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02: Posting Rules / Guidelines

Created by Captain Corvus DeHavilland on 06 Aug 2020 @ 9:57pm

Welcome! If you're reading this as a potential player, please digest it fully before applying. I will hold you to the rules in both your sample post and in the active posts on the simm should you be accepted. If you're a current player, this should just be a fun refresher for you!


Rule #1:
NO SMUT. By all means, I encourage you to engage in the dynamics and pitfalls of adult relationships but let me be very clear - the posts related to this will no go farther than a fade to black when things get... serious. I will not allow sexual content to be posted, descriptive sexual actions or other sexual commentary. You may lead up to the event, even mention said event after the fact. But you will go no farther than that. Anyone in violation risks their place on the simm.

If you have a plot angle that you wish to use that involves explicit sexual description or themes, I'm open to hearing it so bring it to me and let's discuss. If you convince me of its need for your characters plot progression, then we can discuss.

Rule #2:
There is a minimum posting content of at least 500 words. Please take the time to respect your reader and provide something worth reading. I've included a small sample of some work that I don't find acceptable, followed by something I do.

Please also write in 3rd Person. I realize a lot of the popular novels these days are written in first person (Hunger Games, Dresden Files, etc) but for this simm, we write in 3rd person. That also means no 'Screenplay' format either. If you have questions on that, please let me know.
"...He took a moment to look at one thing and saw that they were no way for him to open that thing and that stuck him as really weird, but it look like it was up to the person to let themselves out of the thing. In his 108 years of services to Starfleet this had to be a first when and entire crew appeared to be kidnapped and stuck in things. There had been a few times when he was almost kidnapped, really it was a part of Starfleet history if someone wasn’t kidnapped..."

That honestly hurts to read. Please don't try to pass that off...


...The muted darkness flashed in waves against the grimy stone walls, illuminated and darkened as the oil lantern hanging from the ceiling swayed back and forth in the foul breeze wafting through windows and punctuated by the creak of metal and the grunt of something nearby. The room smelled of rotting garbage, moldy water and something akin to the innards of a dying Targ - pleasant to say the least. It seemed as if all of Bazen X smelled that way; as if the local species adored those aromas as much as humans did the sweet smell of flowers or of a delicate perfume. Guessing by their generally greasy appearance and the pungency that emanated from their persons, one tended to believe that was true..."

Grammar, syntax, descriptions of the situations and surroundings are key to your reader seeing and understanding the setting your characters are in. I don't expect you all to be literary geniuses, I certainly am not, but some thought and skill put into what you write is required.

Rule #3:
Adult language is acceptable, granted it's used in moderation and in good taste. You may use your choice of four letter words as expressions of surprise, and expletives of frustration. However, these adult words are not meant to be used as sentence forming adjectives - that's just pointless swearing.

Keep it classy, but you're free to be a little crass.

Posting Format

All posts on Obsidian Command will begin with a single horizontal line, created by adding the following code (no spaces between the <>'s) at the beginning of every post "< hr>". Please do not use 'ON' or 'OFF', I prefer the clean lines as start and stop and believe it to be a less intrusive way to start and end posts.

You are encouraged to write long and detailed scenes, and feel free to change locations during the middle of a post to continue your story. However, when you do change scenes, please show that shift in scenes with the following code (again no spaces between the <>'s): < b>< center>.: [[NEW LOCATION]] :.< /center >< /b >

The result is the following:

If you have any trouble with the HTML coding, please let me know and I will be happy to help you.