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A Mental Distraction for the Healer of Minds

Posted on 30 Jul 2022 @ 11:31am by Lieutenant Jai Terys
Edited on on 01 Sep 2022 @ 9:33pm

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: Jai's Office
Timeline: MD05 1500HRS
825 words - 1.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Jai was in his office treating a patient with issues surrounding the family. Said family was the Mother and Father with 2 children, 11 and 15. The Father had recently been promoted and as a result placed on a different shift to lead his team which has significantly reduced the time they see each other. It was getting to her and she pondered with the question about resigning her comission to focus on her family and relationship. It was a noble notion to be sure but by the way she was talking he made him wonder if she'd spoken about this with her partner.

"Have you managed to discuss this with your partner at all?" Jai spoke as he made notes.

"No, I know he loves me and the kids and he's always tried to keep a medium or work life and home life, his career is important to him and I don't want to take from that." She spoke, hands clasped together in her lap.

Her answer made Jai think about the time he spent with Hannah. He enjoyed the time, it was refreshing, warm, there was understanding but no pressure from her to open up too much. A silence lingered for a moment due to his distraction.

"I would suggest you talk with your partner about this, before you invest too much time considering it yourself. Maybe there is something he can do, maybe not but something like this should be discussed together and if anything maybe help mend the relationship by expressing a consern to him and inviting his input to its solution." Jai spoke, realising seconds later that perhaps the same advice could be heeded by himself too.

His patient spoke about his her leaving might impact the children, which were legimitate worries to be sure but his answer remained the same. "Communication is important in any relationship, it is a give and take, life will throw challenges at you, to test you. You can either stand to your resolve and weather them or let them erode you. You have been together for 5 years now, you have made it work up to this point and even stood 6 months where your partner was assigned elsewhere briefly. Talking to him about how you feel now will not be as bad as you fear it to be." Jai spoke trying to ease worries but also present suggestions, avenues to consider, options to persue.

Again, suggestions that he himself could use to follow. His time with Hannah had taught him that she liked him, that much was obvious considering the dinner and time spent in her quarters. He however was worried about being too forward which at times, could work against Betazoids in a relationship setting. While things had not escalated that far, his missing her even now left him wanting more and her absence making that all the more apparent.

His attention was pulled to the moment when his patient started to pace, cradling herself in her arms as she walked the line of windows. "You are playing out in your head the maybe's, the what if's, the might be." It was not the first time that Jai had seen that look, that pacing.

"Do you have any leave?" Jai asked. That was when he discovered the pair had not taken any leave at all in 3 years.

"Why not take some, it can be here on the station or off it, but at least it will be out of uniform. Shed that which is the root of the cause and allow that freedom to give you the chance at what you seek." Jai spoke trying to help. "Give yourself the chance to heal by stepping away from that which is causing you worry." He hoped that by communication with her partner she might be able to show strength, bring to the table a problem and seek her partners involvement in its resolution.

When the session ended he watched her leave, it was clear by the expression on her face that she had a lot to think about and even walking into the door as it opened showed she was already thinking upon it. When the doors closed again his mind went to Hannah again, gone now, for a time unknown to him because his position didn't require him knowing on a mission somewhere.

He'd been taking it slowly but wondered if that consideration made it appear he wasn't interested when in actuality he was. It was too late now to brood about it considering she was on a mission off station but when she got back he'd talk to her, really talk to her.

Pouring himself a glass of water he took a breath to clear the mind for his next patient, one he knew would be difficult, from experience. This however was why he joined Starfleet, to help people, to use his abilities and talents to mend the needs of those in need of his profession.


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