team and I are here to volunteer for whatever you need, sir. Just tell us where to go."

Thaddeus pointed to Command Chief HaiRoa, "Coordinate with the Command Chief. We need everyone for this."

"Ma'am" HaiRoa turned to Rochambeau. They could meet with the Master Sergeant once this briefing was over.

"Aye, sir," Elise nodded, stepping back.

"Alright," Thad pressed on, zooming the holographic view of the station out and hitting a control that now displayed fields of fire and defensive grids. "Let's get ready for the worst... this is a simulation based on the last recorded conflict with the Pyrryx," he said, gesturing to Rochambeau, "Your tango on the Ardeshir. Let's play this simulation out and game plan how we're going to orient our defenses... "


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