Obsidian Command

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Posted on 29 Feb 2024 @ 9:27pm by Aiden Dhow

Mission: M4 - Falling Out
Location: Kalara City
Timeline: MD:05 - 0945
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Makrin took shelter behind the nearest building, holding himself still as he waited for the pursuit that may or may not come. His search of Van Der Laar’s room had been fruitless, doing little more than to expend some of his own frustration at how little he had turned up. Granted, his time had been cut short by the alarm, but that was an excuse Makrin refused to accept. Time was nothing; he had a mission and it would be accomplished regardless of limitations. His failure was not a lack of time but rather a lack of intuition.

Worse, he had allowed himself to be spooked by the fact his presence was known. He could tell himself he chose not to be discovered just then, but the truth was he had acted without thinking, wasting his time in pointless destruction when he possibly could have ferreted out where his target had kept his files. He inhaled slowly, listening for approaching feet but hearing none, and eased his way to the edge of the building to catch a glimpse of the street beyond.

Figures crowded around the entrance to the stair, milling about with the eager anxiety of those bored with their own life and seeking excitement where it might be found. He had not marked just who he ran into until he heard the familiar grunt of pain. That had almost caught him up, almost pulled the string that held his control in check, but he had resisted at the last minute, choosing escape to a better time rather than revenge in the moment. He had left his Target sprawled on the ground, struggling to catch his breath, pausing only to deliver a sharp kick to his side before running into the crowd to make his escape. Now, he could see Van Der Laar standing with the help of what appeared to be a Vulcan before heading downstairs to the destruction awaiting him.

Satisfied he was not noticed, Makrin pulled his hood up about his face and headed back into the crowd. He would find a vantage point to watch the lodging, see where the Target headed next. If he was right, Van Der Laar would lead him exactly where he needed to go. Then he would finish what he had left waiting in the street.


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