Obsidian Command

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Posted on 29 Sep 2022 @ 9:22pm by Lieutenant JG Hannah Wagner & Ensign Amelia "Mia" Estasi

Mission: M3 - Into the Deep
Location: USS Pathfinder Sickbay- Chief's Office
Timeline: MD 9 0830
757 words - 1.5 OF Standard Post Measure

Nurse Estasi looked tired, but triumphant when she approached Hannah's office in the morning. "Good morning Doctor Wagner!"

"You look like you were up most of the night." Hannah commented "And call me Hannah please."

"Yes ma'am...and yes ma'am...I mean Hannah." Mia blanched a little bit at the immediate loss of the command she'd been given. "So..."

"So, i heard a little bit of your ideas when I heard you brainstorming last night with Dr. Astranov."

Mia turned red and she flicked her eyes away from Hannah. "You heard us?"

"Indeed I did. I thought you handled yourself well." Grinning Hannah didn't comment further but instead carried on to the topic of her request. "Show me what you have planned for injuries over there. "

If Mia was surprised by her compliment she didn't show it, instead she took the question at face value. "Well, what do you think about a liquid oxygen submersion tank and a set of pressurized rooms, that way if we have to beam someone over who is injured there isn't barotrauma or alveolar rupture in the transport."

"I like it, how would you propose that it gets set up?"

Mia paced around the room a few times, her face animated as she chewed on the problem that she'd been offered. A few times it looked as if she would speak, then the excitement on her face faded and she went back to pacing. Once she even opened her mouth, then muttered 'nah' under her breath and carried on.

It was a bit of a surprise to Hannah that the woman didn't think out loud like she had with Astranov. Maybe there was more to their relationship than she knew. She might investigate that, cautiously of course.

"If we set the tank up, with force fields holding the water in, instead of an actual physical barrier, you could theoretically operate on someone in the liquid oxygen tank without taking away from the pressure of the water itself. The pressurized rooms would be easy enough to set up, just set up a force field containment area in between the operating rooms, so that way they can be pressurized in stages. One team could be stationed in each, pre pressurized so that way everyone is acclimated to the surroundings of their OR or Med suite."

"That's extremely clever Mia." Hannah complimented, twisting a curl of hair around her finger. "Do you think that if you spoke to engineering that you could work with them on the specs for such a thing?"

"Oh yes, I certainly could. I have a friend in fabrication that would help me out just to have a different kind of project. I just need your signoff to do it. "

Hannah nodded firmly, and pressed her thumb to the PADD with the idea laid out on it. "Consider it approved. What else?"

"Honestly. " Mia paused for a long moment and then raked her fingers through her hair just as the silence became awkward. "My major concern is....if I were battling someone in the water, I'd just add a live wire to the water and fry them. Zap, Crispy Fried Starfleet Officer. " Mia's fingers made a wriggling motion when she said that, indicating passage of electricity. " I am not certain that our suits would stand up to live electricity being conducted through the water. Especially since the salinity increases the conductivity of the water. We've not really tested our E-suits for conditions like this, and I hate the not knowing. I'm also not sure of the degradation time for the seals in salt water like this, I'm not sure there's time to get proper testing done. Salt water corrodes like nothing else does, it's quite remarkable."

"Indeed, I am familiar actually. Inadvertent experiment when I was about Seven years old. I got in SO much trouble for destroying the tricorder I'd been given. To say my mother was unhappy is about the understatement of the century" The doctor sighed at the memory, one she hadn't dredged up in a while.

"Ouch." Mia winced in sympathy.

"Yeah." Hannah chuckled, remembering the shouting that had erupted as she'd tried to take out the corroded sections. It had been a disaster and had cemented in her brain that she was never meant to build things. That was her brothers forte...

"Anyway..." and Mia continued on her long list of suggestions while Hannah wisely listened, sipping her coffee. Not for the last time, Hannah wondered why Amelia Estasi had not gone to Medical school.


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