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Reality setting in.

Posted on 30 Jun 2024 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant JG Kastor Aslanov MD

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Location: Kastors quarters
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He had gone back to his quarters only long enough to drop off the duffel bag that Anna had left for him. There hadn't really been anything in it of value, a couple of things she had collected for him, and a personal log of her pregnancy. That was an odd touch, and Castor was hard pressed not to throw it right into the recycler.

Throttling down his anger, the doctor muttered under his breath in Russian as he adjusted the baby in the crook of his arm. It was astonishing to him how heavy such a tiny thing could become as he carried him through the the turnings and corridors of the great star base. Alice had had something to carry him in, but she had not given that to him merely shoved the baby into his arms. it was an expedient way to do it, and clever on her part though he'd never admit that to her

He was glad though, in a certain roundabout way that he'd gotten his child, for he had a chance to do something that he honestly never thought he'd be able to. Being as popular with the ladies as he'd been up until now he'd never seriously considered the possibility that he might produce a child with someone by accident. These things didn't happen as often in the 24th century and he was quite sure that her chip was up to date. It must have malfunctioned, or something in order for the we young man to have even come into existence.

He never thought that he would have the chance to be a parent, not because he didn't desire it but because he was almost pathologically incapable of settling down. He had a lot of fun with many lovely ladies but the idea of being tied to a single woman was off-putting. Now though, he wondered if he'd ever get another partner with this tiny enormous change in his priorities. His life was never going to be the same, and he knew it. He was a little grumpy that he didn't get the typical 9 months to get used to the idea of being a father, seven or eight if you don't notice the changes in your body first thing, but that was still enough time to adjust to the idea that you were going to be a parent. To just have it thrust upon you like it was a surprise was amazingly, a surprise.

It was a paradigm shift that the handsome young doctor had not been expecting to have to make, and he was having some difficulty with the magnitude of the change. He wondered if it would stop hovering over him like the sword of Damocles anytime soon. His entire life had been turned completely upside down in the space of 5 minutes by one tiny perfect little boy. That was okay, as he and the boy would figure out a new normal for them. Maybe. What choice did they have honestly?

He was a father, he had his son. Those were both facts. Verified by the computer, and saved into the database.

He was a father.

He had a son.

Eventually if you wanted to contemplate his own mortality, he could have grandchildren like he just given his own mother and father. At least they've been happy, so much so that his mother had gone straight to the market. He wasn't exactly sure what she'd gone to the market for, but he was sure in his heart that it would be something that he would soon be elbow deep in. Anna was quite fond of handicrafts, like quilting and crocheting. She did them often for fun, but now there was a purpose to her crafting. Kastor imagined she'd work like a fiend posessed for her first grandson. A faint smile graced his lips at the thought.

She'd often made the statement to his sister's that she would come when they needed her to, for the continuation of the line and to help as mothers were want to do when their children had children. He'd known that she'd meant when they went into labor, and at the end of a pregnancy when everything is hard...but it stood to reason that the beginning of life was just as difficult as the end of pregnancy was spoken of to be. Briefly the thought trickled through his head that she might come here, to help him. That would be a blessing, though he didn't know how they would get here. Actually no Sergei was quite capable when he was asked to be, and was besotted with his wife enough that should she ask it of him Sergei Aslanov would move the very universe itself.


That was what Castor wanted for himself. The kind of love that would move the whole universe just because she asked it of him. He felt that now in a very visceral physical way and the crook of his arm. He'd never felt exactly what he was feeling now for any person before. His son, his son. He would move universes for his son. That didn't stop him from wanting what his parents had in abundance.

Ruffling his fingers through his own blonde curls, curls that he was amused to see that the baby shared an abundance. He got himself ready to go purchase things. He told his mother a color scheme, it was the first thing that had come to his head and he appreciated the combination of colors all by itself. What he didn't want to do is get too carried away, as he had not yet filed for a larger set of quarters and did not have that much in the way of spare room.

That would be on the list of things to do today. There was a number of things he would need that he could not get until he had more space to spread out in, though he figured that a simple sleeping basket like the Moses basket he'd slept in as a babe would be more than sufficient for a few days. He just had gone to get one. He's supposed he could've replicated one, if he didn't find what he was looking for on the promenade. He'd replicated the bottles to feed him and discarded them into the recycler just as quickly because he figured he wouldn't actually need them. The bottles of formula he would get directly from the replicator, and he assumed that they would be sufficient to feed the baby, and each time he could ask for a specific millilitre volume. . The sheets that the boy was to sleep on but there was something special about the actual accoutrements. It didn't feel real, unless it was made of actual materials. Well he knew the replicator did actually make things, it wasn't the same as carving something from a piece of living wood. A man earned credits for a reason and it seemed fitting that he should spend them in this way, to keep his son in comfort.

What was he going to do while he worked?

"Computer, compile list of options for child care during duty hours. Display to my PADD once complete.".

A Single beep answered him as the computer began to work on his problem.

It was then that Milek woke with a thin wail, and Kastor began his first foray into parenthood....feeding a hungry baby.


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